Neurochemical: The Trumpeter

or Neurochemical: The Trump Card (part 2)

This man:

The Don (08)

I could see early on that Trump’s dialogue would gain ardent supporters who are motivated by their own hidden and dark psychological forces. This happens primarily because they are guided by their primal nature as creatures of emotion. This, and their deeper subconscious and unconsciousness.

In this article I will talk about those people who are guided by their emotions. They happen to be the majority of the US citizenry.

These are based on ideals and lifestyles that go far beyond what is actually right or wrong. This article is also NOT ABOUT correct values or morals which are subject to bend with each individual depending either psychologically or sociologically. This article is about Publicity: design, branding, communication and advertising and its effectiveness in Mister Trump as a Brand.



The next First Lady?


First some

Important Disclaimers (1-8)
1. Donald Trump is absolutely excellent at holding his hand on the beat of the emotions in the minds of the people in this country. If you’ve been following the these quirky Neurochemical excerpts, you would already know that emotions make up 90% of our rational decision making process. We want what we want and right or wrong has little to do with any of it.
2. Will I hail his efforts, mouth and knowledge (or lack thereof) in the forum in which he plays? Oh, hell yeah! I’ve met with many of you who chuckled at this notion last year and looked at me as a lunatic. Perhaps, I am. I will say: “As sure as the sun comes up, here we are.” He’s leading in the polls.
3. I know you’ve seen more media hours of him than you ever expected to. He’s mastered playing with this over a 43 year period. Even the mere mention of his name in the media brings a smile to people’s faces. They can’t seem to help themselves. This includes the media pundits.
4. Never underestimate the power of humor or fear in a brand message. It’s powerful stuff. Also never underestimate the ignorance of massive crowds who gather under simple perceptions, basic packages, and emotional messages/massaging (sociology). Donald has been massaging the same messages until they stick. This is what a good brand is and does.
5. I love a good comedy and I believe that America is the big tent in the world circus of absurdity. When he gets elected, and he might, this would be a true indication that this nation has finally declined all logic and rationale reasoning for emotional elections. The pundits would have you believe that Americans are angry at politicians in general but, they’ll never tell you that Donald Trump (and what he means to US) goes much further and deeper than this. Most wouldn’t even know how this is happeneing and call it: a phenomenon.

The Don (02)

6. It is really quite a show. I understand that some people absolutely love their candidates and want to see them elected and would love nothing more than getting into a heated debate over the real issues. This article is about Donald Trump and those that support him on his path to victory. This article is also about you and who you support. We will bounce some theories around and see where we can shed some light in the dark areas and finally put this to rest.

7. I choose to watch Donald Trump because his campaign, while seeming haphazard and emotional is really quite fascinating to watch. He’s mastered propaganda and I believe this is by design. It is as frightening as much as it is entertaining (for me). There is also an aesthetic here to pay attention to. These things I will mention are specifically from a design, brand, communications and advertising perspective.

8. If you doubted his ability to keep this persona going in August last year, you are bound to be even more startled after reading this.

Would I vote for him? The answer is NO. I find his antics entertaining to say the least. His effect on the public is everything a brander could ever have hoped for.

He is:

• a strong, distinct and unique identity.
• emotionally passionate
• promising a distinct brand
• somewhat believable and follows a system verbatim.
• using the word “we” instead of “I”
• street smart
• revealing truths about politics we knew but would turn a blind eye to.

These aspects are powerful and effective.

The Don (04)





What Has Happened and How is this Candidate Even Possible?

3 and 2 

If you live in the United States, you’ve heard about Donald Trump. You are probably scratching your head following the election news wondering how he got to where he is today. Even Trump’s competition constantly mentions him. He’s branded himself as an elephant in the room that no competitor can ignore, as much as they would to be done with him.

^ I call this “3 and 2” and have borrowed this situation from baseball. 3 balls and 2 strikes means you have to swing if the pitcher throws the ball over the plate. Donald Trump forces opponents to take a swing.


The Don (05)

Human Brain Develop

Let’s take a step back. What does he know that most people don’t know?

Humans are very curious creatures. We have advanced far beyond the scope of the animal kingdom not because we have opposable thumbs, stand upright, use tools but because of our brains. The brains human apes have has a far greater affinity with utilizing our visual and social perspective of the world.

In the research I’ve done, I believe the one true difference that humans have over in the animal kingdom is our ability to cook food. There is an enormous discrepancy between humans and our animals counterpart. To a greater extent, the human ape has mastered many aspects of our environment. We cook food*.

*At some point I’ll add in an article to support the evidence for this “Cook Food” theory. This, however, is beyond the scope of this particular article.

If you’ve read my blog entry dated August 1, 2016, I’ve predicted early on that Donald Trump may win the 2016 presidential election. I STILL think so. This “WIN” is contingent on a number of factors. This is not really a laughing matter but it kind of is.

I will get back to the visual and social perspective of the world. a little later. This needed to be now said before continuing.




The Individual:
Reflections of Narcissism and Egotism

Many people are egoistical and narcissistic at their core. It is an identity of protection for the self. This is a social occurrence. These psychological traits begin in childhood and carry through our lives diminishing externally as we age. We learn to be cooperative. Also peer pressure and sociological circumstance hits our childhood ego with doses of reality over time.

