10 Reasons for a Publicist


There are 100 reasons you should have a Publicist. Perhaps No one told you to get one so you hadn’t considered it.

Any celebrity or business that becomes a household name has used a publicist.

Below are 10 reasons to get one. See if you agree



A publicist would work wonders on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. It’s easy and free to use but, infinitely more complicated to monetize. When social media is left in the hands of the amateur or a person writing about themselves, it is viewed as someone on a soapbox, grandstanding and it’s a very ineffective means of self-promotion. No body cares.

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There is only so much that one can do in a day. Time is a very valuable and treasured asset. Time is limited to minutes, hours, and days. A publicist saves both time and money. When you have someone else do publicity for you, it creates greater value. a. You are not only seen as more vauable but your time is freed up to do what you do. b. the publicist is capturing and converting leads on your behalf. Besides… publicists do publicity way better than you and again, time is spent more wisely. This saves you money in the long-run.


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Doing your own publicity is supplicative. < This is a $5 word for praying and begging. Praying and begging is weak. > No one loves weakness. No one loves begging. We as humans tend to avoid both.

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As mentioned earlier, all celebrities and smart business people have a publicist. Brad and Angelina have never ever called Vanity Fair to ask them to do an article. Their publicist arranged this for them. This is HOW they had the time and bandwidth to be celebrities in the first place. They hired agents who acted a publicist and this shows that they are smart business people. When you get to an optimal point in your career, it makes greater sense to hire a publicist whose job it is to get the job done. It’s not so easy to find the right publicist for you. If it was easy everyone would do it.




Contrary to popular belief, a publicist does more than send Press Releases out to the media to get you on talks shows and vet client. Your publicist should also be sending out highly effective E-mails for you. They also keep your social media audience engaged with friends and family notified with your latest update.



A publicist is also your spokesperson. They should be the connector. They are that person who gets your message to the masses in a way that positively affects your bottom line. If not, you should find another.


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A publicist opens up vaults of opportunity to get you noticed. They not only prospect with news media pros, but with peers and acquaintances. Some of these opportunities are created and manufactured specifically to get you noticed. They’ll offer a few radical approaches to news stories which are deemed newsworthy. A publicist will also have access to off the radar media folk who are and will be inaccessible to you. Publicist have access to people, places and things where you won’t. Again, if they don’t have this kind of sacred list, you’ll do yourself a favor and pay a little more to someone who does have special access.


Publicists craft your story to the public in a way that is compelling, relevant and unique. There are 5 main bullet points to all persuasive stories which must be included. Theses 5 points will assure important details are in your story and include a designed sequential order in which all stories and legends are made readable. This 5-point sequence is: Passion, Hero, Antagonist, Awareness and Transformation.


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A great publicist offers professional advice on everything that relates to your company and not only how you communicate but, how you are received and accepted publicly. All effective communication is more complete with a publicist. Once the receiver understands exactly the same story they were told by a Publicist, your story is then complete.


The publicist should let you know what events to attend, what people you should target and what content is featured in your public communication strategy. So people get lucky with this tip while millions and thousands of talented people don’t.

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Having a publicist on your side is a great asset. But spending on marketing and sales communications before a publicist helps fashion the story can be a huge waste of money. Take your time and do this right.

Use this little Check List:

  • Brand—ID (target audience, emotional/subconscious benefits)
  • Design (website, logo, dress code, UX)
  • Communications (strategy, persona, rapport)
  • Advertising (The thing most care about: What can you do for them?).

Publicity is how successful people, places and things are built from the ground up. So when is your time to get with the program? Legends are build and rarely handed down from the heavens above.


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“Man will become better
when you show him
what he is like.”

— Anton Chekhov



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