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For businesses that have grown by more than 15% every year since its inception, you are good to go. If you want to expand your portfolio, appeal to the demands of shareholders or raise your next level of funding, call us. We can help.

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It is embarrassing for business owners to own up to failing if and when they do. They have taken a HUGE RISK in starting a business in the first place. No blame.

When things don’t go as planned, they may or may not ask for help. We are a strange lot. If they can get past their embarrassment, own up to pitfalls and reach out for help, they can swim with the sharks.

When someone initially visualizes what their business look like, the picture they’ve painted for their business is only AN IDEAL. If and when REALITY hits, it can become uncomfortable if the money doesn’t come in as planned.

Plan to have The Process.

BinkNyc Culture Process

The Process used to market business 

Since the 90s…

We have painstakingly developed The Process and The Culture Formula over 2 decades. It works 90% of the time. The advice we give should be followed rigidly before applying a more flexible approach. It’s easier than it seems. It’s more creative too.

Is The Process and The Culture Formula flexible? Yes, but not terribly. Maybe it’s only just a little bit. This is a layout of what optimal businesses have figured out and apply to their businesses.

binknyc culture process (detail)

BinkNyc Culture Formula (in detail)

Two benefits of The Culture Formula

• All the work we do is 100% Tax Deductible.
• We Generate our own paycheck.

We execute The Process for your business And we are good at it because it is what we love to do.

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Sweet Janes Interior (2)

Sweet Janes: 200-300 increase per year


Queens Meat front

$87,800 for Queens Meat in 6 Weeks.

Depth Deficit

A smart business description on what a brand is and, what a brand is NOT.


Sometimes we all need to add a little
magic to our businesses to break
through the glass ceiling.

BinkNyc Culture, Breuk Iversen

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Branding vs. Commodity

This PDF covers the basics and most important aspects of brandingwhat people think and feel about your company’s products or services.

This is usually where most businesses get confused with the true definition of branding and why branding has little to do with a logo*, packaging*, business cards*, brochures* or a website*. These items* just listed have to do with Design elements which should proceed after a Brand-ID has been set.

Read the PDF attached below to see what you think.

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BinkNyc Culture: Branding Vs. Commodity

Branding Vs. Commodity comp. PDF


Here is the MMXX (2020) Version:


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What are the best opportunities

ETG Stores


It was my absolute pleasure to conduct thorough research for the Every Thing Goes stores for the second quarter in 2018. The reports and information (links) below is what guided the intelligence to recommend certain approaches and paths to marketing the stores.

Navigating a path or journey is easier when you have a map. Having a map assures a safer, smarter and more enjoyable trip. It makes the unknown, known.



Bad ads, good ads, BinkNyc, Breuk Iversen


ETG (Marketing Plan) v1.8 <

  1. Introduction
  2. Ganas Community
  4. Every Thing Goes (week 1 report)
  5. First Nine Days
  6. Every Thing Goes (Research) v2.6

• St. George and Stapleton (Demographics)

• How Customers Think (G. Zaltman – Harvard University)
• Human_Behavior: The_Complete_Pocket_Guide (ETG)
• Social Neuroscience (ETG)
• Cornell Food Psychology Consumption Study (BookCafe)
• 11211 Antimarketing Williamsburg Brooklyn (ETG)
• Whole Earth Catalog 1969 (BookCafe)
•John Maeda: Laws of Simplicity (MIT)

  1. ETG (Market Strategy) v1.0
  2. ETG (Marketing Plan) v1.8


BinkNyc Culture: Branding Vs. Commodity

Branding Vs. Commodity comp. PDF


BinkNyc Culture, Breuk Iversen

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Every Thing Goes Sale Sign v2.1

Every Thing Goes Sale SignEvery Thing Goes Strategy

Every Thing Goes Presentation


Every Thing Goes - ETG

WANTED: A Cool Outfit ( #etgthroftandvintage

Every Thing Goes - ETG

WANTED: Incense Buddha ( #etgfurniture

Every Thing Goes - ETG

WANTED: Jester Hat ( #etgthroftandvintage

Every Thing Goes - ETG

WANTED: Embroidered Sneakers ( #etgthroftandvintage

Every Thing Goes - ETG

WANTED: Smart Book ( #etgbookcafe

Bad ads, good ads, BinkNyc, Breuk Iversen

Bad advertising, good advertising.



