Preamble: Political labels don’t impress me. I didn’t create these political parties and they do not represent me or my thoughts. Neither does the United States. It’s not me. It’s where I live. That’s all. 
My thoughts on the matter of political beliefs:
“Some days I wake up a pacifist and ten minutes later after the very first cup of coffee, I’m a Democrat. After the second cup, I’m a Conservative. If I have three cups, I become a staunch Republican.  Later, after lunch and a power nap, I’m Liberal-minded.
As the afternoon wears on, I drift into the evening as an Independent. Before bed, a Pacifist again. 😀
I could easily be committed for not taking a party STAND and have been criticized by family and friends for not choosing one or another. Honestly, the truth is  I’d hate to wake up and be the same exact thing, everyday, all day.
I do love coffee.”
I don’t know about you but, when
I heard that Donald Trump was
running for POTUS, I was like:
There comes a time in American life when its citizens are faced with horrors beyond horrors and this day has now arrived. Mr. Donald Trump is spearheading the pinnacle of American absurdities and to be honest, I am happy and as excited as a child standing in line at the roller-coaster—smiling, giddy and excited.
You may or may not share this view of the American Cultural Ecology but if he gets elected, (and he might), this would be a surefire indicator that America (or the US) has hit rock bottom exposing an even deeper problem. “We The People” are out of control.
^ This is good. ^

I am ready for some good ol’ entertainment on steroids and crack. The Donald is a living embodiment of what I am calling the Neurochemical. The Don and his comments wreak surefire Neurochemical reactions and the proof of this is his comments, criticisms and seemingly idiotic world view is charging people with serious neuropeptide releases.

This is fun for me.

Sweet Janes, Breuk Iversen, Astoria, Queens
Moti Perpinal
“Love is Not the opposite of hate, indifference is.”
— Moti Perpinal

As a publicist, AdMan and Designer the very notion of The Don getting elected represents the demise of a culture whose ego needs a boost. The real question to ask is:

How can such a thing happen?


This Neurochemical excerpt examines the cultural ecology and factors which may lead to such a notion and to the credit and the absolute brilliance of a Brand Strategy behind The Don and the team he has chosen to execute this.

You love to hate him. We all do.
This MAN is the Death Metal version in American Politics!
So, get ready to Rock and Roll!

Here are 10 Damn Good Reasons
for The Don being POTUS.

Donald Trump Announces Scottish Golf course Plans
1. His world view is so far off it’s hysterical. We need a little more humor in politics today. Don’t you agree?

Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares
2. I haven’t had a TV in 20 years but, would have to get one now because I wouldn’t want to miss any of the things he says. : ))

3. Other countries would probably shiver in fear for pissing him off because he’s the type to bomb everything and say: “Fuck them. They deserved it. You know I’m right. Just admit it!” This isn’t really funny but it kind of is.

4. He is honestly after his own personal power and everyone knows it. The political bullshit we deal with everyday will be 100xs more interesting. It’s now worth a watch.

5. The First Lady would be really, really hot looking, not that that matters at all but it kind of does.

He doesn’t give up and does whatever the hell he wants to. He’s also completely full of shit but so is everyone else in the media.

The Don
Instead of you being pissed off every time you read or watch the latest policies and scandals in the news, remember that The Don has mastered this game for 43 years. Grab some popcorn, ice cream, chips, a beer. This is going to be very long and very, very entertaining.

Mister Donald Trump8. Nobody pulls the wool over The Don‘s beady eyes. Anyone who has the balls to wear that hair style year after year has got chutzpah!

9. The Don has lost so many times and is that prick you love to hate and the one guy that continuously ends up winning. That counts for something! He’s still standing. 

Conservatives Gather Near Washington DC for CPAC 2015 (February 27, 2015)10. The Don completely dominates the media. He’s rude, interrupts them, bullies them and he’ll never bitch, and moan or whine like a little baby. He’s a man. Real estate, casinos, beauty pageants, golf courses, mansions, cars and airplanes, he’s a man’s man.


* * * * * * * *
VOTE for The Don in the next election and we’ll have 4 years of true-to-form, real live, good ol’ American entertainment. The joke has come to town.


And, #5 again: the First Lady would be really hot looking!





