All Business is Therapy

When you hire us and do a Brand—ID campaign, a good question to consider is:
1) Are we producing what will generate the best return on your investment (ROI) or 2) Are we producing what you like and what you think may work?

If you want something that works like math and science, then it is good to know there is an actual way to accomplish this. If you already know what you want and think it will work, there are many other companies like ad agencies, branding companies and design firms to choose from. There is absolutely, no reason to call us.

In fact, please don’t.
We can’t help you.

We take money matters quite seriously. We take your money even more seriously because our business reputation is at risk.

You as a business owner have every right to decide how you want to spend your money. This is just common sense. The problem is that what will work optimally for a business is sometimes just outside of the business owner’s current beliefs, mindset or comfort zone..

Allow me to explain….

We better serve corporation structures rather than individuals. Why? Because companies want to make money and are primarily motivated toward doing so. Corporations that have a Board of Directors, an IPO or have to pay shareholder dividends are our ideal client.

We’ve worked with many small business owners who have a novel mindset to business. They’ve romantically elevated their idea to something that works in the open marketplace. Rarely do any of them survive the first year. Fifty percent will be out of business. According to the Small Business Administration 80% of them will be out of business in the first five years. That’s the reality.

Corporations and a corporate structured companies absolutely love us. We know how to make them money and have a scientific and mathematical approach for doing so.

We’ve gone through great bother over a 5 year period to develop a successful system (based on mathematics and science) for business repair, expansion and growth. We’ve delved deeply into psychology, biology, sociology, game theory, network theory and other esoteric sciences and have identified consistent behaviours in consumers and prosumers. Human behavior is much more predictable than most people think. Interaction with human beings requires not a clear and consise explanation or decription by a common set of values, lifestyle or beloef set to advance a client’s product or service.

hard to beloeve? Indeed it is.

Despite what some people like to believe about themselves, biologically, the species, hasn’t actually changed all that much (see example below) over aeons.


The independent and small business owners are small because they are motivated by different ideals, lifestyle, and attitude. Usually, they are in survival mode. Most don’t think too big. Maybe it’s fear. Meay be they feel undeserving.

This has more to do with their personal agenda and are happy to jist make ends meet. When they do “Think Big“, in the rarest of cases, they are up against the glass ceiling where they can see what’s on the other side, but they just can’t reach it.

fear and danger

Here’s that example:
Human Beings have a difficult time distinguishing the difference between “FEAR” and “DANGER”. To our bodies, chemically, the responses (peptides) are identical. This differs from “fight or flight” responses and happens on a much more subtle and pervasive level.

When we react to circumstances or situations, there are chemical neuropeptides that are released and assist in guiding what we think are logical responses when in fact, they are generally subconscious, chemical and emotional. This happens to us 90% of the time.

This chemical phenomenon is only a minor part of what we do. We are merely illustrating a point here. We call this Neurochemical.

The trick to managing this is what images and what words release what peptides will lead us to the desired reaction. This gets applied to brands, design solutions, communication strategies and advertising.

We’ve been applying a Neurochemical approach to move people to neighborhoods and to publicize companies with startling success. The system we have is predictable, scientific and mathematical.  Best of all, it is measurable.



I feel a little like a business doctor sometimes. A company or entrepreneur comes to me for a solution. It’s usually to fix something that is breaking or has broken. Sometimes they don’t like the solution I give them and want to do it their way.  Fine…

Here’s an interesting example:

A patient comes to me and asks: “What’s wrong with me?”  
I say, “You have a mild case of pneumonia and a little fluid in your lungs.”  
They say, “No, that’s not it.  It’s something else.”  
“Ok…,” I might say, “I’m 95% sure that you have a mild case of pneumonia and a little fluid in your lungs.  If not, then why don’t you tell me what it is.”
Patient: “How am I supposed to know?  You’re the doctor!” 
“Indeed and right you are.  Again, you have a mild case of pneumonia and a little fluid in your lungs.”
The patient says: “Well, why can’t I have the flu and diabetes.”
“Ok.  Would you like the flu and diabetes?”
The patient says: “How am I supposed to know?  You’re the doctor!” 
I say: “Well, we could arrange for you to have the flu and diabetes if you like?”
“Yes.  To be honest, I really don’t like the way ‘pneumonia and a little fluid in your lungs’ sounds.”
“Yes. we completely understand.”   
The patient says: “It’s not really for me, it’s for my sister. We’re pretty sure she has the flu and diabetes.”
“Ok.  Why don’t you have your sister come in and we can have a look?”
The patient says: “To be honest, she doesn’t have insurance and I do.  If I could get a prescription for her flu and diabetes, that would be excellent.” 
I might say: “I see. This completely makes sense now.”
Even worse than is when we uncover something called “The Hidden Agenda”.  This is when a client doesn’t know what they don’t know AND we don’t know what they don’t know, they don’t know. We are left with the additional task of discovering what they consciously don’t know they want.
We have a little joke in our business which I usually share with other business owners to get a chuckle or laugh: “All Business is Therapy.”
Enough people have gotten the joke. We have every reason to believe it’s true.
In Closing:
Hey, we love doing good, effective and measurable work. More importantly, we love doing amazing work. We do this by helping business owners to understand their audience better. An audience is optimized: doubled and even tripled when we understand what their audiences dispositions—deep loves, wants and desires reside.
Many of a business owners customers are “like-minded”. When we look past “our own like-mindedness”, our audience and people we communicate with then expands.
This is how and why corporations get so huge. They think in terms of market shares of the audiences who already purchase their products or services. They think outside themselves, their values, competition, beliefs and comfort zones and seek to make money.
Call us when you’re ready to make more money. Sure, we can be your therapists too but, there are professionals much better equipped to do this.
Thank you.
Neurochemical Infographic, BinkNyc Brand—ID


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