BinkNyc Culture, Breuk Iversen

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Founders vs. CEOs

Click image, or here for The Founder‘s
Many founders totally suck at being CEO of their own company.

Here’s how their fantasy and dream works:

Founders dream of the day they’ll grow to be a massive team and — from inception to a huge success — retain their throne as CEO. Then they suspect they may rule the world through their mental acuity, stealth and a little luck.


Unfortunately, that kind of thought isn’t what is best for the company, employees and customers. New research shows that, more often than not, companies run by founders are “less productive and more poorly managed” than those which bring in outside CEOs.

The Founder’s Dilemma


Research of data collected by the World Management Survey detailed a review of more than 13,000 mid-to large-sized companies in 32 countries. Firms led by the people who founded the company were 9.4% less productive, on average, and on average had consistently lower management scores—which typically rose once the founder-CEO was replaced.

Other research studies from business school professors at Duke, Vanderbilt, and Harvard Universities examined similar data with identical results.


Few founder/CEOs ever get close to seeing their companies grow to anything substantial or epic. When Noam Wasserman, a professor at the USC Marshall School of Business, looked at 212 US startups (paywall) launched in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he found that only 50% of founders still controlled their companies three years after founding it. Four years later that number was down to 40%, and only 25% of founders were in charge at the time of the company’s IPO.


The Emperor
It’s actually pretty rare for founders to remain on as CEO as their company grows. It turns out that investors don’t like going all in on companies that are too reliant on one person’s talents and dream. Being a good founder and a good CEO require two completely different skillsets and mindsets.

A lot of startup founders suffer from what’s called the “rich versus king” dilemma: they exhibit poor control  between wanting control and wanting profit. And unfortunately, control from the King type often wins, so the company loses.


Jester 2


Well, that’s logical. Here is a small truth neurochemically:  You’re not a King unless you have a kingdom, a castle, maybe a church and certainly an army with quite a few taxpayers paying you. Someone always has to foot the bill.

Can this be bypassed? Well, yes. There are always exceptions to the rules. You may want to know what those components are. We can give you a list to follow.




Suffer Fools Gladly

or… The more you know. 😀


“What you have to realize
is that most people
don’t really want your help.
They say they do but they don’t.”
— Suzy Kline


Suffer Fools Gladly

What Suzy is also saying is that people tend to complain about things rather than do anything about them. They resist change. They may be avoiding the work and a step-by-step process and just want to take their idea into a mass market—make it global—get an investor — and have the finish line show up before they get to the starting line. This approach nearly ever nets any success. 

What does “Suffer Fools Gladly” actually mean? 

As an ad and brand copywriter, understanding the language and finding what is at the core of these definitions are absolutely critical. It helps in leading and directing readers into advanced concepts. I do this for our clients.


Fool bodypaint-03

Here we go: 

… suffer fools gladly,” is a very interesting biblical quote that is often misinterpreted.   

Superficially, on the one hand, “… suffer fools gladly,” means something very condescending:

“Here is this fool that I have to deal
with now! I’d be best to be rid
of him/her.”

In this interpretation, one would be cautioned to avoid a fool and dismiss them at all cost. This first interpretation is the one commonly and culturally accepted. It is also a phrase that places all its emphasis on the word “Suffer.”

This is only the the first interpretation. There is another. 

When the emphasis is placed on “Gladly,” we can derive a much wider perspective and an even deeper wisdom. 

The Fool (6)

This second interpretation is the original intention of the phrase: “Suffer fools GLADLY,” which means that you could approach life and people (above or below you) empathetically and with curiosity. This takes the phrase immediately out of the ‘complaint realm‘ and makes for a much more useful meaning. This second interpretation means to first understand their perspective, listen to their story and process the data. 

