Meet Alex

Alex (14)

She’s basically just an attractive kid.
Her career is launching before my
eyes on Facebook.
It’s interesting to watch.

She loves her friends, family, and her newfound career. She’s a bit of a ham but, not in a showy way. To some extent, she’s a bit of a goofball which just adds to her child-like charm. Only recently has she understood the effect she has on people and she’s figured out a nice way to deal with it. This is good.

I like her because she’s enthusiastic and celebrates her successes and silly, stupid things she does on Facebook. She’s not, “Too Cool for School”.

Alex (02)

Vote here:

Alex (01)

Her odds are good.
Oddly, no one else has stepped up to help her.
She does need a little push. I offered.
She’s a friend on Facebook for over 2 years now we’ve met in person.
I remember her excitement when she got her VERY FIRST gig and chose her VERY FIRST agency.
She needs help getting Votes.  Vote here if you want:
The contest ends on June 7th. We are going to launch a Social Media Blitz in the last few days when it matters most.
If all goes right, she’ll be the next
Guess G I R L
This year 30,000 women entered.
They’re down to the top 25.
Today she’s in 6th place.
Below here photos are the advice I’ve given her as of the other day.  She’s followed it and it’s working well for her, so far.  Next week we will know for sure.
What she doesn’t know is that I know
how to get her face in front of
190,000,000 people on Facebook
without buying a single ad.  
It’s going to be a little surprise.
: ))
If you’ve ever done a consultation with me, you may remember this one.
Knowledge is NOT Power!  
The Application and Use of Knowledge is Power.
Lots of people see, read, and listen to things but, then they forget and hop onto the next thing.  They forget to apply what they’ve learned.  It’s a tragic mistake.
Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.46.48 AM
Vote here if you want:
Then she went on to do editorials in Playboy.
Alex (08)
Can you vote?   : P
( kidding )
 [ WARNING:  This is a long conversation. ]
Here’s the advice I gave her starting last week:
  • Conversation started Friday
  • Breuk Iversen

    Hey! When is yo deadline? I’ll do a media push for you.


  • Alex Abercrombie

    June 7. You’re a sweetheart

  • Breuk Iversen

    No u r?
    It’s my pleasure. It’ll be fun. I’m telling everyone you are my little sista.

  • Breuk Iversen

    ok. Keep me in the loop. I have over 2,000 friends who are models. I need a couple of days.

    Consider doing a small video (on YouTube as an appeal). You have a beautiful, warm personality that will shine through.

    That will do it. Feel free to share it on my wall as well.


  • Alex Abercrombie

    It hats a great idea!


  • Breuk Iversen

    (I knew) lol.
    This is what I do for a living.


  • Breuk Iversen

    Simple, short, and sweet 30 secs., max.
    A close up of you speaking and then as you are still speaking, maybe a slide show your favorite photos (maybe 10) w/ a voice over. Then, back 2 you saying: thank you so much, big smile, family-style.

  • Alex Abercrombie

    Ok I need to get somebody to film me

  • Breuk Iversen

    Yes. The do it yourself (DIY) is very powerful. Are u in NYC? I’ll see if my video guy is available:

    His work is here:

    5 peeps down the page.


  • Alex Abercrombie

    No I’m in LA

  • Breuk Iversen

    An iPhone Is fine.

    I still remember the clip you and your mother did for your “test video”.


    Is that on YouTube?

    It shows great components and everything people want people to be.

    Phone is dying. The girls are here.
    Tomorrow, to be continued….

  • Saturday
  • Breuk Iversen

    Ok. Congrats!!!! You are now número uno!
    The thing is to keep you there.

    The three images you have up are perfect. I wouldn’t change unless someone else gets ahead (‘don’t fix, if it’s not broken, idea’).

    Last night I started with my Russian and Eastern Euro friends.
    I will move ahead and let me know how the video is going.

    I’m going to my cousin’s wedding today, So feel free to keep me in the loop.

    My cell is (718) 578-6613. is the e-mail.
    ^ Just so you have it.


  • Sunday
  • Alex Abercrombie

    i’m shooting all day today so no video today.
    i think the thing automatically rotates…I’ve noticed that it kinda moves in cycles so doubtful that I’ll remain in top 5

    I’m not allowed to change pictures. haha
    so nothing to do but wait.  and ask for votes

    votes are only 25% of their decision.