What is Neurochemical is emotional and subconscious, and like it or not, Donald Trump gets a stamp of approval from the Neurochemical team. A truer fact of the matter is that he has strategists that are vetted, preened and primed as the creme del la creme of the modern day magicians and propagandists. I’ll not name any names. You can find them if you look for them. 😀
What about the ramifications and seriousness of Mr. Trump actually becoming President of the United States?
Well, my world view is that it won’t make a bit of difference who gets elected because I believe that there are far greater forces at play behind the puppets of “We The People’s” elected officials. I think this country ended in the late 1950s – early 1960s and am amazed that the greater segment of the population still believes deeply in their elected officials and in the “American Dream.
“They call it a dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.” — George Carlin
This, of course, is just my humble opinion.

I think the TV host John Stewart embraces this election with equal enthusiasm. The Don is perfect fodder for party conversation on Comedy Central.


It is truly frightening to some people. My great friend, Ann Fry, recently quipped: “We will become the laughing stock of the world if he gets elected.” This is absolutely true.
I do believe “we the people” already are the laughing stock of the world. This perspective isn’t anything all that new.
Okay. Before we go into some of the great techniques that will be needed for this campaign to fly, here is a 1980 essay that unhinges the beliefs of the US cultural ecology. Read it with caution. It’s going to hurt.

How The Don strategy works.

A. Firstly, noone is indifferent to The Don.
Everyone has an opinion about him. EVERY ONE has an opinion about him. This counts for something. It is emotional. This contradiction is extraordinarily powerful: Love to Hate, Hate to Love

B. Smart or stupid, he is a male and acts like a male.
Consistency in this alone is admirable in a cultural ecology where the emasculation of the American male is in full swing in the culture and throughout the main stream media. This emasculation is obliquly obvious in and among Millennial Generation males.


C. The American populace can and will forgive someone who apologizes for their misdoing.
Anything he does or says would soften the blow if he would apologize for the heinous things he has said. Expect the Don and his team to use apologies and forgiveness as a manipulation device closer to Election Day. I suspect he apologizes but only if he has to. So far his refusal to apologize makes him even more powerful. He sticks to his guns.
D. His manhandling of the media’s talking heads is a brilliant spectacle to watch. 
In a recent interview with the Don, George Stephanopoulos of ABC TV had called The Don out on him ripping off the Ronald Reagan 1980 campaign slogan. The Don bulldozed George in full denial arguing that his slogan is totally different.


 Trump Card1035x1008-18692_lg

Here’s what The Trumpeter said:

“The line of ‘Make America great again,’ the phrase, that was mine, I came up with it about a year ago, and I kept using it, and everybody’s using it, they are all loving it. I don’t know, I guess I should copyright it, maybe I have copyrighted it.”

— Donald John Trump
MyFox New York, March 2015


The only difference here is that Reagan’s slogan is a SUGGESTION and The Don’s slogan is a COMMAND!  lol… This type of bullying works on the American public from a propaganda standpoint. Even though you know he’s lying his confidence has value on a segment of the population.
E. He’s leading the Polls and only behind Hillary by 18% at the time of this entry.
My Prediction: Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential Election.  
It’s not because he has money. It’s NOT because he’s a nice guy. It’s not because he is qualified for this job. It’s because he has an amazing team of propagandists and his emotional rampages hit the core of the anger and frustrations of the American people. His rants hit the bull’s eye each and every time.
Not only that but, he dares say the things you and I would only think about and never say out loud. [ This entirely depends on the familiarity of the people around you.] He’s single-handedly changed the political landscape and defies “political correctness.” He also gets away with it. His numbers just go up and up. 😀


We are NOT dealing with a rational and conscious populace. The majority of Americans are hypnotized, unconscious and highly emotional. This makes them perfect candidates for the Neurochemical.


Here is another reason The Don will win.

He looks like a guy who can get things done.


Rock and Roll! All American!

You ask:
Wait! Aren’t there any risks?
Yes, my friends, there are. 
CAN HE SUSTAIN upping the game he’s playing for another year and 3 months?
No, probably not. He’d fare better if he left his outrageous comments to one or two a month for the next 15 months. He runs the risk of “overexposure” in the media.
He’ll win debates and sees the US as his personal living room and fireside chat house.

Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential Election.
I’m okay with this.
I said earlier that I believe that the country “We The People” still think exists today ended over 50 years ago. I have no political affiliation (and you could consider me an Anarchist but, not in the dictionary definition but in the actual definition: No Rules). Trump getting elected should wake enough people up to note that something is very wrong and that we are Not in Kansas anymore.


I’m not all too hopeful that people will react the way that “We The People” would need to set up a new overhaul and true reform. I will say: The Don is a start in a new direction.



Have a great day!