A 320% Increase on a Whim.


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Last year, I offered the usual $220. per hour Publicity services to a local Green business owner. She opened a wonderful little Ice Cream store on a quiet block in Astoria, Queens. She has a manufacturer/supplier called Jane’s Ice Cream who serves the same frozen treats you get at the The Plaza and Algonquin hotels in NYC.

She declined the offer immediately. She said she didn’t have the finances available. This was to be believed. I could see the stress in her eyes.

She’s like very many other business owners. Entrepreneurs are classic “technicians” and not “marketers” per se. The technician believes that marketing and advertising is something anyone can do and that all they need is a little ingenuity—the right gimmick. They consistently ask “How did you do that?” as though there is a little, magical Silver Bullet of knowledge I could just hand them.

silver bullet.png

This Silver Bullet doesn’t exist. Marketing and advertising is work and research. Then, the right creative will brong you there.

The silver bullet is a lot like the fountain of youth. This fountain doesn’t exist either but it didn’t stop explorers from traveling thousands of miles to find it. Immortality, is another idiom like the fountain of youth and the silver bullet. Dozens of Chinese emperors enrolled doctors and teams of medicinal healers, killing millions of people, over a 1,200 year period to find the perfect combination of herbs or rocks to make one immortal. They also didn’t find the drug for eternal youth.

This doesn’t stop the amateur marketer from asking “How do you do that?” as I begin to explain the numerous techniques involved. I tell them that will take years to fully explain and apply then, their eyes glaze over. We are all very curious about the power of branding and advertising anyway. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

No Marketing, No Plan

We repeatedly see businesses go OUT OF BUSINESS with relative ease. It is usually because the entrepreneur leaves the marketing and advertising budget last in their business plan. Even worse, it’s not in their business plan to begin with. Still even worse, they have no business plan at all.

The Fool (6)

She’s NOT a fool by any means and just didn’t have the funds available.
Publicity is tough business if you don’t know what you are doing.
Publicity is tough business even if you do know what you are doing. 🙂

According to some Harvard University professors, “Most business owners don’t anticipate the importance of Advertising, Marketing and Launching their small business to the public.” They’ve spent their entire initial investment or life savings in start-up expenses, business operations and renovating the space.

30% close in less than a year. Another 30% will close in two years. 80% will close in the first five years. This is the national average.

She’s a Green business owner for 2 punny reasons.

Pun 1. Lack of business experience.
Pun 2. She believes that our food should be healthy and nutritious and should also uses great plant based alternatives instead of using high-fructose corn syrup, other refined sugars and substitutes, refined flour and refined salt (Sodium Chloride).

I personally agree with her. I am also fully aware of the dangers this increase of sugar is on our health through: Heart Disease, Diabetes and Obesity. These diseases are all on the rise. Its current trajectory will reach epidemic proportions in this decade. Wait and see.


I agree with the Green life and lifestyle.
She and I are on the same mission and
share the same values, 100% in this respect.

Breuk Iversen, Green

I tasted her FudgeStickle and it was the best I’ve ever tried. I’ve also given it to dozens of others and they’ve agreed.

It is wonderful, filling, rich and feels like a melted dark chocolate bar which bypasses the solid gooey process and goes straight from frozen to melted deliciousness in your mouth. Yeah. It’s that good.


If you want one, call me [ (718) 578-6613 ].
We’ll meet in Astoria, Queens.
It’ll be my treat.  

We’ve just looked at the numbers of the four best months to sell ice cream (May, June, July, August). We are happy to say that in one year, we have increased her income 320%.

What did we do to her audience using the Neurochemical?

Here are some of the things BinkNyc did which led to such success: 

Trained her and her staff in the basics of “On Brand” and “Off Brand” messaging in all customer interactions. That last sentence sounds much colder than what it is. It is more at treating customers like fellow humans and not like numbers and names.
• Trained them again, months later, in advanced neuro-messaging techniques for greater Brand Depth. This was about tweaking the language a bit and having the customer leave with a smile or give them a little something special, just for them.
• Avoided the costs involved in advertising through the mass media and focused on face-to-face interaction instead (point one and two).
• Used absolutely no Press Releases to alert the media, keeping her existence “a secret find,” known only among the locals. Everyone loves sharing something that they feel that only a few know about or that you discovered.
• Focused heavily on developing a hard-wired Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) campaign using the locals as brand operatives/ambassadors for message delivery. This again sounds cold but WOM secrets spread like wildfire.
Redecorated the entire interior. Geared it toward people who are Visually Oriented: high-contrast, sharp lines, colors: blacks; whites; grays; and dark blues because 56% of the population find this highly attractive.
• Trained employees to maintain a PERFECTLY clean storefront. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. 
• Planted hidden messages in the interior and exterior decor enforcing the ideas we’ve added into her Brand Metaphor.
• Used her interior and exterior signs to focus on the emotional and subconscious benefits and NOT your typical “benefits of her product” speil.
• Targeted a very specific segment of the population through lifestyle marketing (values and attitudes). This is too complicated to explain here.
• Poked fun at the opposing market segments who are not in the “Lifestyle” market we wanted—creating fictitious enemy figures.
• Used a very particular Brand Attitude (see the latest full page Ad below).

Yep, The Neurochemical is pretty hardcore shit. And it works predictably. 😀
320%? You can’t beat that with a stick.

Well, maybe you could. It would have to be with her frozen fudge on a stick. 😀

Having an exceptional FudgeStickle product makes designing a brand around her business much much easier for us. Together, we deliver.

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