What every Greek knows that not everyone else knows.


BinkNyc Culture

After a two year hiatus with depression and deep in thought, my great Greek (Crete) business partner returned to the company we both founded. He asked: “WHAT DOES BinkNyc Culture MEAN???”

I thought it was silly question. B-I-N-K is the first letters of both of our names: Breuk Iversen and Nikos Katsanavakis. I sent him the link: (BinkNyc Culture). He was inquiring about a stronger sense of authenticity and integrity which would act as an inspiration to others. He showed me the following video.

He showed me what Philotimo means. I was floored. I waited until I got home to let the tears flow.

How could we forget? What is truly at the core of all our interactions and intention?

So if one takes the idea of The Golden Rule aka Christ Consciousness: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and kicks that up a notch, you arrive at Philotimo.

Philotimo... IS ALL Greek to me. There is a wonderful aesthetic in this. It is a true love of honor.

Another level (kick it up a notch) of authenticity and integrity after Philotimo and Christ Consciousness is a Taoist idea. This Taoist thought is something I personally live by and it has nothing to do with “right or wrong” nor acting in authenticity and integrity. It has to do with a deeper sense of Truth.

This truth is a unifying force which ties us all together as a species. We live on a rich planet that acts in harmony with all that surrounds us. This Taoist truth is as follows:


Evolved Individuals have no fixed mind;

They make the mind of the People their mind.


To those who are good, I am good;

To those who are not good, I am also good.

Goodness is Power.


Of those who trust, I am trusting;

Of those who do not trust, I am also trusting.

Trust is Power.


The Evolved Individuals in the world

Attract the world and merges with its mind.

The People all focus their eyes and ears;

Evolved Individuals all act as infants.



Nature only operates and acts from Truth. Fixed opinions and belief systems distort the flow of pure information coming in from the outside world. An unfiltered perspective is more pure. Purity allows one to act without unbalancing anything.

One does not neutralize an acid by adding more acid. To neutralize an acid can only be done by infusing it with its opposite–an alkalide.

This is philosophically what BinkNyc is and does. This is also the premise of the Neurochemical work we do for clients.

Of all the principles, disciplines, ideologies and philosophies I’ve read about and studied, Taoism is the only one which makes perfect sense to me; wholly and completely. It is a discipline and takes continual expansion and inner strength. There is a Power in this. This Power is something I share with clients who’s very business seeks the overall advancement of others.

Thank you.


BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.

Here’s a long list of Greek words used in English.