It’s okay. You’re not the big winner this time.


There’s a huge difference between someone who wants to be a King or Queen, and someone who wants to be Rich.

You can’t be both.

You had chosen the crown. A king 👑  or queen 👸🏻 has to be rich first. So the correct answer if you aren’t rich yet you can’t possibly be king or queen. So, the correct answer is RICH.

If you are living in a fantasy world, thinking to be a king or queen, let me know how that is working for you. Here’s some tips for those in need of a dose of reality.

The King or Queen will often have to pay out to have people bend to their ways. People will work for someone who os paying them to work but, this still won’t guarantee any notable success in their kingdom. King and Queens call all the shots on Branding, Design, Communications, Advertising and Publicity. This is their downfall as history has taught us. An expert in the field of marketing or anti-marketing is far better suited to do publicity.

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