AntiMarketing WARNS business owners that marketers, designers and AdMen who ignore the importance of the unconscious/subconscious level of human thought unwittingly subject themselves to making critical mistakes in a competitive marketplace.







AntiMarketing is a new paradigm
and scope for reaching new or old
markets with far greater ease.



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Below is a short list of 7
AntiMarketing Rules to
follow when composing
any campaign.


• 1. Thoughts are created in images, not words.

Imagery applied to words or visual images make up thought, not discrete words.


• 2. Most communication is nonverbal.

80% of human interaction involves the non-lexical component of communication by speech:  intonation, pitch and speed of speech, hesitation noises, gesture, and facial expression.


• 3. Metaphors and stories are central to thought.

Visual images are so prevalent that we are often unaware of them. They visually stimulate the mind, help add perspective to the world, and allow us to surface unconscious and subconscious feelings.


• 4. Emotion loves with reason.

Most marketers have a reasoncentered bias in their research and applied to their creative application. We can clearly show why this fails in the market. Emotion should be included, captured and brought to the forefront.


• 5. Most thought, emotion and learning occurs with awareness.

Often people do not know they have knowledge until they materialize it with other data to derive information.


• 5. Socially shared mental models are important.

Mental models help to filter information and make it manageable. When groups of people share important features of mental models, they are called consensus maps (or shared stories, memories, rituals, opinions and feelings) and they are possibly the single most important set of insights a manager can have about consumers and purchasing. This is where engagement happens.


• 7. Memory is fragile.

Shelly Lynn

AntiMarketing: 3rd Wave master system.

Memory is actually a creative product of our encounters, beliefs, and plans developed on a subconscious level. Fragments of data are unconsciously/subconsciously utilized and only later synthesized.


BinkNyc Culture, Breuk Iversen

🤒 : Breuk IVersen
🤖 : (718) 578-6613
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