This type of ad is called a “Teaser.”
This is Ken Varga. He’s a good man.
The 2 questions that may come to your mind are:

“Who is this?”
“Why should I know him?”

This answer is there is no answer and this knowledge gap creates curiosity. You’ll just have to wait and see. This is why this ad is called a Teaser.



Here are just 10 of a rich list of 52 Bitchin’ Copy Tips:


1) Always use a conversational tone.

When people read, they read to themselves. You risk losing attention when they stumble over verbiage. Read it out loud, first, to see that it sounds good.


2) Avoid speaking about you and what you do.

No one who hasn’t met you cares. Talk about them and what is in it for them. They will read it for hours with glee and pleasure.


3) Make is easy enough for an idiot to understand.

This is an old standard in Advertising but, read the next tip.


4) No one likes being talked down to.

Tips #3 and #4 run a very fine line. Speak to them like you might a loved one. The keywords here are “care” and “simple”. Communication is completed when the listener understands what is said no matter how many times you say it. Then ask, “Do you understand?” to make sure the communication transfer is complete.


5) Longer copy is better on paper, not in an e-mail.

Here are some Research findings and their results when copy is on a printed page:

Length       Response
1,064         17.08%
1,999         19.09%
2,763         24.24%


6) Sincerity always wins over mere factual evidence.

Hopefully, your readers aren’t in a county court in front of  judge. No need to speak to them like they are.


7) Explain how or why your product or service is different.

“Price point, Service, Better Quality, Longer Lasting,” and what it will make them “Feel.”


8) Overcome all objections.

Nowadays money is tight and people object to spending it. Copy that is geared toward what one “saves” works hundreds of times better than why they should buy it. Scarcity is the a motivating factor in selling anything.


9) Buying something is an emotional decision 90% of the time.

Appeal to human emotions. We are not machines.


10) If your service is expensive, be patient.

Ask yourself: Who are the decision makers and what do THEY want? Then wait. These decisions take a while.


Bonus Tip (11):

Do a video.

They generate a tremendous response and connect you to clients in the comforts of their PC or smart phones. People feel like they know or have met a person they see on a video. Often people will make “first impression” judgements and 60% of this initial communication happens visually.

The next step is addressing their subconscious wants and desires which appeals to everyone 90% of the time. We specialize in this particular feature and apply it to Advertising, Branding, Communications and Design.

Navigating the Advertising waters alone can be a tricky business. In the right hands, it can be a deadly weapon in your arsenal.  In the novices hands, it can be their unconscious barricade and worst nightmare.

There IS such a thing as un-advertising your business. If your competition has a handle on what you are doing and knows how to use a marketing strategy, they can easily slay you.  I do do this to my clients’ competition on their behalf quite often.

Try this:
Reread some of your old E-mail marketing messages to see what worked and what did not work and compare it to this list.  Then, try it again.

Feel free to share this. You never know when someone will find it useful.

Okay.  This concludes your 11, 12, or 13 Bitchin’ Copy Tips.

If you didn’t get them all, please reread this again when you have time.

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Have a great day!

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Breuk Iversen