These egoistical and narcissistic traits are weened for the greater good of the community. Society punishes aberrant behaviors, rewarding acts of service to others merging a new psycho-socio structure. A narcissist harbors beliefs that they are better than others (like children do up until a certain age) and that others are inferior to them. They attempt to convince people verbally that others should not only accept but value their greatness.  and many of the older, wiser and cooperative narcissist do just that. The rest seek to please opting for cooperation.


Donald Trump, on the surface, is much like a typical Narcissist (see the nine narcissistic traits (+6 more) used today in psychological profiling). The question is: Is this for show or is he really this way? So many Narcissists and Egoistic people find Trump appealing because he is a reflection and embodiment of their own self. It’s an idealized self— a true fantasy for the common man. He’s someone you can relate to, talk to, have a beer with and talk about things on a rational logical basis. He’s all about business, a business man, with a wife, family and children with casinos, TV shows, pageant contests with scores of beautiful women, a bestselling book. He dresses well and he’s rich. He can lie right to your face and people will just smile at his absurdities. However, he is extremely consistent in his never seeming to waver from his self-aggrandized greatness and belligerent points of view. No matter what you say, he can work with that.

It’s well known in the psychological community that humans have a hidden preference for people who resemble us or our ideal self. Donnie has this in spades. It’s like getting a living dose of validation for our existence through him.

This is also one of the main reasons people become racists (better than others): You become bonded in and through a community sociologically. This happens through beliefs and learning to suppress your child-like narcissistic tendencies opting to become more cooperative—a good citizen.

Racism, however, is taught and learned.


The Don (06)

The Individual:
Psycho-Social Media in 2016

According to numerous surveys the newer generations are becoming much more narcissistic than the generations before. I tend to believe in the results of these surveys because I can understand how social media: specifically Twitter and Instagram has deeply affected people and their need for attention and validation.

This is an age where a person feels worthy by getting others to follow him or her and worship them and it’s hard not to find so many narcissists in our cultural ecology particularly in social media.

Narcissists and Egoistic people love Trump because he is a living embodiment that people like them can be famous and popular too through hard work. For them, a victory of Donald Trump represents an unconscious victory for their own personalities and personas.

[ Not me or you, but those people! lol. ]



The Don (03)

The Individual:
Power and The Desire for $uperiority

Human beings will go to great lengths to have their decision-making based in and around a basic human desire of striving for superiority. Fairytales, legends and any great story has a hero. The hero should win. According to Individual psychology (founded by Alfred Adler) all humans want to feel superior in one way or another. The ones however who fail to feel superior in a useful and relevant way, try to put others down in order to lift and fulfill their own self worth. This then gets superimposed into group dynamics (sociology).

Americans generally feel that their country is superior. Donnie has identified this problem and his campaign promises to fix it. American already feel that this is true to an extent for The Don is only here to help. This is a self-aggrandized dream and idealized fantasy.



The Social:
The test you can’t pass


“Society does not consist of individuals
but expresses the sum of interrelations,
the relations within
which these individuals stand.”
— Karl Marx


For arguments sake, let’s say you identify with being an American.
What does that actually mean?
It means you subscribe to the values of a greater whole and collective.

It also means if Russia or China were to declare war, you are on the US side. This is logical and rationale, right?

It also means that if you are Jewish or Christian and they declare Muslims as the axis of evil, you once again sit on the same side as whichever religion or belief in which you belong.

This is Racism… potentially.

Here is the definition:

racist defined.png

Racists are primary among Donald Trump’s voters and in his very first speech he decided to rail on a group of people, Mexicans. Any advertiser and brander knows you should choose an enemy if you want to gain favor with “OUR AUDIENCE”. There are 11,000,000 illegal immigrants in this country and he’s bonding with the domestic citizenry by choosing illegal foreigners as the enemy. This is what a country is.

From a Brand perspective, he is on the money.




The Social:

Racism is branding or at the least a…  part…  of…  it… You choose an enemy and this bonds you to a social group.

A racist might put someone down just because, on the unconscious level, they may feel lesser or worth less. When that same person puts someone else down they feel better about themselves. In other words, if a person failed to feel worthy then he will look for a superior group to join then claim that everyone else is worth less.

Donald Trump has made many remarks that were considered Racist by most people and they deeply love him for it. He says things that people only feel and things they have always wanted to say but couldn’t. This validation gives many Racists all the more reasons to support him. A person would defend their opinion not because they are always right (or wrong), but because their psychological stability fully depends on it. 



A Racist will try to find evidence to prove to them self that the people they frown upon are really worse than them. For that Racist being Racist is the thing that makes them feel worthy, uplifted and that’s why they will defend it with their lives. It is all the power they get even if they have to take irrational measures to get it.

[ These are Neurochemical and I’ve identified 86 of them (human default patterns). No one else has them except for me. 😀 ]

The Racist will vote for any person who supports these beliefs because these beliefs in turn support their psychological stability. I don’t care if you are an Independent, Democrat or Republican. These terms and groups are merely a collective of arbitrary beliefs. They were here before you were born and they will be here after you die. If the terms Independent, Democrat or Republican were placed side by side on a list, some of these beliefs you may believe, some you don’t agree with. These beliefs, values attitudes and lifestyle are arbitrary.

The Racist (or Donald Trump voter) might not be fully aware of all the components because most of the mechanisms happen on the unconscious* level.

People with deep knowledge
about human interaction,
psychology and sociology
are fluent in spotting oblique Racism.

