Neurochemical: She wants to shoot me

She really, really, really does.

If you inquire, she might come and shoot you too.

Julien McRoberts is a top notch photographer who is as obsessively psychotic about her work as I am. She’s just a whole lot prettier, taller, cooler and a lot less of a loose cannon than me.

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I’ve stolen some of her images and placed them here for you to see.

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I did this for you because I love you
and don’t want to shoot you
unnecessarily but she does. 😀


BinkNyc Culture

^ This is an example of a cool portrait.

Julien and I met last winter at my favorite black and bold watering hole: Starbucks. She and her husband Jerry had moved into the Flatiron District. They came up from Santa Fe, NM, within the last year.

She wants to get her photography into the NYC ad agency market. We thought I could help. I agreed. 😀

I was pretty blown away with her work because not only are these shots aesthetically amazing but, they are also perfectly suited for ad campaigns. There’s enough space for a headline and text and even more compelling is that she is able to capture a mood and feeling.

This is no easy task. The feeling is what we art and creative directors are after, and she does it with finesse and style.

Her attention to detail in her retouching is picture perfect. I was very impressed from the first time we went through her book —excited with desire.

Months have passed and we finally got around to working together last week. Her mission is to get in front of advertising folk and my job is to get her there.

So here’s what we are doing:

Julien has a purchased list of a few thousand national ad agencies. Instead of going directly to the creative directors, we are hitting 100 art directors first. It’s our little test market and sample survey. The findings we get from this feedback will lead us to the next steps on our path.

The intention is: When the creative directors see the new profile pictures of their art directors from Julien, they’ll inquire. We are expecting something good to happen and she’ll get hired, maybe.

Either way, in-person connections are made and we get her in the front door.

We set a soft precursor for the complimentary exchange that the art directors MUST agree that they have to buy her a Starbucks coffee when she returns with the completed image. 😀

She’s complied a short list of 100 art directors at some of the biggest, baddest and best ad agencies in NYC. Many are from award winning firms “who get it.” The plan is to send a few Neurochemically-Charged e-mails to shoot into their skulls and get them to meet her face-to-face.

I think she’s a real charmer. She can take it from there and we’ll figure out the next steps as we go. We’ll be going over each and every exchange in the interaction she has with them, like we are planning a murder.

When it comes to actually pricing out her work, she’ll get more money because I will act as her publicist. I’ll be her hired mercenary and play; bad cop.

The idea is to offer them a complimentary head shot. She normally charges $527. for this service but, when she gets a job at any of these ad agencies, she’ll wind up making anywhere from $20,000 – 80,000 dollars per project. She normally has a substantial budget set aside for make up artists, a photo assistant and for bigger jobs, a full lighting crew.


This plan we’ve set puts her into their office twice:
1) for the actual photo shoot.
2) for the follow up and delivery.

The subject line for the e-mails is:
“It would be my pleasure to shoot you.”

We had to come up with something more creative because these are the créme-dela-créme of the creative industry and forward thinkers of the world. They have seen it all, are used to and safe with something a little risqué and are a hard nut to crack.

The headline engages the reader through a mild threat. After this initial shock passes in the first few seconds, most intelligent and creative people will get the joke. It is both emotional and neurochemically sets off a small series of neuropeptides.

We shouldn’t get much better than a 5% response on this first e-mail because it is super short, simple and takes less than 15 seconds to read. When you click the link, you get to a password protected page.

The password we chose is: “phuck yeah”. Her target audience is mostly young and creative and people that see and hear this type of language all day.

I could write an entire book with all the Neurochemical psychology behind this seemingly simple campaign and will spare you all the medical jargon.

Here’s the snapshot of the e-mail:
BinkNyc Culture E-mail

Clicking the link and entering the password brings you to the landing page where you see this gentleman:

BinkNyc Culture

“Say yer prayers, Vermin.”


Here’s what you see when you click through to the page: Julien E-mail 2

Most small business owners I’ve had the pleasure to work with wouldn’t have the guts to do such a campaign. They are fearful and worried about how they will be perceived and what people might say or think about them.

They go for the safe and sound, tried and true, being politically correct and when they color with crayons in coloring books, I’ll bet they stay within the lines.

They think inside the box.


Then some wait until they are absolutely desperate and scared in which time, they no longer have the financial resources to fund an attention-getting, eye-catching campaign.

Click below to get directed to her compelling website. And then hire her to take some great photographs of you, your family, your pets, you in your favorite yoga pose, and your nose before you get plastic surgery

Heck, why stop there. Invite her over to take photos of those interesting meals you put up on Facebook. 😀

BinkNyc Culture




The reason why we are able to do such a campaign for Julien McRoberts is because


1) She has her brand in place.*
[ *Remember: a BRAND is the experience that your customer or client is left with and Not necessarily what you are putting out there. She also knows exactly who her target market is. ]
2) She has her logo, website and business cards already. [ DESIGN ]
3) She is warm, friendly, and has very professional, has long-standing, well-maintained, relationships for years.
[ Communiqué Stratégie ]

4) She is ready to do an advertising campaign which we are directing to advertising agencies where “RADICAL” is not only warmly accepted but, lovingly embraced. [ ADVERTISING ]


She’s not afraid to do this because the ad industry thrives on this type of creativity.

What are we charging her?

We are running a three month campaign at $2,500 per month. This is all provided that she runs the campaign based on exactly what we advise her to do.

So far. so good.

When I get a client who is willing to pay $7,500, it is my responsibility to develop a campaign that that campaign will make them a $23,000 ROI (return on investment). This is the only thing that makes sense to me. It is also a good business model.

If she wants to interject on the radical and creative approach we have designed for her, her campaign won’t do nearly as well. The numbers will drop and we can no longer be responsible to refund her her money. She knows this and has agreed. We are all very excited.

I’ve given her many of the Neurochemical metrics and have spoken to her at length about how the eye, ear, and brain works. She gets it and is very impressed.

She now knows and understands that 90% of the human being’s decision making process is emotional and that 95% of the decision making process is subconscious first. We are now tapping into that disposition with this campaign.

Out of 100 I am speculating that only 5% of the people will respond to the very first e-mail. They don’t know her from a hole in the wall. They get great photographs to look at all the time.

What they don’t have is great photographs of themselves. After checking some of the art directors out on LinkedIn, this speculation is true and here comes Julien with her $40,000 camera to fix that.

They will hire her. You gotta have faith. 😀

Breuk Iversen


The remaining 95% we will engage with the next 4 e-mails, come hell or high water!  ;D



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I figured I’d cover my ass, just this once, and spell it all out. 😀


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