Neurochemical: The Flirting Stage


For some a career is a wonderful outlet for psychosis. This is true for healers in particular.

Psychosis is a generic psychiatric term and usually refers to a loss of contact with reality and usually manifests itself in delusions or hallucinations.

I do a strange thing called: Advertising and branding on steroids and crack. A client of ours said this about our work. We stole it from him. It is an excellent compliment especially coming from a man who has been in marketing for 30 years.

Neurochemical is a psychosis, an addiction and we may need a hit. Won’t you be our next big hit? 😛


Michael’s Dilemma
• I was having drinks with some old neighborhood musician friends. One was telling me how he wanted to have sex with his gorgeous female lead singer. They’d been in the same band for over a year.

He was going on and on about it for 5 minutes.

“Michael!” I said, trying to snap him out of it. “Do you know what her birthday is?”

“No, no, no…,” he said, waving his hand to shoo me away, interrupting his stream of consciousness.

“Wait! Do you know what her favorite band is?”

“No, no…,” he said wanting to continue but, now he was interrupted and staring at me.

“Do you even know what her favorite color is?”

At this, everyone was entrenched in laughter. He, too, was laughing so hard that he had to leave to go to the bathroom. Something had now occurred to him.

We were still cackling when he returned from the bathroom and I asked: “What happened?”

He said to us all, “Breuk is helping me. I see that now.
The next time I see her, I’ll say: ‘When is your birthday? (pause) Who is your favorite band? (pause) What is your favorite color?
OMG, I think I’m in Love with you.”

Now we were all buckled over in an uncontrollable fit.



Just yesterday I was speaking to a fellow researcher (a doctor in Neurochemistry from Dartmouth) about today’s business environment.

“The problem,” I said, “… is that business owners forgot how to flirt. Everyone is so desperate and hungry to get that next big deal. There’s hardly any time to get to know the person.” A deeper sense of knowing and trusting another person is never really established.

The first time we meet people, being curious and creating curiosity installs a subconscious trust. This subconscious trust creates an emotional anchor. Once the subonscious and emotions are settled within ourselves, we are now open to doing successful business with each other.

If someone you just met or hardly knew walked up to you and said: “I Love You”, how would you feel?

Your mind many go into overdrive, relatively quickly, in a Neurochemical response.

It is a very rare quality today where people aren’t looking at you trying to size you up and seeing how you can be of value in their lives.

Questions like: “What’s your birthday? What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite band?,” are a beautiful way to develop any long lasting, long standing business or personal relationship. Without it, you run the risk of things easily going wrong in mistrusting or trying to prove yourself in any interaction.


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