In short, many racists will vote for Donald Trump because it makes them feel better. Many people will vote for him because it makes them not only feel better but useful.

A majority of the group of people who live among us are Racists. They have very predictable behavior (aka human default pattern = Neurochemically-driven). Of course many of Trump’s supporters aren’t Racist but I’ll argue that most of them are. It doesn’t matter what the your color of skin is, your nationality or what color tie you wear. Most people are branded segments in the Racism scale and we’re a species that cooks food.




God forbid a war is active in this country between Russia or China, at the very core of who you are, as an individual in a sociological, cooperative lifestyle threatened by a enemy, we’ll see how fast many, if not most Americans easily become racist toward the opposition. It’s Neurochemical (human default pattern). It’s a default pattern one which you can’t escape, that is, if you want to be a cooperative member of your respective culture and communities.

Say: I do.
Say: I don’t.
Either way you are on one side or the other.


GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Milwaukee

The Neurochemical: Fairytales



I’ve resorted to reading over 350 fairytales in the last year and even read over 200 versions of Cinderella for a client. Who knew there were that many? Some had her wearing glass slippers, grass slippers, ballet shoes, squirrel fur (metaphor for the vagina), while other versions ignored the shoes altogether and had her leaving bracelets, rings and anklets behind.

Some of her other names are Cenerentola, Aschenputtel, and Cendrillon. 



Many of these century old stories are far darker than the Walt Disney versions. Evil is a much better word for them.

Yes, as useless as this fairytale reading may seem for an advertiser, brander and designer to do, it has a lot to offer in understanding what is deeply embedded in the unconscious minds (subconscious)* of clients, friends and family members. The real benefit for you is that Fairytales may tell us a great deal about what has influenced on a deeper level at a very young age and how we have carried this tale for a lesser or larger portion of our lives.

* The Neurochemical differentiates these terms:
Subconscious to describe what the mind records unfiltered, also the prefix ‘sub’ meaning, ’below’,
Conscious to describe what we are able to recall, remember and/or utilize,
Unconscious to explain feelings and emotions outside of cognizant or rationale reasoning, also the prefix ‘un’ meaning the ‘lacking’ or ‘absence of’.


I suspect that many or most people are still trying to reach their destiny and life purpose through their youthful fairytales. It’s an odd idea but the premise is: “we are all attempting to fulfill our lives through childhood stories, myths, legends and tales.


If I hadn’t gotten over 250 valid responses from clients, friends and family members and knew something about these people’s lives on a personal level, I’d probably never written an article like this for fear it may be perceived as insane quackery.


What do Fairytales do

  1. Fairytales naturally transcend ethnicity, culture and social diversity today much like our youthful free-thinking and free-wheeling childhoods. These stories were told to us when we were at a very young and impressionable age. Somehow over decades, these stories still stick and often with startling detail.
  2. Many of the older fairytales (myths or legends) have only a few images and pictures in their pages, so these stories begin to develop a fascinating and vivid visual process in a child’s brain [ Alice in Wonderland.PDF ]. The physical characteristics of each (ie., how they moved, spoke, thought) is vastly different from person to person.m based on their experience.
  3. Fairytales are the core of early visual creativity sparking the imagination which is infinitely more convincing than verbiage.“Subjects given a doodling task while listening to a dull phone message had a 29% improved recall compared to their non-doodling counterparts”.

    Applied Cognitive Psychology (2009):


  4. Fairytales, myths and legends bring to our awareness places and societies otherwise separated by income, race and religion (remote viewing). They are NOT biased nor limited by prejudice and cultural points of perspective in children.
  5. Fairytales are told to us to entertain and teach important life lessons; morally, ethically and culturally providing safety and social compliance through metaphors.
  6. When fairytales are read to children as bedtime stories they go directly into the subconscious where many believe they either lie dormant or just disappear as distant memory. Ask most parents and they may tell you that they’ve read their son or daughter one story (out of all others) 100 times more often. Has the child determined that “This is the story of how they want their life to play out?” 
  7. Fairytales enter our dreams. This is  where, according to the Neurochemical, we are both subconsciously and unconsciously cognizant of sublime and banal time and creatively manipulate time and space in our independent worlds.
  8. Appear to be memorized with a sharp clarity, unlike actual life experiences. They are probably recalled so easily because of their concise structure which has a sharply defined beginning, middle, end, with a morally sound life lessons placing behavioral and cultural restraints for optimal social cohesion.

Fairys gathering


What Is The Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious is far more powerful than your conscious mind. It is often considered the hardware of a database for everything we hear, see, smell, taste or touch. This is also a metaphor. Meaning, it holds everything we percieve experience holistically and unbiased although we later filter what we deem important and useful. Can we actually control our behavior, break bad habits, usurp unwanted feelings (emotions) to align everything we see and do with a new belief system by repetitively hammering away at these issues subconsciously? Perhaps.


Here are some of the rules that supervise the metaphor-altering subconscious mind:

Rules of the Subconscious Mind (Sm)

  • Sm does not differentiate between visuals and real-life circumstances.
  • Sm perceives that time moves faster.
  • Repeated circumstance deeply affects the Sm. 
  • Sm ‘feelings’ causes physical reactions (emotions).
  • The Sm always prevails in conflicts with the conscious mind. 
  • An idea or belief remains until it is replaced by a new one. 
  • Conscious efforts trump subconscious auto-responses and stimuli. 
  • Suggestions (hypnosis) are used to “program” or “reprogram” the Sm.



