I’m no business expert but do consider myself a branding expert which means I can foretell when a company is in big, BIG trouble. I can usually tell when a company is in beginning stages, off to an early decline, once and for all. I can also tell when a young company is unlikely to get off the ground. Even branding firms don’t do their branding deeply enough. If they don’t do research, they’ll likely fail.

This becomes even more obvious when you take into account:

1. Their current marketing efforts,

2. Public perception(s) of the business,

3. Lifestyle trends, and

4. Macro-economic factors.


Then, you can account for variables in their brand’s offering. We do this by answering 4 critical questions a futurist would ask through the Tetrad Management System. It makes predicting future events possible right down to probable.


Once that is done we have a far more complete picture of a businesses ecology and know what is likely to happen over an interim; short and long term.


Digi McDeez

Don’t eat too much McDonald’s. Their Grade F meat has a certain amount of worm 🐛 content. When cooked above 168° for 5 minutes or more makes it okay for consumption. The more you know…


So below is one example of one of the all-time American favorites in college courses and in university studies. The professors will talk about what and how monstrous a company could be. They speak about the type of business model and structure they use, theoretically, not actually. They talk about locations in every crevice of the globe. They talk about franchising. They talk about stocks. They provide answers of the kind of industrious production McDonald’s innovated before anyone else. They talk about the hit.

McDonald’s is held as the epitome of scale of the American Dream. I believe they’re on their last legs. They can also never be perceived as a healthy and socially conscious food source. Grade F meat has a certain amount of worm and maggot content, that when fried is edible, according to the FDA.

McDonald’s Global


Yes sir, when you see that McDeez has been hitting it pretty hard and growing in leaps and bounds since 2016, you have to wonder: How are they doing it?

How are their stocks still increasing despite a massive public perception that they themselves have invented junk food.  They are the hot, warm junk food you love. They are the first ones to tell everyone that they’re  “Lovin’ it.

When I lived in Williamsburg | Brooklyn in 2001, I was listening to NPR one morning and heard a writer from the Wall Street Journal speak about his new book. It was called Fast Food Nation.

I hopped on the train and headed to Barnes and Nobel on Union Square to get a copy. That day it hadn’t arrived yet. I returned the next morning and got the first copy out of the box. It wasn’t even opened yet. I asked the woman to open the box. She did.

What a horror story! They even have a movie about how bad the food is for the body (Supersize Me). This movie came out years after the book. Anyway, I digress.

Let’s have a look at their stocks:

McDonald’s Stocks


And here are their prices:

McDonald’s prices


They are undercutting every mom and pop shop within miles around with their dollar menu. How are they even making enough to pay their employees? What about rent, electricity, gas, etc…


It makes you wonder… It makes me wonder.


See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.