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SOME WORDS and Our Promise.

We eat, live, and work in publicity. If you’ll allow us to increase your business by 300%, we’d be so delighted to assist you. We know you could probably do it yourself, however it will likely take much longer than you want. It’s either that 300%  increase or the company fails as 80% of them do within the first five years according US Small Business Administration (SBA). 


If you want us to generate MORE than a whopping 300% increase, go to Las Vegas or play a lottery. We don’t delight in any fantasy nor gamble with your money or ours. If your competition hires us before you do, then prepare for defeat. Actually, we’ll probably annihaliate your business… gently, slowly, all in due time. Maybe not totally annihilate, but definitely enough so you feel it. 😁


We perform a sure shot strategy and use an anti-marketing approach. It is a proven approach. It is based on math. It is scientific in nature. If we CAN NOT increase your business by 300%, we will tell you outright and decline to do any work. The reason for this is because it is not fair for you and it’s a waste of our time. We wouldn’t expect you to hire us. Not only that, we wouldn’t hire ourselves if we couldn’t get you that 300%.

Breuk Iversen, binknyc, 11211

If we CAN increase YOUR business by 300%, we’ll tell you and you should hire us. This is how we all win. 300% means that we’ve generated our own paycheck, created enough to put a profit in your pocket and replaced the money you used to pay us.
We don’t ever work to lose and we’ll never give up until we hit the mark. This is our promise. 


Williamsburg, BinkNyc, Breuk Iversen

A THEORY (and an easy-to-get metaphor)

All businesses has a natural process of growth. While this somehow seems illusive and magical, it actually isn’t either of these at all. It is a logical process. We use a visual metaphor to describe the process. 

If the roots of a tree are the brand, then the trunk of the tree is the design, the branches are then how a business is to communicate and finally, advertising becomes the fruit we sell at a marketplace.

As illustrated here Nature has a very specific order of how things are created. Businesses are built the same way as the laws and 10,000 things in nature. We follow this divine pattern as a business model and prototype. We use nature and this metaphor as a guiding principle because it works.

Did the metaphor get there for you? 




Technological. The new way to think.

Neurochemical: Air (what brand are).

Brand Mastery. Why we knew from Day 1.



Then there’s this:

Fishbeef logotype

A one-stop production top pop chop shop.


Influencer, Influencing,

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Nature’s patterns operate scientifically like physics, math and science. It’s a beautiful system. This is how we generate growth and increased income for our clients. We say 300% because we can do it and we’ve done it so many times in the last ten years. It makes our clients happy. Happy clients make us happy too.

We follow our research, use the science and math from the research and fact finding, add a few ‘magical’ components and then generate three times the amount you’ve paid us. We are good like that and we’re that good.
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The proof…
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Va Va Vroom
.There are undeniable and observable truths like entrophy, cause and effect, aging and gravity that we can’t escape their grasp. These are laws. Laws have rules. When these rules are applied we get predictable results. A successful business operates in precisely the same way—it follows a natural pattern. We very rarely hear about accidental business successes. They are stories we see or read about but they are one in one hundred thousand.
Williamsburg | Brooklyn 2001
Let it be known…
 We did more to promote
Williamsburg | Brooklyn

   than anyone else alive.
Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc, 11211, Astoria, Williamsburg, NYC, Neurochemical

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.They’ve written an awfully sweet piece about it HERE:

11211, Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc

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BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
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