Neurochemical: How we hate these terms

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We hate saying we are AdMen, even when our ads generate a 300+% return for clients. We hate saying we are Branders because most people justifiably mistake branding for design; a logo or websites and something they already have and don’t need.

We hate saying that we are Designers because anyone with a computer and a graphic program today claims to be a Designer. We also hate saying we do Communications because who the hell can’t already communicate?

The lovely services above may seem useless to businesses who already believe they possess them. Besides, most businesses believe that they already have these tools in their tool chest so why go out and buy newer ones?

Well, no one is asking you to buy more tools. What you may want is a team who uses the same tools with much better results.

Here’s a thought to consider:
Just because someone has a gun doesn’t make them a mercenary. Just because someone has a hammer, doesn’t make them a carpenter.

We’ll ask that you consider the fact that you already have the tools and have been using them. “How well?” becomes the only question.

You probably don’t have Publicists but, you should.

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You are the Who.
You are the What.
You are the Where.
You are the When.
You are the Why.
We’re just The How.

How your business grows.



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