A very dear friend of mine mentioned this as her favorite fairytale growing up.

The Pied Piper

It is folklore teaching a lesson of what happens when you don’t do what you say you are going to do. It is also a story of revenge.




How does this benefit the business owner or entrepreneur in generating more business?

I’ll tell you.

Fairytales seamlessly delve into a darker and deeper, often hidden, motivations and actual life purpose than most people realize. There appears to be a subconscious longing to fulfill these tales in many, if not most adults.

I’ve asked over 100+ people (business owners, friend’s and family) what their favorite fairytale was growing up. I was then able to apply their tale directly to their current, previous and past situations (business or otherwise) looking to assit them with their future circumstance. Oddly, their favorite story or fairytale is usually consistent and reliable in understanding their deeper motivations and even their occupation in almost all circumstances (98%).

Being a natural skeptic, I initially suspected that it was just accident or causality, dismissing it as mere entertainment and delightfully oassing the time.

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Carl Jung’s believed that, just as events may be connected by causality, they may also be connected by meaning. Events connected by meaning need not have an explanation in terms of causality (also see the Axiom of Causality).

After the first 30 people were asked, I began to realize that their favorite childhood story also gave me access toward helping them resolve some of their current issues and life circumstance. This somehow revealed their true, hidden motivation behind what they were (actually) saying and if it conflicted with what they ultimately wanted from an end result.


Last in this foreword, as you may or may not know, the Neurochemical system aims to uncover hardwired “human default patterns” which are useful in what we can predictably expect as responses from audiences and markets. Fairytales helps but is NOT the end all. It does, however, lend itself perfectly toward developing a concrete method for extrapolation and examination. It also acts as a practical, real-time catalyst in ad, brand, communications and design applications because nearly everyone in American knows the basics and morals of these fairytale stories. So, welcome to the Neurochemical.


The Neurochemical: Fairytales

First I’ll reveal my own favorite childhood fairytale:


In short:

Jack’s mother asks Jack to sell a cow.

Jack is stopped by a man who convinces Jack to give the man the cow for five magic beans.

Jack’s mother is NOT happy with the trade, throws the beans out the window and sends Jack to bed without dinner.

Jack awakens the next morning to a sky bound beanstalk. He climbs it to the clouds and finds a huge house there where a giant who has been stealing cows and little children from villages lives.

First Jack steals the giant’s gold. Then he steals a goose that lays golden eggs and lastly, Jack steals the giant’s singing golden harp.

Said giant chases Jack down the beanstalk. Jack chops the huge stalk killing the giant, saving the village’s children and cattle from theft. Finally, he is gifted the King’s daughter’s hand in marriage. She was a hot little number.

[ ^ Oh, I made the last sentence up. The hotness was assumed, no? 😀 ]

On the Importance of Fairy Tales in > PSYCHO TODAY . . .



So, let’s see how this applies to your life, business, and relationships:

Why is it that when you give people sound and vetted advice they may or may not take it? 

There never seems to be any rhyme or reason to when, why and where people will take advice and when they won’t. You may as well just throw dice and see what they do. It’s a crap shoot. It’s nearly impossible to guess what the outcome may be and what they will actually do.

People are hell bent on doing things their way and it almost doesn’t matter if it is the wrong or the right way—as long as it’s their way.

Why? What gives?

When presented with a wise decision that may lead to faster health, happiness and prosperity, some of us may decline the proposition or choose our own path and own way instead. You, as someone who just wants to help goes through the bother of really thinking about what it is that will resolve the problem offers to help. Then they opt to use a less optimal decision! How come? WTF? Are they IDIOTS???

No, not necessarily. You know that they AREN’T idiots, per se. They’re simply writing or rewriting their favorite childhood fairytale.

Well, they won’t tell you is that they’re writing their own fairytale—”real-time”—and are going to write it into their life mission according to their own rules. We are drawn to trial and error and what we have (right or wrong) is a story to tell.

This theme has been the repeated case in 98% of the people I’ve asked in the last year.

Yep, it blew my mind too.

Test it yourself. Make sure you either know or have read their fairytale. The smaller details of the stories matter. Also know what version they read themselves or which ones were read by their parents.

Test it. You’ll see what I mean. It’s a little scary.

Is there a wise decision in all this? What’s the “takeaway?”

Yes, there is something you can do. The answer is that this is happening in their subconscious and tapping into this is pre-eminent in understanding the deeper meaning of someone’s life purpose and personal mission. Their plan or strategy is how they are subversively planning to execute this deeply embedded subconscious story—be it failure or success. Usually, success.

I have a proposition for you and why this repeatedly happens with entrepreneurs and professional and people in your personal life; family friends and acquaintances. I will also ingratiate you with how to respond when these occurrences occur and how to optimize your advice efforts moving forward.



The Problem:
I started an experiment about a year ago and began to ask everyone I knew ‘What was your favorite childhood fairytale?‘. Interestingly enough, in asking well over 100 people over the last 12 months, no two answers were exactly the same. The Wizard of Oz came up pretty often but, one was Dorothy, another was the Scarecrow and one was the Tin Man.


[ Oh look, the lion looks like a hipster with a man bun. 😛 ]

This surprised me. Intelligent people would probably guess that Cinderella would be a repeated theme among American women and surprisingly only two in over 63 women mentioned this as their ‘favorite fairytale’.