In this way we arrive at a very new meaning. It is finding the usefulness that everyone has to offer no matter whom they are. This opens up the potential for richness, wisdom and pulls from a larger data bank of the wealth that life has to offer. The last challenge in this three word phrase is: to do this “Gladly.”

Framed between “Suffer” and “Gladly” is the word “Fool”. 


What a fool is:

Fool is taken from a Latin word  follis. A follis is a bag, a bellow or a purse. It’s also an empty vessel, a windbag, or a folly.

The Fool defined

Historically, The Fool has played a very critical role in any great kingdom. Back in the days of the castles and trumpets of the  yesteryear, any noteworthy and intelligent King or Queen would have a fool in their court. He was both an illuminator and entertainer. The Fool could see through the veneer of posturing and dig to the core of the matter. No one fooled the fool. 

Jester 1

The fool was a jester, a wild man and is liable to say whatever came to mind. They were more than entertainers, more like a type of courtier. 

What the real value of the fool was that he was child-like and playful and would openly say the things that magistrates would only think. This was uncovering the subplot and subversive dialogue. 

For the Fool, this usually meant revealing some hidden motive or truth, unveiling the hidden intentions and illuminating things that were not so obvious on the surface. Seeing this truth as a fool can is both a skill and talent. 

Fools as we see them everywhere today: 

Jester 2

Playing Cards

In a game of cards, when someone calls out: “Jokers Wild”, they are adding a 53rd or 54th card to a 52 card deck. You can be certain that they have a plan or strategy and maybe trying to make a play to fool you. Sometimes it’s only just to make the game more interesting. A “wild card” in a game of cards has the unique power to be anything you want it to be. 

There’s a difference between the Gambler who plays poker and how a Poker Player plays poker. The difference is that a Gambler plays on hunches and guesswork and the Poker Player play to win. One uses mathematical odds and the other uses their intuition. Can you guess which one wins most of the time? 

major-arcana-journey 2

Tarot Cards

In the tarot cards, The Fool is given the numerical value of “0”. The “0” is considered a void, nothing or emptiness. Mathematically, the two properties of zero (0) are the addition and the multiplication property.


The addition property states that a number will not change when added (or subtracted) from zero. 

7 + 0 = 7


The multiplication property says that zero times (x) any number is still equal to zero. 

7 x 0 = 0

You might be saying to yourself at this point: “How this is useful to my business or life?”

Please read on. Be patient. 😀

Here is card of The Fool as seen in the Tarot:

The Fool (2)

At first glance, we see a young man seemingly walking to his peril, distracted, staring up at the sky and not paying attention. He additionally has a stick in hand and a tied bag over his shoulder. At his feet is “Fido”. Fido is short for ‘Fidelity’ and this is represented by a dog. This dog has been used repeated throughout antiquity and historical Fine Art. The canine is “mans best friend”.  This long-held perspective is that dogs make faithful companions. Here on the card the dog is apparently barking and warning the youth that his next step will lead to his peril. 

“Ahhhh,” You might say: “What a fool! He’s not paying attention to where he’s walking!” 

The Fool (2)

While this perspective is valid, there is a much deeper meaning here to anyone that has studied the Tarot or Playing Cards.

You would know the real hidden meaning of this card. 

There is great insight in The Fool card and why many consider it one of THE most important cards in the deck. 


Path of the Fool

The Fool is taking his path and has met with The Magician (I), High Priestess (II), The Empress (III), The Emperor (IV), all in numerical order—as noted on the cards. Toward the end of his journey The Fool had conversed with all 21 (XXI) archetypes and this is how one approaches the cards and learns about them.

The Magician  The High Priestess  The Empress  The Emperor

The Fool has taken the liberty and freedom in asking questions to all the other cards of the major arcana. One-by-one they each in turn send the fool off to the next card for an answer to his current question. 

The fool is a querent. He asks questions. He wants to know what he is supposed to do and where he can find his Will(power). His question is: “Where can I find my Will?” 

