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BinkNyc Culture has created all graphic & web design, copywriting, presentation development, and selected the Advisory Experts.

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ink – used for marking                link – connecting things
mink – extra-ordinary class        pink – a sign of love
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BinkNyc Culture brands or re-brands,
companies through strategy, a process using
design, communication and advertising.

Through Advertising, we mean to say Word of Mouth.
Through Communications we mean Messaging.
Through Design, we mean to say ‘intention’:
     graphic, industrial, environmental and Interior Design.
Through Branding, we mean to say, perception.




Your dedicated disciples


Spyro Poulos.jpg

Spyro Poulos

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
(development + STRATEGY)

Spyro Poulos has developed an impressive and epic 20-year career trailblazing for such traditional and digital media outlets as Clean PlatesWinmo | Sales IntelligenceXXL Magazine, H360 GroupInked MagazineColossal MediaAperture FoundationTokion Inc.Paper MagazinePhoenix New Times, Heritage Radio Networks. and Tumblr. Mr. Poulos comes as a seasoned asset to facilitate BinkNyc Culture’s new business initiatives (2016).



Aaron Grossman,
President of Strategic Partnerships (CSO)
(Market + STRATEGY)

With 40+ years in marketing research & strategic consulting, Aaron has come to believe deeply in the transformative power that information & insights can bring to the boardroom.

His career specialization in branding and innovation has contributed to a portfolio that includes assignments ranging from strategic marketing assessments to testing impressions of digital campaigns and imagery-driven brands. Aaron enjoyed tenures at Grey Advertising and JWT, as well as a 12-year Partnership at Newman-Stein. These have afforded him a wide berth of involvement in diverse areas: Graphic design, packaging, corporate identity, and all formats of web-related content.

He’s enjoyed long-term relationships with clients in key business sectors, including Eastman-Kodak, Pfizer, American Express, AT&T, JP Morgan Chase, Kraft Foods, and Seagram.

More recently, his practice has evolved into a specialty of consulting with start-up companies and small businesses. In that capacity, Aaron also provides written content for branded websites, profiles, blogs, and social media.

He is active in both the marketing and research communities, having served on the NYAMA’s Board of Directors for eight years and as that organization’s President. Aaron is proud of his role in helping to create the Effie Awards and the Marketing Hall of Fame, as well as helping GreenBook become a mini-industry. In addition, he’s proud of the leadership role he played in ARF’s Market Research Vision Team. Aaron is an elected member of the Market Research Council and is an Academy voting member of NYAMA’s Hall of Fame Selection Committee. He is honored to serve on the Advisory Board of the Global Leadership Coalition.

Active in business networking, Aaron was Membership Committee Co-Chair at his BNI chapter for several years; he is also a graduate of the Power Partners Initiative training.

Aaron earned his BA in Psychology at Stony Brook and did his graduate work at NYU’s Stern School of Business.


BinkNyc Culture, Neurochemical

Ann Fry, MSW
Éminence Grise
(lobbyist + STRATEGIST)

Ann Fry joins BinkNycCulture as the Éminence Grise with a BA in Special Education from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. She continued on and received her MSW in psychotherapy from the University of Illinois, Chicago. She taught for two years in the US and then joined the Department of Defense Overseas Teaching Program and spent two years teaching Special Education in Sagamihara, Japan. She then moved back to the US, ending up at the University of Illinois, Chicago. She ran several drug and alcohol treatment centers. Then, in 1987, she went into a private therapy practice.


For the last 17 years, she has been an executive coach, working closely with Fortune 500 management teams honoring diversity and culture instilling and reclaiming authenticity and integrity. Additionally, Ann has presented to large groups around the US about ReGeneration and Transformation.


She is currently teaching masters’ courses at NYU and a blog writer for the Huffington Post. Ann comes to the team with incredible knowledge and wisdom and is well-versed in transferring psychoanalytic esoterica into creating cultural change. Ms. Fry walks her walk and talks her talk. Ann Fry comes to BinkNyc for major reinventions for corporate clients requiring a shift and cultural change.


