Last summer, BinkNyc had an opportunity to do an amazing project. We sat down and met a Greek Weapon Manufacturer looking to sell drones to the Pentagon.

If I had said: Greek Defense Weapons Manufacturer instead, would it have made a difference?


Could we use this Neurochemical system to get a contract with the pentagon?

Me: Yes.

Would it work?

Me: Yes.

How do you know?

Me: Because we are selling to another human being and not to a machine or robot. There are specific scientific principles and mathematical statistics that are used to achieve this goal.

I had prepared answers to these questions in my head before the meeting. We met in a restaurant called Igloo in Astoria, Queens. The meeting went well. My business partner translated the language.

I found out that day that he average weapons contract to the US Pentagon is $300-400 million, upwards of $700 million. Our Sales commission is often 30-15% depending on the deal. 15% is the lowest we go.

From my perspective, it’s a pretty clear cut sales assignment and at the absolute most, it would’ve taken up to a year. In the worst case scenario, two.


I began to think about the assignment and getting the check in the bank and what to do with the money. A small island in the South Pacific was one idea.

I put together a little panel of trusted friends and family to advise me. I wanted to see what we come up with in terms of a moral and social responsibility. The results of this conversation were not as I expected.*

I presented the situation to the select group of intellectuals and unanimously the women were all in direct opposition to it. The men said to take the assignment and then use the money to benefit our fellow man. “If you don’t do it, someone else will.” was another applauded response from the men.

An equal number of men and women were chosen. In the invitation sent to them said that something didn’t feel right in taking the assignment. One of the men pointed this out. He said: “You have your answer in the invite, Breuk. You yourself said that it ‘didn’t feel right.'”

He was correct. This tilted the vote in favor of not taking potential “blood money.” I soon opted out of this assignment.

[ You:  So what!  Who cares!

Me:  Wait! I’m getting to the good part! ]


In the discussion, one ex-employee said: “You don’t know anyone in the White House.” At that particular moment, I thought, he was correct. 

The point is that that “knowing someone” is not relevant. I can use Network Theory to get connections to people to help make the sale happen. Well, it turned out I did know someone in the White House or close enough.

Her name is Kimberly Hewitt. She is a sprite and very determined Southern Belle from Texas. She’s also an excellent photographer.

Back in Williamsburg, she wanted me to do an article of her photographs in 11211. The photos were artistic and okay. The bad part was that her artist statement had nothing to do with the work. The concepts you normally read in an artist statement weren’t there.

She was very, very determined and by the morning, she convinced me to do the feature article. I did.

2 years later she was Mayor Bloomberg‘s personal photographer. Shortly thereafter, she worked as G.W. Bush‘s staff. Later she did the same for Sen. John McCain and after that, M. Romney and after that, Ben Carson. You get the picture.

“We keep on losing!” she said.

I saw her at an event last night @ Brooklyn Fashion Week. She already knows my political views on what I call the “The Elephant and Pony Show.”

Views, I have a few.

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We laughed and hugged and I met her husband and son.

So I did have someone I knew at the White House that could facilitate some direction. A name or two, here and there, little by little, I would get closer to the goal. This process of utilizing people or resources located at a Hub. The system we use is taken from science. It is called Network Theory.

•      •      •

She’s having an art show of all her GOP work in Chelsea. She’s showing mostly photos that have never been shown before and had to get permission from the men she worked for. I would imagine that her show it’s going to be a heavily curated show before it even goes up. 🙂

I don’t know what I would do there but, with absolute certainty this evening at the gallery would be considered a Hub.

Breuk Iversen, Kimberly Hewitt, Rick Davy

Here’s the photo of myself, Kimberly and Rick Davy, the founder of Fashion Week Brooklyn just last night (3/13/14).

I asked someone to photograph us because I wondered if we put our heads together: Is there anyone in the world we can’t get in touch with in three steps or less?

Network Theory is used for publicity by our company. It’s one of the reasons you would be smart to hire us.



Anyway, the point is that I realized that
there are things I won’t or can’t do for a
dollar. One of them is supporting a Drone
Manufacturer and another is publicizing
companies that are harming peoples’
lives: processed foods, tobacco,
pharmaceuticals among a few others.

Money isn’t everything.


This is why it is written:

BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.

Neurochemical BinkNyc

Thank you for reading,

Have a great day!




*Always do research. The science and math is usually surprising every time you find something new.  We are on a planet that is moving through space a 1,000 mile per minute.  Some of it is predictable and some of it isn’t.