The Solution:
So now with this new knowledge, what can you do?

LISTEN to them!

Without telling them that you know their story, observe and loosely see where along the their lives they are adjacent in this fairytale (beginning, middle, end). They’ll tell you if you ask. Some people will need to be pushed and prodded into revealing what story they may or may not have forgotten, CONSCIOUSLY. Once you find out what that story is, read it. It will take a few minutes of research and looking online.

Then, see if the story has a “helper, guru or guide” who helps the hero (ine) when they stumble or where they are stuck. This helper is you. If the story doesn’t have a helper, guide or guru, then they may feel like they are cheating their story. They’ll need to fulfill their mission or life story on their own. Advice is futile. Not only that, it is counterproductive.

Jimmeny Cricket and the Blue Fairy helped Pinocchio at points in time. The wife of the giant helps Jack in the Beanstalk hide from her husband when he says: “Fie fi fo fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman“. You will find that nearly every story, and not just fairytales, written by our species goes through this process:

• a mission is lead by a passion

• a hero under takes a mission

• an antagonist attempts to stop the hero

• the hero runs into a problem, needs some help (this is where you come in).

• the hero, their guru then overtake the antagonist and complete the mission.

The story ends when the great challenge that was faced earlier has been overcome by some stroke of genius, wit or luck (gift from God, a touch of magic, a blessed sword, the fitting of a glass slipper, etc…).

You can probably find their story here where there is 200 of them:
by the
The Brothers Grimm:
Destroying childhoods and determining people’s life paths for Centuries…


[ Popularized stories such as “Cinderella” (“Aschenputtel“), “The Frog Prince” (“Der Froschkönig“), “The Goose-Girl” (“Die Gänsemagd”), “Hansel and Gretel” (“Hänsel und Gretel“), “Rapunzel“, “Rumpelstiltskin” (“Rumpelstilzchen“),”Sleeping Beauty” (“Dornröschen“), and “Snow White” (“Schneewittchen“). Their first collection of folk tales, Children’s and Household Tales (Kinder- und Hausmärchen), was published in 1812. ]


Well, let me know what you thought about this fairytale idea. I’d love to hear what your favorite was. Write, text or e-mail me. I’ll answer.


US Acupuncture Infographic

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Last point, the entire Neurochemical premise is built on things we as human being can not escape. We call them Human Default Patterns. They are things like aging in a typical fashion, laws of time, laws of space, psycho-social-psychology, biology and many other things found in nature. Again, we’re not here to just give it all away. 😜

Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc, Neurochemical

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Neurochemical: Scissors Paper Pen

BinkNyc, Breuk Iversen

Attended college at SVA (School of Visual Arts). Milton Glaser was one of my favorite teachers for two semesters, senior year. He encouraged us to sketch and sketch a lot.

Why would one want to sketch when we have these amazing computers. Computers have all the design software you can imagine and with more fonts than hay in a haystack. Computers, according to Milton, are NOT a tool like a pen or screwdriver but, an entire environment.

Ball-02-june“Sketching provides all kinds
of opportunities for
 development and experimentation.”
 Milton Glaser


He’s 100% right. Scissors Paper and Pens hold a look and voice in the mind’s eye and ear. This vision and voicing are what is happening in a CREATIVE mind. The wheels of creativity are churning and moving in the mind. This inner vision and dialogue is completely interrupted when we use “verbal keystrokes” and “linguistic commands” to have the computer do the things we want it to do. These interruptions replace the inner vision and voice destroying the thought process and potential mental creativity.

When a new advertising, branding, communications or design project comes along, I’d get out my notebook. I sketch. I sketch more. The result is usually dozens of sketches and a handful of viable ideas —most of which the client will never see or hear about. Then there are far fewer hours spent on the computer refining the greater of those ideas.

This ad was a drawing first. BinkNyc, Sweet Janes, Breuk Iversen

This ad is running this week. We predict that it’ll get 40% penetration for a circulation of 11,000 in LIC (Long Island City (Queens)).


It is a complete waste of time fleshing out ideas on the computer. Usefulness in sketching rather than using a computer for executing ideas are seen below in these fashion images.

dressed to kill dressed to kill (1) dressed to kill (2)


Why sketching is great:

BinkNyc Culture, Neurochemical

The first idea is rarely the best.

You have a project idea that looks, sounds and feels right. This is only the beginning. It takes a few seconds to sketch an idea. Now the idea is drawn on a two dimensional plane. This gives it life. You are its creator.

It also gets the ideas out from bouncing around in your head opening up your bandwidth for more possibilities. You won’t know whether your first idea is the best until you explore many others. If you find something you like more, you’ll feel a rush of appreciation. Appreciation for the fact that you didn’t waste 5 hours on the computer only to find out that you are working on a bad ad, logo, layout or other design.


BinkNYc Culture, Neurochemical, Breuk Iversen

Sketching is quick, down and dirty.

Learn to vent out even the bad ideas with pen and paper. No one has to see it. The time you’ve saved allows for better ideas at an accelerated pace. The freedom in sketching all of your rough ideas brings you to creative places you may never have imagined.


BinkNYc Culture, Neurochemical, Breuk Iversen.

You save a ton of time.

BinkNyc often involves our clients in all of the phases of a strategy. There’s no grand opening like the unfurling of a monument or pulling back the theater curtains with our work. We show clients many sketches to show our intent. The clients also knows that sketches are NOT finished pieces. This differs from looking at computer renderings which do look finished.