To make a very long story short, the fool goes through all the other cards only to arrive at The World card (XXI). The World tells The Fool:

“Go back to the cliff and walk off it
and trust that wings will appear,
on your back,
before you hit the bottom.” 

— The World


The World

The Fool’s question is a valid one. He is at this cliff for a reason. He is here to test his ability and his faith and ultimately test his “Will”.  

The Fool (3)

This jump seems to defy the laws of gravity and doesn’t seem like something any rational or intelligent person might do. Can one take a leap of faith, defy the laws of gravity, jump off a cliff and still survive? 

The Fool (5)

Well, for one, if you did do such a thing, you’d better make sure that you believe in the laws of physics and that they somehow won’t apply to you. Even more difficult to comprehend is that while the laws of gravity would apply, that somehow, magically, wings would appear on your back and you could just fly to safety. 

So what then is the path of the fool? I’ve arrived at two meanings, one logical and one fantastic—a double edged sword. 

The Fool (4)

2 Interpretations 

1) The Path of the Fool is the path of any querent asking questions. While one derives one answer to something, this answer naturally leads to another question. The questions never end for the querent. Earlier I mentioned the addition property of zero: 7 + 0 = 7.

Here one arrives at the same number as they came in with just as the fool goes through the path, meeting with all the other cards and being sent back to the first place he started: the cliff. This is simple addition.

2) The second interpretation is more heady. It is our beliefs which limit us and just because we haven’t seen it done before doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The fool knowing this will either jump off the cliff or die a smashing death. In fact, all the fools who have failed are what we see in the rest of the cards of the major arcana. The Magician (I) was once The Fool. The High Priestess (II) was once The Fool and so on. 

Mathematically, this second interpretation is:

7 x 0 = 0

This means that you have come with the Will to do something (7) and because you wanted it multiplied (x) instead of added (+), you will wind up with nothing (0). In this interpretation, multiplication is not so much about greed as it is about impatience and a tool of the undisciplined. 


One would have to do the work, step-by-step, in an addition (+) format to be successful rather than figuring out the mass production (x) as we see so many people do in their fantasy business models. 

BinkNyc Culture 


The real reason why the fool is considered a fool is because he has questions. If one has questions, this means that one doesn’t KNOW, and then one is considered a Fool (0). 

In the addition property 7 + 0 = 7 and you are left with what you came with. If you take risks and are Willing or daring enough to excel past your own beliefs and limitations, do the step-by-step work, success is assured. 

In the multiplication property of zero (7 x 0 = 0). The Fool has a tendency toward wanting to develop something before it is ready. Their impatience presses them on to find a way to multiply their scheme, make it global, and reach the end game before it has even started.   

Personally, I’ve been called a Fool more times than I can remember. I took great risks and it has happened to work our for me. It’s usually just simple addition. Addition is a sure-fire form whereas, multiplication is exponential.   

Also, I’ve already failed more times than I have succeeded so the end result has been one of simple addition—trial and error—and walking the path of The Fool. 

Armed with this subversive knowledge, I’m suggesting that the true path to wisdom is to Suffer Fools Gladly.

The Fool (1)

For me, the Fool card is now seen as the end of the game and not at the beginning. 


. . . ______________________ f i n i _____________________ . . .




Only if you want more:
The original quote at the beginning:

“What you have to realize is
that most people don’t really
want your help. They say they
do but they don’t.”

— Suzy Kline

Suzy is exactly right about this. In her experience as well as in my own observation, and we’ve both witnessed this time and again, people want someone who will pay attention to them as they try out different things and test their skill against in The World.  

The reason people don’t want help is because they are more motivated by doing it themselves and going through the challenges and rewards by themselves. They like to learn their own lessons in their own way. They like taking advice so they can walk the path and try it out for themselves. It’s an adventure. 

Suffer Fools Gladly” means that you would treat everyone with the same respect you expect them to give you (The Golden Rule). It is also a reminder to bypass your judgments about others because the truth that can be revealed can be truly illuminating. 

