Here’s the space I re-designed for Joseph and David of Bushburg Properties in Bushwick | Brooklyn, back in 2007-2008. They are two great Hasidic men, the landlords, and know how to do business.

Today, it’s apparently THE place to go and hang out in Bushwick. It’s on the corner of Flushing Ave. and Knickerbocker.

Here’s their original floor plan with what I called, “the lightning bolt” running through the whole space.

BEFORE:   LOOMfloorplan


Here’s what I came up with as an alternative (which was approved a week later).

AFTER: BinkNyc, Breuk Iversen, Bink NYC, Advertising, Branding, Communications, Design

I utilized the three beautiful entrances instead of the two they had before.

I only ended up charging them $20K (and they talked me down from $30K to $20K) for the job. They were perturbed because the square footage was smaller on each unit because of the larger hall space. They also lost two strangly-shaped and useless spaces off the original floor plan.

I said: “So, just charge more for each space.”  Their eyes lit up like candles! They got it quickly. And it worked. 😀

The concept was simple: The more people that hang out in the space, the more people that come, and the more people that come, sit around, people watch and shop, etc…


Either way, I’m happy that it’s worked out well for them. Last I’ve heard, they have full occupancy and a waiting list of people wanting to rent space. They were asking  now getting $6. – 8. per sq. ft. Back then… Then, it was $12-14. Near it’s opening. Today it’s fetching $25-35 per sq. ft.

Bushwick Brooklyn, BinkNyc

Bushwick Brooklyn

Bushwick Brooklyn, BinkNyc

Here’s the video I used to advertise to a hundred, hand-picked, business owners inviting them out to Bushwick.

It’s an old school video but now has 3,500 views:

Shops at the Loom (04)

BinkNyc, BinkNyc,, The Loom

^ This is the outdoor patio in the back of the space. The area faces north so there is a lot of shade in the spring and summer. It’s cool.  😉


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