Should there be a course correction, now is the time to do it. We spend only a few seconds sketching a revision, rather than taking hours to move pieces around on the computer in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign.


BinkNYc Culture, Neurochemical, Breuk Iversen

It separates concepts from details.

It’s natural for people to focus on the wrong details when you first present a concept rendered on a computer. If you take your idea straight to a design program, clients tend to zero in on that particular blue color, or the first style of typography presented. This creates road blocks for communication when all you want is to know is, “Are we heading in the right direction?”




Sketching is for everyone.

Basic shapes (circles, squares, rectangles), lines, arrows, and stick figures are enough to get your ideas conveyed to others. Sketching with your team or client is helpful because you can talk about your ideas as you sketch, allowing you to control the focus and intent of the group effort.



An idea which resulted through sketching.
Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc, 11211, Astoria, Williamsburg, NYC, Neurochemical



A very successful business process developed through sketching. Bink Process



Here’s my challenge to you: The next time you’re needing to address a communication task, a logo or layout design, a brand concept, advertisement or even a map with directions to Starbucks, try your hand at sketching. By incorporating sketching into your daily tasks, you’ll find it makes an appearance in your professional and social life as well.



An AGENCY AD DEVELOPED THROUGH SKETCHING. Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc, 11211, Astoria, Williamsburg, NYC, Neurochemical




A Piece that was sold to MoMA.

MET, BinkNyc, Breuk Iversen, Bink NYC, Advertising, Branding, Communications, Design

“The Elephant and Pony Show” (in the Archives at MoMA).

Well, that’s it. Save time and money using sketches to get to better ideas, that are stronger in a shorter amount of time. Do it yourself or call us to save even more time and money. This is what we actually do for you.

Have a great day.

Breuk Iversen



Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc, 11211, Astoria, Williamsburg, NYC, Neurochemical

BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.






Neurochemical: The Trump Card

Preamble: Political labels don’t impress me. I didn’t create these political parties and they do not represent me or my thoughts. Neither does the United States. It’s not me. It’s where I live. That’s all. 
My thoughts on the matter of political beliefs:
“Some days I wake up a pacifist and ten minutes later after the very first cup of coffee, I’m a Democrat. After the second cup, I’m a Conservative. If I have three cups, I become a staunch Republican.  Later, after lunch and a power nap, I’m Liberal-minded.
As the afternoon wears on, I drift into the evening as an Independent. Before bed, a Pacifist again. 😀
I could easily be committed for not taking a party STAND and have been criticized by family and friends for not choosing one or another. Honestly, the truth is  I’d hate to wake up and be the same exact thing, everyday, all day.
I do love coffee.”
I don’t know about you but, when
I heard that Donald Trump was
running for POTUS, I was like:
There comes a time in American life when its citizens are faced with horrors beyond horrors and this day has now arrived. Mr. Donald Trump is spearheading the pinnacle of American absurdities and to be honest, I am happy and as excited as a child standing in line at the roller-coaster—smiling, giddy and excited.
You may or may not share this view of the American Cultural Ecology but if he gets elected, (and he might), this would be a surefire indicator that America (or the US) has hit rock bottom exposing an even deeper problem. “We The People” are out of control.
^ This is good. ^

I am ready for some good ol’ entertainment on steroids and crack. The Donald is a living embodiment of what I am calling the Neurochemical. The Don and his comments wreak surefire Neurochemical reactions and the proof of this is his comments, criticisms and seemingly idiotic world view is charging people with serious neuropeptide releases.

This is fun for me.

Sweet Janes, Breuk Iversen, Astoria, Queens
Moti Perpinal
“Love is Not the opposite of hate, indifference is.”
— Moti Perpinal

As a publicist, AdMan and Designer the very notion of The Don getting elected represents the demise of a culture whose ego needs a boost. The real question to ask is:

How can such a thing happen?


This Neurochemical excerpt examines the cultural ecology and factors which may lead to such a notion and to the credit and the absolute brilliance of a Brand Strategy behind The Don and the team he has chosen to execute this.

You love to hate him. We all do.
This MAN is the Death Metal version in American Politics!
So, get ready to Rock and Roll!

Here are 10 Damn Good Reasons
for The Don being POTUS.

Donald Trump Announces Scottish Golf course Plans
1. His world view is so far off it’s hysterical. We need a little more humor in politics today. Don’t you agree?

Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares
2. I haven’t had a TV in 20 years but, would have to get one now because I wouldn’t want to miss any of the things he says. : ))

3. Other countries would probably shiver in fear for pissing him off because he’s the type to bomb everything and say: “Fuck them. They deserved it. You know I’m right. Just admit it!” This isn’t really funny but it kind of is.

4. He is honestly after his own personal power and everyone knows it. The political bullshit we deal with everyday will be 100xs more interesting. It’s now worth a watch.

5. The First Lady would be really, really hot looking, not that that matters at all but it kind of does.

He doesn’t give up and does whatever the hell he wants to. He’s also completely full of shit but so is everyone else in the media.

The Don
Instead of you being pissed off every time you read or watch the latest policies and scandals in the news, remember that The Don has mastered this game for 43 years. Grab some popcorn, ice cream, chips, a beer. This is going to be very long and very, very entertaining.