It’s amazing what a homeless person, hot dog vendor, train conductor or some random people have experienced on their Path of the Fool. We are all on the similar path, rich/poor; male/female, good/bad… The path is riddled with challenges and rewards. 

If one has any questions, they are said to still be on the path of the fool. “Suffer Fools Gladly”, is a phrase and idea that is meant to illuminate you and give you the Will to learn something new everyday. 

If you use the addition property and “Suffer A Fool A Day”, in only one year, you would have learned 365 new things in a year. In ten years, 3,650 new things would be in your mental treasure chest.  

The Question is: 

Do we as entrepreneurs take this path of the fool type of plunge in our business lives?

It’s risky and entrepreneurs take this risk knowingly. The flip side of this is to just take a job, and you know where your slice of pie is coming from. You’ll be making money for the entrepreneur who had the vision and will and the one who took the risk and reaps the rewards using the addition property. 

How many people along our path have told us that being an Independent business owner is hard and that we are foolish for doing this? 

We obviously didn’t listen and were able to trust our own instincts. 



So what does this all mean, where is the point, and what is this excerpt about? Well, on the one hand, nothing. There is no point and nothing is nothing. On the other hand, “0” is the place of nothing but potential. At the bottom, you can’t go anywhere but up. At the top, you can’t go anywhere but down. 

If you work for someone else, you are more than likely operating out of fear. You will worry about “losing your job”. Do know that your boss owns you. You don’t have the power to decide, one day, out of the blue, that you want to have your brother, sister or children stroll on into your office and start working there. This is not your choice to make. 

Here ends my “Suffer Fools Gladly” machination.  They are the true risk-takers and are on the path, asking questions. 

Once the path has completed and you finally get to The World and The World tells you to jump off the cliff and trust that wings will appear on your back and that you will comfortably fly to safety… can you? 

Well, I’m NOT going to suggest you try this. There are two realms in our world: The Conscious and The Physical. Once the conscious beliefs can be overwritten as in the “mind over matter,” then this may be an option. Until that time it’s best to keep walking and avoiding any steep cliffs. 😀

Neurochemical BinkNyc

BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.


NeuroLetter Title bar

Volume 1, Issue 1 (click the image above)

ReBuilding the NAMM Brand

Photo By: Andrew Toth

Photo By: Andrew Toth

Ron Wallace was the very first fashion designer to sign up with the hybrid fashion incubator called Manufacture NY (MNY). At the time he was doing a clothing line commonly referred to as “Street Wear.”
Ron is a bit of a phenomenon and had notable success early with his very first t-shirt, street wear fashion line. Each t-shirt was fetching $40 per item. When it came time to join MNY, he was immediately adopted by them. That, and he also encapsulates the demeanour of everything you would ever associate with a gentle man.
MNY assists fashion designers by providing a real-time space where designers can work, create patterns, and develop their clothing lines. Additionally, they have access to some of the best resources and materials offered in NY (@ wholesale rates).
Ron’s private label is called NAMM New York. I met Mr. Wallace through MNY when I accepted the position (@ MNY) as the Brand Architect last February. Incidentally, I introduced MNY to one of my contacts who subsequently got MNY a $3.5 million grant through a partnership this past year. That’s a win.
At some point, Ron realized that he needed a brand. Brand, the word, means completely different things to different people nowadays. Graphic and web design firms who normally handle corporate identity programs believe that they can add a “mood board”, some copywriting, demographics into the mix and call it a “brand strategy.” They charge out the whazoo for these additional services and according to most Branding professionals, this is subpar. This is pure and plain naïveté twofold:
1. Shame on the design firm for selling this
subpar service at a premium price to clients.
2. Partial shame goes to the uneducated clients
for not knowing exactly what a brand actually is.

(See here: What’s a Brand?)