  • Breuk Iversen

    Interesting. Hmmm (thinking)

    I’ve seen it on other computers as well (yesterday) and you are showing up in the top 5.

    What’s the other 75% that is the deciding factor?

  • Alex Abercrombie

    Skype interview next week. Judging panel. I sent a link to my agency pics too

    Yes in all computers but it changes like every 12 to 24hrs

    Only 1 girl hasn’t left top 5

  • Breuk Iversen

    I’ll look again now.

    I can totally see you getting this. What day next week is the interview?

  • Alex Abercrombie

    Don’t know yet. I just responded to their email.

  • Breuk Iversen

    How do you “feel” about the interview in your gut or heart?

  • Alex Abercrombie

    I’ve met so many people. It’s just a matter of if I’m what they’re looking for

    They like to see if the models look like their pictures

    Lots of times the models are not looking very good in real life

  • Breuk Iversen

    I understand. That’s what you “think” about it (mind).

    When you see yourself winning, how does it make you “feel” in your heart and gut?


  • Alex Abercrombie

    I can see it but we’ll see

  • Breuk Iversen

    Excited? Fearful? Just good? Amazing? Worried?


    I’ve watched your successes and have been extremely impressed with your advancements to date. There’s something a little extra about you that makes the whole thing amazing.

  • Alex Abercrombie

    I hope they see it. If not this time then something else will come.

    And thank you very much!

  • Breuk Iversen

    That’s exactly the right attitude to have!

    And it’s my pleasure.

    I’ll get my team ready next week. We have some time until the 7th….

    To be continued….


    Get a really good personal trainer to help you get one of those bubble butts.

    The guess girls are all about filling those jeans. Not that there’s anything wrong with your butt now. But, the butt and legs are what sells.

  • Breuk Iversen

    Their jeans (anyway).

  • Alex Abercrombie

    I have a booty

  • Monday
  • Breuk Iversen

    Hello. I would like to have an album to share for later this week and the next. I would like your permission to do so.

    I can use this to launch a Social Media campaign. I want to use 10-20 photos to get people to understand the FULL scope of you, your work, and your great and warm personality.


  • Alex Abercrombie

    Yes help yourself.

    I read the rules again. Votes decide the top 5. Judges pick the winner. So votes do matter!!!!

  • Breuk Iversen

    Excellent. I’ll get my staff prepared. I may just ask you for a “testimonial” when the time comes.

  • Wednesday
  • Breuk Iversen

    Howdy Alex,

    We are ready to hit this pretty hard come June 1st. Doing this sooner will exhaust us and since this is a “Pro Bono” campaign, I can’t afford to put my staff or other client projects at risk. I’m sure you understand.

    I’m sure this is both a difficult and exciting experience for you and I’m happy to help.

    I’m going to outline some points for you to consider and having almost 19 years in the business, I would like to know that you get what we (BinkNyc) are doing and some if the time-tested this which we know with 80-90% accuracy.

    Would you like to know what these are?


  • Breuk Iversen

    Ok. This is going to be a long one.

    1) Your last post is exactly the right way to go!

    2) just keep thanking people for everything they are going.

    3) keep on telling them that you think they are amazing.

    4) People will do things when they are ready to do them and not when we want them to. Please keep this in mind! Always!

    Keep the heart icon and use it frequently!

    Smileys too.

    People are engaged because they personally get a sense of accomplishments by helping others. This is the driving force behind any great campaign.

    Tell them things like: “I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends and people in my life.”

    “This means so much to me”.

    “You guys freaking kick ass!”

    You get the idea… Have those ready when the time is right.

    This motivates people. Numerous scientific studies have shown that if you have people $5-10 for each vote they still wouldn’t do it.

    The human being is much more complex.

    Does this make total and complete sense to you?

  • Alex Abercrombie

    yes. happy to say it’s things I already do and always have done.

  • Breuk Iversen


    Now. When you responded on my post, people can hear the frustration in your words.

    Two of my friends PMed about it.


    The other night, I PMed have about 40 friends and family and went to the wedding and opened up my laptop so people could vote.

