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is our private biological and neurochemical system specifically designed to increase business profitability. The Neurochemical helps business owners override and bypass current and future competition. Another term for the Neurochemical is “”. The technique is great for emerging tech businesses and identifying customer market segments for anything else. It is also a surefire approach like math and science.
The best aspect of the Neurochemical system is its flexiblity and safety. It offers security for struggling businesses. Of course, the Neurochemical doesn’t work unless it is applied strategically to a business’s effort. We find a lot of business owners winging-it. They usually don’t stick around or survive to the 5 year mark.
It is as easy to use as mathematics and science. The Neurochemical is set up to double or triple a clients business. If we could NOT accomplish a 200-300% increase, we wouldn’t ask any company to hire us. It is NOT worth our time or your money. We’ve developed a survey with some prominent therapists to test how well someone will do in any given market. It’s about 75% accurate.
We speak about the Neurochemical on the same page as the US Acupuncture Inforgraphic because we’ve stolen a number of the techniques currently used in the Chinese culture. It fits like a glove in our system. We also apply a number of ancient disciplines from Egypt too. Here are a few of the techniques we’ve lifted from China: The Bagua, Five Elements, Yin Yang to Biogeometry. 
You may be wondering how we’ve applied these Chinese arts into a business system? Well, you get that knowledge only when you hire us. We’ve placed quite a few additional techniques on this website too but you have to find them. We’re not here to spoon feed anyone. Clients, maybe but no one else.  🙂
Last point, the entire Neurochemical premise is built on things we as human being can not escape. We call them Human Default Patterns. They are things like aging in a typical fashion, laws of time, laws of space, psycho-social-psychology, biology and many other things found in nature. Again, we’re not here to just give it all away. 😜

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We have repeatedly applied Neurochemical principles over the last decade toward gaining amazing insight and applying it successfully toward advertising and branding our clients companies. This not only differentiates us from other publicists but also makes our system highly-effective; even in a market saturated ecology. Our clients absolutely love it.
Contact us ( for more insight and we’ll ask you a few question that will blow your mind.
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Infographics are one of the most affordable and best ways to pull people to your business and website. They are compact, single serving sheets of quick, easy and useful information. We are fans and wish we invented them.  
For the amount of time they remain online (many years), the amount of vistors you get (thousands) to your website, it is just a few pennies on the dolllar.
An inforgraphic will need to be visually attractive, functional and factually relevant to readers. Like this one: 
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US Acupuncture Infographic.


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