Mister Donald Trump8. Nobody pulls the wool over The Don‘s beady eyes. Anyone who has the balls to wear that hair style year after year has got chutzpah!

9. The Don has lost so many times and is that prick you love to hate and the one guy that continuously ends up winning. That counts for something! He’s still standing. 

Conservatives Gather Near Washington DC for CPAC 2015 (February 27, 2015)10. The Don completely dominates the media. He’s rude, interrupts them, bullies them and he’ll never bitch, and moan or whine like a little baby. He’s a man. Real estate, casinos, beauty pageants, golf courses, mansions, cars and airplanes, he’s a man’s man.


* * * * * * * *
VOTE for The Don in the next election and we’ll have 4 years of true-to-form, real live, good ol’ American entertainment. The joke has come to town.


And, #5 again: the First Lady would be really hot looking!





What is Neurochemical is emotional and subconscious, and like it or not, Donald Trump gets a stamp of approval from the Neurochemical team. A truer fact of the matter is that he has strategists that are vetted, preened and primed as the creme del la creme of the modern day magicians and propagandists. I’ll not name any names. You can find them if you look for them. 😀
What about the ramifications and seriousness of Mr. Trump actually becoming President of the United States?
Well, my world view is that it won’t make a bit of difference who gets elected because I believe that there are far greater forces at play behind the puppets of “We The People’s” elected officials. I think this country ended in the late 1950s – early 1960s and am amazed that the greater segment of the population still believes deeply in their elected officials and in the “American Dream.
“They call it a dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.” — George Carlin
This, of course, is just my humble opinion.

I think the TV host John Stewart embraces this election with equal enthusiasm. The Don is perfect fodder for party conversation on Comedy Central.


It is truly frightening to some people. My great friend, Ann Fry, recently quipped: “We will become the laughing stock of the world if he gets elected.” This is absolutely true.
I do believe “we the people” already are the laughing stock of the world. This perspective isn’t anything all that new.
Okay. Before we go into some of the great techniques that will be needed for this campaign to fly, here is a 1980 essay that unhinges the beliefs of the US cultural ecology. Read it with caution. It’s going to hurt.

How The Don strategy works.

A. Firstly, noone is indifferent to The Don.
Everyone has an opinion about him. EVERY ONE has an opinion about him. This counts for something. It is emotional. This contradiction is extraordinarily powerful: Love to Hate, Hate to Love

B. Smart or stupid, he is a male and acts like a male.
Consistency in this alone is admirable in a cultural ecology where the emasculation of the American male is in full swing in the culture and throughout the main stream media. This emasculation is obliquly obvious in and among Millennial Generation males.


C. The American populace can and will forgive someone who apologizes for their misdoing.
Anything he does or says would soften the blow if he would apologize for the heinous things he has said. Expect the Don and his team to use apologies and forgiveness as a manipulation device closer to Election Day. I suspect he apologizes but only if he has to. So far his refusal to apologize makes him even more powerful. He sticks to his guns.
D. His manhandling of the media’s talking heads is a brilliant spectacle to watch. 
In a recent interview with the Don, George Stephanopoulos of ABC TV had called The Don out on him ripping off the Ronald Reagan 1980 campaign slogan. The Don bulldozed George in full denial arguing that his slogan is totally different.


 Trump Card1035x1008-18692_lg

Here’s what The Trumpeter said:

“The line of ‘Make America great again,’ the phrase, that was mine, I came up with it about a year ago, and I kept using it, and everybody’s using it, they are all loving it. I don’t know, I guess I should copyright it, maybe I have copyrighted it.”

— Donald John Trump
MyFox New York, March 2015


The only difference here is that Reagan’s slogan is a SUGGESTION and The Don’s slogan is a COMMAND!  lol… This type of bullying works on the American public from a propaganda standpoint. Even though you know he’s lying his confidence has value on a segment of the population.
E. He’s leading the Polls and only behind Hillary by 18% at the time of this entry.
My Prediction: Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential Election.  
It’s not because he has money. It’s NOT because he’s a nice guy. It’s not because he is qualified for this job. It’s because he has an amazing team of propagandists and his emotional rampages hit the core of the anger and frustrations of the American people. His rants hit the bull’s eye each and every time.
Not only that but, he dares say the things you and I would only think about and never say out loud. [ This entirely depends on the familiarity of the people around you.] He’s single-handedly changed the political landscape and defies “political correctness.” He also gets away with it. His numbers just go up and up. 😀


We are NOT dealing with a rational and conscious populace. The majority of Americans are hypnotized, unconscious and highly emotional. This makes them perfect candidates for the Neurochemical.


Here is another reason The Don will win.

He looks like a guy who can get things done.


Rock and Roll! All American!

You ask:
Wait! Aren’t there any risks?
Yes, my friends, there are. 
CAN HE SUSTAIN upping the game he’s playing for another year and 3 months?
No, probably not. He’d fare better if he left his outrageous comments to one or two a month for the next 15 months. He runs the risk of “overexposure” in the media.
He’ll win debates and sees the US as his personal living room and fireside chat house.

Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential Election.
I’m okay with this.
I said earlier that I believe that the country “We The People” still think exists today ended over 50 years ago. I have no political affiliation (and you could consider me an Anarchist but, not in the dictionary definition but in the actual definition: No Rules). Trump getting elected should wake enough people up to note that something is very wrong and that we are Not in Kansas anymore.


