What does “Bink” mean?


You may be a little surprised at the answer.


Bink is an anagram: Business Innovation Neurochemically Known.

Yup, that’s all it is.

  • A more technical answer might be: Growing up as a child when you would flick someone with your middle or index finger, you might say: “Bink”, as you did it.
  • A philosophical answer might read that Bink rhymes with “Think” — our lifestyle target market are “Thinkers”.

A simple numerical/practical answer: It’s only 4 letters and adding NYC makes it a seven letter domain which is easy to remember, shorter to write, and easier to say.

The color palette for the company ID is somewhere along these lines:
BinkNyc Culture

That’s all it is.

So, now you know what Bink means.

Do you know what we do?

BinkNyc Culture

An amazing project:
Sweet Janes grey logo

Have a great day. 😀

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