Well, it had been months before Ron had put together all the resources and capital into developing NAMM New York . He’s decided to place his company through one of BinkNyc’s specialized and neurochemically-charged Brand—IDs. I believe he’s impressed.
Months ago we started working together and have sat, worked and talked over 50-60 hours to date. We are almost 1/2 way through his Brand-ID. He’ll soon be well on his way.
Before completing the NAMM Brand—ID, Ron approached me with a problem. He wanted to do a fashion show and would need  to raise $15-20K in corporate sponsorships to get the clothing line together and join one of the many venues for this upcoming fashion week (Feb. 2015).
Since Ron is at the MNY incubator, he has access to all the resources MNY has. One such resource is the second largest camera retailer in the entire US, called Adorama. I also helped MNY get into one of their old  They are in NYC. I suggested he go to them for the money he needs for the show. He asked: “How?” I answered: “By leveraging the audience and attendees you have and introducing Adorama’s product and service line to them.”
The problem is that there wasn’t enough time to get the money and do the show this February however, we can start preparing for the Fall show now months in advance.
He needs $20K.  No problem. We can do this.
NAMM+NY+ron wallace+
Below you will see the type of proposals I design and the creativity involved in creating a win-win situation that is profitable for both Ron @ NAMM New York and Adorama:
Adorama has and sells cameras.
Ron is a fashion designer.
Fashion shows and fashion people use photography and photographers. In this respect, NAMM and Adorama can truly benefit each other. I suggested that Ron design a fashionable merchandise line for Adorama. We are looking to start this merchandising line first with designer t-shirts.
Adorama is owned and run by Hasidic Jews and they know their customer. More importantly, they know the power of merchandising and placing their logo on the shirts of every employee in the store.
We offered Adorama the idea that NAMM be used to fill this gap. Luckily Adorama doesn’t even sell t-shirts to their customers and fans. Ron will make and design the shirts and drive his customer to sell a street wear line from the Adorama web site with the Adorama logo/Corporate ID.
adorama ny
The tee shirts will be $40 each and Made In NY. If we sell 500 t-shirts @ $40 each, that’s $20K. If Adorama sells more than that, they additionally keep the extra sales. We’ve now generated a profit for AdoramaAdorama‘s website already generates 200K hits each week. This is also great exposure for Ron and his clothing line.
It’s a win-win.
Ron Wallace
Ron will get $5,000 upfront to develop the t-shirts. After he sells 400-500 t-shirts to his and Adorama’s audiences, he gets the other $15K to roll out his clothing line in time for New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in September. Ron also brings value to Adorama by introducing his dedicated audience to the new merchandizing page on the Adorama website where he will sell his shirts.
Ron also gets seen and introduced to 200K NEW weekly viewers who go to the Adorama website and ultimately gets the money he needs to produce a seasons’ fashion line and show.
That’s what Brand building does.
BinkNyc Culture, Breuk Iversen
So what have I gotten out of this? Nothing to write home about yet. I’ll jump on board with the normal 15% commission once this deal goes through and I’ve generated some capital for both of them. If they want to place a retainer or deposit down, we can do much more. If they don’t then let’s place a bet of BInkNyc’s skills and you have no risk, with no money down but, we raise the commission to 30%.
REMEMBER: 70% of something NEW is still better than 100% of what you have now. We like when new clients underestimate our effectiveness. They’ll have one hell of a story to tell about us  someday.
We will help Ron become a national brand in the coming year or two. This is possible because he is open to the seasoned, tried and tested Brand—ID.
He attempts these techniques weekly and is given assignments. He sees what is working and what is not. He asks great questions and he’s heading into mastery with results that are very measurable. He’s also hungry for more and reminds me of a new age hero in which great legends and ancient mythology is based.
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Neuroletter, Breuk Iversen, Neurochemical, BinkNyc

BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.

Neurochemical BinkNyc

BinkNyc Culture, Neurochemical

The Best of Bink 2014

2014 was an AMAZING year.

We hope it was the same for you! . BinkNYc Culture, Neurochemical, Breuk Iversen   . Thank you for visiting us and sharing us! This support doubled the traffic we received in 2013.


The Best of Bink 2014

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Neurochemical: Kill the baby.

