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What is a Pre-Qualifier? ______________________________

Back in the day if someone told me how to do 11211, I may have told them where to go. I wanted to do it myself, fight the fight, win the win, and learn all the school of hard knocks lessons all by myself.

I did want to learn. I did learn.

If launching a design firm in my second semester in college is a “self-professed” Masters’ Degree, then the results of what Williamsburg looks like today earned me a “self-indoctrinated” doctorate.

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11211 [Williamsburg | Brooklyn] logo by Breuk Iversen

The above examples are two things you couldn’t learn in any school but we find the answers only through real-life experiences and examination.

You could say I was highly motivated to do such things to gain “self-mastery” or motivated by personal accomplishment. Both are the case.

Perhaps I had a personal self-esteem issue owning up to the fact that “I did more promote Williamsburg | Brooklyn than anyone else alive.” If I said something like that, would it be humble? This statement was something that I first had to research then understand, then pronounce, and then, own.

My old business partner asked: “What have we done that makes us so great?” It was a good question. After a solid month of research and fact finding; combing through websites, reading city transit figures, identifying exactly when the L Train subway became overwhelmed with passengers, real estate property values increases, Brooklyn tourism visitor statistics, reading BIDs from the locals, and finally compiling 100s of applicable facts, the claim is 100% true.

Months later, I asked a researcher from Martha Stewart to fact find and see if these claims were true. He produced several pages with over two hundred links and confirmed the claim. He said: “Brooklyn wasn’t even keeping track of tourism and tourism statistics in 2000. They just started to record the numbers in 2001, after you did 11211.”


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Corresponding with the launch of 11211 Magazine; people, places and things in the neighborhood rapidly changed. The culture was exploited through the use of a conscious design methodology, namely Research and a think tank system called: Tetrad Management developed by Marshall McLuhan.

The Manhattan distribution of the 11211 glossy, heavy weight paper magazine brought 100s of curious first-time visitors. 11211 was rich in its artistic and diverse cultural content, its unusual “freedom of the press” messaging and multi-lingual articles. It was very strange indeed. These strange components and approach had everything to do with brought Williamsburg into the minds of a regional, national and finally, an international crowd.

Before 11211 Magazine, Williamsburg was a cesspool of potential. A post-industrial wasteland from WWII. The potentials there were its geography: centrally located and close proximity to the city.

North 6th street were where mammalian entrails slid in the gutter and a horrific, death stench of rotten flesh pervaded North 6th St. in the summertime. Today, they have the Thai restaurant: Sea. I remember when it was a slaughter house to be avoided. You had to pass it to get to the local supermarket: Tops.

There are plenty of other places around NYC that had and still have great potential. People talked about Long Island City or Astoria in Queens. The New York Times talks about Queens and the South Bronx. They’ll tell you to invest in Real Estate property there.



By the time the Times starts talking about it, it is already too late. Millions of people know about it. It is not hip or cool anymore. Then, it’s all about the real estate and what has been done there.



A Pre-Qualifier is when someone pre-qualifies you. When someone else says it about you it carries more weight. Hence, you or the claim is thereby more legitimate.

This is Why, What, Who, and How a person, place or thing becomes legit. This is why all companies can benefit by having a publicist. The publicist Pre-Qualifies you or your business. When you try to make these claims yourself, you come across as begging for acceptance and legitimacy.