    I know at least 35-40 people did it. You were at number one later that day.

  • Breuk Iversen

    I have 3 of my staff, who do this professionally, ready to go for the June, 1st.

    You will win and the only thing I fear and worry about and that absolutely drives me crazy is when the client (you in this case) doesn’t trust the process and throws havoc into the picture with unsavory comments.

  • Alex Abercrombie

    that’s my personality. not frustration. sense of humor. haha

  • Breuk Iversen

    Ok. It’s hard to tell.

    My friends didn’t get that!

  • Alex Abercrombie

    it has more factors then you or i have control of.
    I have a 30 minute interview of june 4th with the marketing team. I could do perfect but they know what they want.

  • Breuk Iversen

    Can you change your profile pic?

    That photo looks wicked which is good for the evening but, evil during the day.

    The Mickey Mouse ones are pretty great.

  • Alex Abercrombie

    I have friends that have like 30k followers that posted my stuff. I’m hoping that helps too. I think so because they are responding.

    yes, i’ll change it.

  • Breuk Iversen


    Your personality is why I’m here to help.


    Because I’ve been watching your progress and your most amazing quality is not your looks and but your ability to to keep it cool with the projects you’ve gotten.

    I placed your link with a letter the other night on a private and public page for society that has 188k followers.

    It’s called Society’s Choice.


  • Alex Abercrombie

    this picture?

  • Breuk Iversen


    Yes! It shows you can have fun and are a like-able personality.

    DrShireen is a good friend of mine and She’s had me on her team for a while.

    Ok. Have a great day and we’ll speak soon enough.


  • Alex Abercrombie

    ok thank you.

  • Breuk Iversen


    One more thing:

    When people see and ad, a post, a photo, a video, or anything. The first thing that crosses all of our minds is this:

    “What’s in it for me”?

    You and I both do the same thing and so does everyone else.

    What’s in it for them is the story that they helped the next Guess Girl get there by voting for her!!!!!

    They can tell this story for years to come.

    You don’t need to tell them that, they already know.

    ( Did you find someone who can do a video for you?)

  • Breuk Iversen

    And… You are quite welcome.

  • Alex Abercrombie

    I have somebody. but I’m so crazy busy right now. at a casting now. then have 2 more…then I have to get a spray tan for a job tomorrow. I will look weird in person. shooting the next 3 days for 12 hour days. so perhaps on Sunday.

  • Breuk Iversen

    Spray Tannn!!!!!


    The video is “Do you see the shit we models HAVE TO DO????!


    Yeah!!! That works!!!

  • Alex Abercrombie

    it makes you look bad for first 12 hours.

  • Breuk Iversen

    Yes!!!!! that’s the FUn part….

    Get me some fun footage if you can.

    This can be a blast!

  • Alex Abercrombie

    i’m not good at videoing myself.

  • Breuk Iversen

    Bring a GF or BF.

    This kind of thing enrolls people!!!

    And if you video yourself, that’s even better.

    The behind the scenes stuff people absolutely love!!!

  • Alex Abercrombie

    being a model is a lot of alone time. people aren’t with you running around. they are running around too. very last minute world. but I’ll try!

  • Breuk Iversen

    It shows you have a  like regular people. And we love that!

    The people at Guess will dig it too.

  • Breuk Iversen

    Spray Tan! Lol… That’s awesome.

    That will totally work.

    Short, funny clips, and a whole bunch of them would be great.

    That one with your mother is so memorable, I still have it stick in my mind.

    It makes you stand out. That and the creep photo of your sisters… Lol!!!!

  • Breuk Iversen

    Gotta go. Adios, señorita!

  • Breuk Iversen


    1) Can you activate the share link so people can share your photo?

    2) Also place the Guess URL as a comment to get the ball rolling with the votes.

    Or place it in the description.

  • Alex Abercrombie

    on the cover photo or profile?

  • Breuk Iversen


    After that, I’ll share it around. Cheers.


  • Alex Abercrombie


    I want to be the next GUESS GIRL!!! I’m a finalist. Need your votes…please! ♥
    Thank you! xoxo

  • Alex Abercrombie

    you can share any of those.

  • Breuk Iversen

    The Profile one too.

    You got it!!!


Thank you for reading! : ))