Harvard Business Review (founder's dilemma)
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You have to love life.
We think we have a
good handle on a few
things and then…

) ) > WHAMMO < ( (

… someone else comes along and knocks you off your feet. They hand you some humble pie with their in-depth insight.

I recently met a person who also refers to themselves as a mercenary. In 20 years, I have only met one other who refers to themselves as that. That person is me.

We do do the dirty work.

BinkNyc Culture

For the last two days, I’ve spoken for hours with a beautiful young woman who had just recently come back from a tour of duty from the Middle East as American military. She is true blooded American and happy to be home again.
We sat for a many hours in Astoria, Queens eateries, beer halls and shared stories. That was the first day.

The second day, we walked and talked for several hours resulting in much deeper conversation. It was about the mercenary lifestyle and the challenges and rewards that come with it.

I can’t share her identity, her position, her photo or most of her stories, but, can say that I was left jaw dropped and dumbfounded.

We were talking about business and companies and after telling her a joke called: “The actor who was out of work,” she reciprocated with an idea called: “Kill the baby.”
It immediately reminded me of the biblical story.



BinkNyc Culture

Kill the baby” may have been originated in the bible. It’s an Old Testament story of God telling Abraham to kill his son, Isaac, to prove his unmoving faith and devotion. He was told to do this from a voice in the sky.

Then, at the last minute just before Abraham is about to sacrifice his son, on an alter, knife in hand, an “Angel of the Lord” calls off the murder, blesses all of Abraham’s descendants and they live happily ever after.

He didn’t “Kill the baby“.



BinkNyc Culture

Most architects learn how to design a building or home that is something of innovation and beauty. They are less concerned with the actual engineering and physical compliance needed to erect that building. Architects bring the original plans to engineers for editing and certification. The engineers are more concerned with the material matters used and that the structure will work with the undeniable laws of physics and nature.
They are not interested in signing off on a fantasy.
This is the dirty work. The engineers “Kill the baby” of the architects.


BinkNyc Culture


Kill the baby“, as she had explained, refers to a director’s original vision of a movie. It is like a baby. The director had a vision and is in the business of executing it.

The director hands over the footage to an editor and producer and they create the final movie we see. The producer then tells the director they must “Kill the baby” so the editor and producer can create a HIT.

When we see a director’s cut, it is often very different from the “final cut” of music videos, commercials or movies. The director’s cut is often subpar to the blockbuster version created by the producer and a great film editor.

The producer has to tell the director to “Kill the baby.”

The director is concerned with an aesthetic and their artistic vision. The producer and editor are primarily concerned with creating a Hit! Here is where the conflict begins.


A Company

BinkNyc Culture
Your business idea is a dream and it is your baby. Your vision is the baby Isaac. Your dream home is one with no columns, no plumbing, no unsightly electric wires or wifi cables which block the beautiful view. Your company’s dream and vision is like an original “directors’ cut,” pure and good.
We come with sickle in hand.
Once we follow the natural laws of market science and nature’s laws of physics, we can turn your company or business into blockbuster hit. We make it so it sells itself.


First, you have to “Kill the baby“.

BinkNycCulture is that angel messenger, the engineers and editors that take most of the pieces of your vision and fashions it so works optimally with the available markets, touches your client emotionally and subconsciously sells better.

We do do the dirty work.


In human development, when we find out that there is no Easter Bunny, no Santa Claus and that you CAN’T click your heels three times to magically transform you home, we “Kill the baby“.

Some businesses need more Romance in their story. Some need more Drama. Most need less logic and more emotion and address the audiences subconscious. What we do is tweak your dream/vision graphically and literally so it sells better. So it sells itself.

BinkNyc Culture
People don’t like to “Kill the baby“. They hire a mercenary to do it for them.
We do this so businesses get more of what they want rather than what they dreamt it to be like.
Are you ready to “Kill the baby?”
We can help.


We do do advertising and branding on steroids and crack.

Thank you for understanding.

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All business is therapy.


BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.

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