Client: Queens Meat
Location: 23-62 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY 11105
Assignment: Increase Retail Business (wholesale business is fine)
Budget: $1,500.

Our designed process

Research: Checked prices and business offerings @ 8 other butchers in Astoria.
Planning: Identified clear differentiating factor to Queens Meat.
Creation: Create Word-of-Mouth campaign for Father’s Day & 4th of July.
Application: Keep Creative to the lowest cost possible ($149.).
Measure: Return to client to see how the campaign did. The numbers don’t lie. 




Our research showed that Queens Meat is perceived as one of the most unappealing  butchers in Queens. While they are clean, overtly functional and offer a great product and an inexpensive price. Their store is like an mini-industrial factory. They are also located on a very industrial/commercial block, at a bus stop, just off Astoria Blvd. (287 highway) with little opportunity for parking without getting ticketed.

They are also located right next door to a bread manufacturer. In other words, this strip is not inviting to walk-in and the newer residents moving in.

BinkNyc, Queens Meat, Steinway Street

BinkNyc, Queens Meat, Steinway Street

The research took a week. We walked into 8 local butchers, checked all the competition’s online reviews and what people are saying about their Social Media. We did a brief competitive analysis of their Top 4 competitors to review:

QM Competitive Analysis




The plan was simple: make us more money. 

The prices are lower and competitive with the other butchers around Astoria. We identified a clear differentiating feature to Queens Meat—their place: It’s UGLY.

And I told them this.

The owners are a pair of business men, one Greek and the other Albanian. They could handle the truth: that their store looks more like a factory than a nice retail shoppe.

The staff can be rude at times depending on how busy they are. They’ve been there for 30 years. Everyone gets a little tired of any job after 30 years.

BinkNyc Culture, Breuk Iversen




We were hired to create a Word-of-Mouth campaign for Father’s Day & 4th of July. This creative execution required a radical move, something outside of the norm. We took THE UGLY industrial look the store had and used it as an asset to benefit our client.

We arose to the challenge.


Full services we provide.

They listened openly to this new data without being offended. We preferred to tell them the HONEST and BRUTAL truth rather than lie and sugar coat the problems with their aesthetic. It’s a problem that CAN BE fixed. It would have cost them $40,000 but they weren’t interested in that kind of renovation. They allowed us to get to work for them at the price we initially agreed on.


This was their previous sandwich board. The way they displayed the meat’s condiments on the counter is brash and has a no nonsense, take it or leave it, approach:




To apply AntiMarketing techniques to a Word-of-Mouth campaign for Father’s Day & 4th of July. The application of the creative called for a brash, bold move. We took THE UGLY and used it as the main differentiating factor from the other butchers.

The campaign was divided into three parts:

  1. 1,000 Business Cards
  2. A new sandwich board outside
  3. Three new all-American flags.



Business Cards (front):

Queens Meat front

Queens Meat: It’s Not Pretty. 

On the back we used these humorous headlines, one for each card. Here are all of them:

Queens Meat for Pirates

Apparently and expectedly we got the attention and walk-ins we wanted on Father’s Day. The place filled up with people.

The 4th of July was an even better business day for them and it was the first time in 30 years of business, they were sold out of 25lb. boxes of bacon, chopped meat, and souvlaki.

We printed 1,000 business cards on an 11″ x 17″ (Tabloid) sheet adding these different headlines on the back. We then printed and cut them and placed them in doorways and left them on the windshields of local cars—1,000 of them.

Queens Meat Cards (back)



The NEW sandwich board outside read:



The all-American flags were hung on the awning and looked like this:

Queens Meat:

Queens Meat (flags)Queens Meat Flags

This campaign launched mid-June a week before Father’s Day. For the 4th of July, there was a line outside the store and some of the normal offerings were sold out by the early afternoon (as mentioned above).

By mid-July we went back for a follow up meeting. The campaign had generated 13% over their normal 15% annual growth, equaling $87,880. to be precise. This total percentage increase for the month of June was 28% when we compared their performance for the previous three years. This was according to their handwritten accounting ledger which they brought up from the basement.

They were happy and amazed that it actually worked and perplexed at the same time.


The fee we charged was only $1,500. It was a little test and not meant to be a big money making endeavor for us. The material expenses we needed was for a sandwich board, purchased second-hand from another client of ours for $20. We also bought a white magic marker for the lettering on the board: $8. The three flags were under $10 each, ordered from Amazon. and the most expensive material cost was for 1,000 business cards which was $90. Total: $149.



HOW we did it?

ANTIMARKETING is DISRUPTION. Disruption is how businesses stand out among the competition. The methods we use are a radical approach that shows measurable increases to any business when the right techniques are applied.

Usually, the client’s spirit, aesthetic and persona can and should be used to their advantage without changing the business operations. In this case it worked out really well.


We congratulated the men of Queens Meat 🥩 for having the audacity to run with the campaign we proposed. It was an approach which is outside the norm and certainly outside of many people’s comfort zones.

It’s not all that often we get smart, daring clients but when we do, they win. Then, we win by default.

But, the biggest winners of all is always the customer. The customers are the people that deliver the money into the business. They come first in our book. The campaign was designed for them. A little smile goes a long way.

Describing all the techniques we used to create this humorous and powerful AntiMarketing campaign here would require too much writing. The subtlety in the 3 applications applied here would also mean writing an entire book. We may include this case study in that book someday.

The campaign didn’t come out of thin air. We didn’t just guess it would work. We knew it would work. There’s only a few companies that do branding, design, communications and advertising like ours.

Allow us to help your business grow if you want to make more money. Yes, we are going to suggest something you wouldn’t expect but, that’s one of the reasons our clients hire us.


Maybe you can call us. You may be happy you did.


Thank you. Have a nice day.



BinkNyc Culture, Breuk Iversen

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