I’m not all too hopeful that people will react the way that “We The People” would need to set up a new overhaul and true reform. I will say: The Don is a start in a new direction.



Have a great day!


Williamsburg | Brooklyn InfoGraphic, 11211 ZIP Code, 11211 Magazine, Breuk Iversen,

What is a Pre-Qualifier? ______________________________

Back in the day if someone told me how to do 11211, I may have told them where to go. I wanted to do it myself, fight the fight, win the win, and learn all the school of hard knocks lessons all by myself.

I did want to learn. I did learn.

If launching a design firm in my second semester in college is a “self-professed” Masters’ Degree, then the results of what Williamsburg looks like today earned me a “self-indoctrinated” doctorate.

11211 Williamsburg Brooklyn, breuk iversen

11211 [Williamsburg | Brooklyn] logo by Breuk Iversen

The above examples are two things you couldn’t learn in any school but we find the answers only through real-life experiences and examination.

You could say I was highly motivated to do such things to gain “self-mastery” or motivated by personal accomplishment. Both are the case.

Perhaps I had a personal self-esteem issue owning up to the fact that “I did more promote Williamsburg | Brooklyn than anyone else alive.” If I said something like that, would it be humble? This statement was something that I first had to research then understand, then pronounce, and then, own.

My old business partner asked: “What have we done that makes us so great?” It was a good question. After a solid month of research and fact finding; combing through websites, reading city transit figures, identifying exactly when the L Train subway became overwhelmed with passengers, real estate property values increases, Brooklyn tourism visitor statistics, reading BIDs from the locals, and finally compiling 100s of applicable facts, the claim is 100% true.

Months later, I asked a researcher from Martha Stewart to fact find and see if these claims were true. He produced several pages with over two hundred links and confirmed the claim. He said: “Brooklyn wasn’t even keeping track of tourism and tourism statistics in 2000. They just started to record the numbers in 2001, after you did 11211.”


Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc, 11211, Astoria, Williamsburg, NYC, Neurochemical

Corresponding with the launch of 11211 Magazine; people, places and things in the neighborhood rapidly changed. The culture was exploited through the use of a conscious design methodology, namely Research and a think tank system called: Tetrad Management developed by Marshall McLuhan.

The Manhattan distribution of the 11211 glossy, heavy weight paper magazine brought 100s of curious first-time visitors. 11211 was rich in its artistic and diverse cultural content, its unusual “freedom of the press” messaging and multi-lingual articles. It was very strange indeed. These strange components and approach had everything to do with brought Williamsburg into the minds of a regional, national and finally, an international crowd.

Before 11211 Magazine, Williamsburg was a cesspool of potential. A post-industrial wasteland from WWII. The potentials there were its geography: centrally located and close proximity to the city.

North 6th street were where mammalian entrails slid in the gutter and a horrific, death stench of rotten flesh pervaded North 6th St. in the summertime. Today, they have the Thai restaurant: Sea. I remember when it was a slaughter house to be avoided. You had to pass it to get to the local supermarket: Tops.

There are plenty of other places around NYC that had and still have great potential. People talked about Long Island City or Astoria in Queens. The New York Times talks about Queens and the South Bronx. They’ll tell you to invest in Real Estate property there.



By the time the Times starts talking about it, it is already too late. Millions of people know about it. It is not hip or cool anymore. Then, it’s all about the real estate and what has been done there.



A Pre-Qualifier is when someone pre-qualifies you. When someone else says it about you it carries more weight. Hence, you or the claim is thereby more legitimate.

This is Why, What, Who, and How a person, place or thing becomes legit. This is why all companies can benefit by having a publicist. The publicist Pre-Qualifies you or your business. When you try to make these claims yourself, you come across as begging for acceptance and legitimacy.



When Publicists and Marketers Fail.

Neurochemical, Breuk Iversen

BinkNyc Culture

2016, our firm has decided to develop our own companies and endeavors (products and services) and are pulling away from client work. Teaching business owners “What they don’t know, that they don’t know” is much more work than they are willing to pay. I can’t say we blame them for wanting to figure this out for themselves. Everyone is here to write their own magical success story.

Our ideal client is one that is just interested in making money (ROI). Usually, this is a company with a board of directors. Contrary to what many will tell you, making wheelbarrows filled with money is rarely ever a motivating factor. People are far more motivated by things like Higher Purpose, Self-Mastery, and Freedom, by being their own boss.

The Neurochemical system is a curated and tested series of instructions to follow. It is designed to guarantee success.

Can it be handed to our marketing person to use?

It there a book to buy?

How much is it?


Everyone seems more interested in setting off their own course on their journey. We’d like to help them but this journeying is also why we run into issues with people’s egos. The system we have usurps this whole journey. It replaces it with immediate results. The system is creatively flexible yet, has some hard factual evidence which MUST be adhered to in order to grab a particular piece of the market.

We offer clients an airline ticket when they are actually seeking is to set sail on the ocean. The problem is that there isn’t much time.

So we created:

NeuroLetter Title bar

We at BinkNyc Culture did the boat ride already. We have set sail the skies instead.

The newsletter is $1,200 for 4 issues.


Click the photo below (or here) to see all the benefits and rationale for the best and most advanced newsletter on Advertising, Branding, Communication and Design. This is a professional tool and not for the novice although with the research we enclose, it can be used by most people.

Neurochemical, BinkNyc, Breuk Iversen


Then, check out some of our successful clients:


Thank you.