It is our view that nothing is impossible. In fact, we hold the same view as Audrey Hepburn famously quoted:

BinkNyc View, Breuk Iversen, Fishbeef

Quite candidly, we love work and rise to face most any difficulty. We consistently deliver when faced with insurmountable odds, businesses on the verge of collapse, and even when your bottom line is red. We produce results properly boxed with a little red bow. 🎁
[ see: BinkNyc Neurochemical infographic PDF ].



M. Wazi,
Investment & Venture Capital

Born in a corrugated iron hut in Bangladesh with no running water, Wazi came to America to study Electrical Engineering (University of Pennsylvania), Finance (The Wharton School), and an MBA (Stanford University). Working as an Investment Banker, Venture Capitalist and Management Consultant (The Boston Consulting Group) gave Wazi the tools to become an Entrepreneur – starting companies he has sold, run or folded – providing the full gamut of experience.

Wazi is Director of Entrepreneurship EcosystemNYC: Start-up Companies, Professionals and Students have the opportunity to Cross Learn at Mercy College’s Manhattan Campus.

Wazi leverages these Capabilities and Connections to create High Growth Businesses for Clients of The Small Business Oracle focusing on BDSM: Business Development, Sales & Marketing. His personal goals include maximizing Happiness, Health, Peace, and Passion and luxuriating in all 12 Senses (The Pedestrian Five, Sixth, Common, Wonder, Humor, Euphoria…).




BinkNyc Culture
Alexandra Kievsky,
Executive Vice President of Production


Alexandra Kievsky was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California, and began her career as a child actor at age 7, followed by a modeling and acting career contracted by Nordstrom’s, Budweiser, MTV Music Awards to name a few. She went on to become a celebrity correspondent on the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes. Alexandra was also a spokesmodel, promoting notable products such as Smirnoff Ice, AXE Men’s Products, and Bacardi Breezer.

Ms. Kievsky is currently the VP of Acquisitions for BD FOX INDEPENDENT, a notable Distribution/Marketing company who has worked on films such as E.T, Matrix, Harry Potter and more than 400 other films. Alexandra is responsible for identifying & acquiring feature-length motion pictures for all media.

Alex (as she likes to be called) comes to BinkNyc Culture to make things happen. She places the right talent with the right client through her extensive Rolodex and special event management and production. She is moving to NYC from L.A. this year.

BinkNyc Culture




Branding is an intangible service for companies that haven’t experienced its value in the minds of their consumers. “If your company closed down today, what would your customers remember about your business?”

We specialize in creating and occupying a space is your current and potentially newer customers minds. In opening up that new space and laying a value or attitude in a customer’s mind lay all kinds of new groundwork for spending at your business. In essence, the perceived belief of your company is what we mean by Branding.



Ken Varga, BinkNyc Culture

Ken Varga,
(New Business Development + Public Advocacy)

Ken Varga attended Brooklyn College graduating with a BA in film production. He was responsible for adding 250 members to the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (BCC)— the largest chamber in the US. Ken’s handsome and gentlemanly manner had him emceeing major BCC events with 450 business leaders and elected government officials. These events included sponsorships, annual meetings, dinners, dances, award galas, building Brooklyn monthly networking events to the level it is today.

His commitment continued to produce similar results for the New York Grants Company and the Nroth Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce* (where he is a current Board Member). His expertise is in establishing procedures, structuring membership benefits, sponsorships, events, and government advocacy building the groups he’s involved in from the beginning to fulfillment.

Ken comes to BinkNyc Culture as a polished professional with a well-honed networking, communications and presentation skill set. He has amazing rapport with a diverse range of cultural backgrounds acting as a community leader and liaison. His numerous public TV appearances—throughout training in speaking to the media— lends itself to an excellent ability to provide membership value and motivate makes him an excellent addition to BinkNyc Culture.

