To help my Fine Arts friends in art school in the late 90s, I came up with 4 reasons people buy art.
Here they are:
BinkNyc Culture
1) an investment
(the great ones increase
in value and are 
rented or sold
to collectors or museums for profit)
BinkNyc Culture
2) because the buyer believes,
likes or agrees with the ideals
of the artist or is their friend,
10873) to display their wealth
and show what they’ve
spent their money on,
BinkNyc Culture, Neurochemical

couch art

4) because it aesthetically goes
well with their interior decor and matches
the furniture in their home or office.
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Miraculously, Another reason

I found out today
was, purely and simply,
to support a living artist.

BinkNyc Culture, Paper Planes


Odd as this may sound, I too believe in these values as another great reason.



This is Cono Natale…
Cono Natale gave me a 5th reason.

BinkNyc Culture

Thank you, Cono….


So, which category would this art go under?

Neurochemical, BinkNyc, Neuroletter

Is this even art at all? 



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