Ken lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn.



BinkNyc, Neurochemical
Charlie Garland,
Vice President (CEO)
(Innovation + Business Strategy)

  • Charlie has been named a Fellow of Columbia University Medical Center’s HITLAB (Healthcare Innovation Technology Laboratory).  In this role, he provides strategic guidance to the entire HITLAB leadership and design team (he will be designing, facilitating, and presenting much of a full-day offsite strategy workshop this Fall), and he performs as an innovation subject matter expert in HITLAB’s client engagements.  See / People
  • Charlie has led the design of two mobile customer engagement products for a client,, which were launched in late 2013, providing opportunities for healthcare providers to innovate their business models (healthcare processes) that deliver real-time, interactive communications with patients and their caregivers via mobile devices — drastically improving engagement with this key stakeholder category.  He also developed and articulated a strategic value proposition that rationalizes the value-increase of mobile user engagement as compared to conventional advertising models.  See:
  • Charlie has designed and developed an entire portfolio of innovation tools, methods, and insights that are used in strategic planning, new product/service development, UX, business model innovation, conflict resolution, culture development, Critical Thinking training/coaching, and much more.  The most popular of these tools/methods is the revolutionary Cubie™ model (a.k.a. “The Innovation Cube”) and its complementary Explorative Inquiry™ process.  See the introductory video: Cubie-TOTB.
  • Charlie co-authored an article on “how thinking diversity drives disruptive innovation” in 2013 that featured interviews and reflections of several senior executives from the financial services industry, including BNY-Mellon, American Express, and Lincoln Financial Group.  See link to this article:

Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Charlie has lived and worked in NYC for more than 20 years, since earning his MBA from The Amos Tuck School (Dartmouth College). Prior to that, he worked for Procter & Gamble after earning his BS in Industrial Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.



Julia McRoberts
Julien McRoberts,
Photographer and Editor
(NEW Media Images  + Visual Communications)

Julien McRoberts has the unique ability to capture intimate cultural moments, places, and people without ever disturbing the scene. Her work is a stolen glance into a Native American ritual, fund and quirky roadside Americana, a beautifully designed home or a hot and dusty rodeo. Her extensive travel experience helps her to know where and how to situate herself in order to find these unique moments. Born in the American West, this world is hardly foreign to McRoberts, who has lived in California, Colorado and New Mexico. Julien has recently wiped the dust off her boots to relocate to the faster pace of New York City but still maintains a presence in Santa Fe part of the year.

McRoberts is a rare breed in the industry; she has extensive executive-level business experience in both the corporate, entertainment and nonprofit worlds. She is therefore used to wearing many hats and can handle a wide range of assignments as well as provide full production and casting services which keep her clients’ projects more cohesive.

Her impressive portfolio ranges from revealing the decay of what were once modern desert towns to the chic design of a modern home. Julien’s work has been commissioned by diverse and high-end clientele including National Geographic Traveler, Marie Claire, DuJour Magazine, The Georgia O’Keefe Museum, Variety, Kathy Ireland Worldwide and Santa Fe Tourism.

See Julien’s portrait work here:


Question: If your business closed down today, what would people remember about it? Would it be memorable at all? Would they say only good things, bad things, smart things, tough things, loving things? We have a strategy for managing and controlling this perception.

This remembrance is what we mean by  “brand“. It is what you have put out into the public sphere.

Are you proud of it? You should be.

Branding is an intangible service for companies. Most people don’t see the value in it. That’s okay. It only means that they haven’t experienced its power in the minds of changing people’s perceptions.

We specialize in creating and occupying space in your customers’ minds. If you don’t get it. Okay. We’re not the agency for you.

If you do get it then you know that opening up a new space and laying the groundwork in a customer’s mind lays all kinds of new potential for customers spending at your business. In essence, the perceived belief of your company is what we mean by Branding.

See our new baby sister promotion company. She’s for bars, restaurants and cafes:
– – > > (FISHBEEF) < < – – 
A one-stop production top pop chop shop.





Charles Costa, BinkNyc
Charles Costa,
High Tech Research Analyst
(Research + Analysis + Culture Development)

Charles Costa is a modern renaissance man who has a wide array of talents ranging from entrepreneurship, writing, and market research. With over a decade of experience in the information technology field and a solid background in the English language, Charles has managed to combine his talents through his own market research consultancy. He offers superior technical writing, technology advisory services, and market research services to a wide array of clientele within a variety of industries.

In the High Tech Realm, he has been offering a wide array of analytical and writing services to clients ranging from small businesses along with industry-leading companies such as IBM, Iron Mountain, AirBnb, Kapersky Lab, CacheFly, Newark Element 14and Angie’s List.

His writings have also been featured in major outlets such as The Huffington Post, Envato, and Sitepoint. Charles brings to BinkNyc Culture B2B technology, a very successful startup track record, emerging technologies entrepreneurship, venture capital communication, crowdfunding, business strategy, and much more.

His biggest strength is the technical translation. This means he is able to make sure our clients are able to stay in-line with trends that matter without needing to worry about getting a crash course in industry jargon.

Once the facts are gathered, they are then packaged in a thesis grade report, complete with an appendix so that any outside party can determine the logic of the report. Mr. Costa brings to BinkNyc Culture the sophistication for our clients to compete in today’s market. He’s also a great conversationalist.


Sorry, not sorry.

BinkNyc Culture is inspired by difficult challenges. We do have the creative expertise, innovation and intelligence capabilities to resolve any task you bring but, if your company creates a product or has services that deliver harm; physically, mentally or spiritually, to our fellow man, go elsewhere. We’re not interested in working with you.




Paul Hertel,
Director of Project Management
(Research + Analysis)

Mr. Hertel is a veteran of lifestyle publishing including Martha Stewart’s Whole Living (MSLO) and Time Inc’s Real Simple.  He has applied his passion for using entertainment to educate as a project manager with the executive training company Performance of a Lifetime; a contributor to the Scholastic magazine Choices; and recently co-producing and directing a short documentary based on social justice issues.

Paul has also researched and spoken with experts in every field from beauty and finance (TIME INC) to integrative medicine and permaculture (MSLO). He has led group meditations and workshops in retreat settings and teaches breathwork and healing visualization. He is also an ordained Interfaith minister and Reiki healer working to bring a sense of peace and community to all.

Currently, Paul joins BinkNyc as part of a growing effort using his exceptional communication and superior organizational skills.  He has over 8 years experience managing and coordinating programs across the US and internationally, and is adept in publishing: writing, research, website content development, and editing publications.  His 10 years of experience in the theatre – acting, producing, and directing – have proven his ability to sell concepts, programs and fundraise.

Paul lives and works in Los Angeles.


BinkNyc Cuture co-founder
Breuk Iversen,
Creative Director (Founder)

In 1995, he garnered an award-winning boutique design firm, Disciplined Beauty in his second semester at School of Visual Arts, (SVA). In 2000, he founded 11211 Magazine promoting over 3,500 businesses and the area called Williamsburg | Brooklyn (11211).

In the last 11 years, he has taken an innovative approach to Digital Media.

Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc,

11211 Magazine founder and publisher, Breuk Iversen is listed among one of the most prolific designers of all time. — Graphis

Since 2006, his focus has been on the internet environment and cultural publicity applying neurochemical research to BinkNyc clients’ businesses. The ‘Neurochemical was recently embraced (2013) by the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ADVERTISING AGENCIES (4A’s) sharing aspects of this system with advertising giants; Ogilvy, BBDOHorizon Media and RG/A.

The full scope of all BinkNyc projects is focused and directed with the sole purpose of increasing the clients’ profit margin. His passion is to assist clients and improve their lives. He is currently a founding partner at BinkNyc, and lives and works in lovely Astoria, Queens.

Pivotal Work

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BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.

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