Neurochemical: Multiple Choice

But if you’re frustrated by not getting the results you want, this may be helpful. First, please choose 1, 2 or 3.


1) king or queen
2) rich
3) none of the above.

BinkNyc Culture

Take some time to think about it.



The other day I read how some of the giant internet firms – Google or Apple I think – had their own internal agency competing with their outside agency.

They have lost in every test conducted so far.


This doesn’t surprise me one bit. They are “Thinking Inside The Box” thinkers. They work for the company they want and have to promote. This creates stress, unnecessarily. The pressures of creatively working for one client and one client only crestes even more stress in a creative mind.

Apple plans to have a 1,000 person internal agency. I wonder if it will work.

It is incredibly hard to see your product or service impartially as an outsider – your customer – does. Many corporations forget that they are NOT their customer. Sometimes, quite often, their decisions are also based on what they want to see or what they “think” should work but, make elementary mistakes as seen through the eyes of a proficient marketer. The marketer just want to keep their job and keep the checks coming in so they succeed to what the executive lieutenants say to do so the campaign suffers scientifically and mathematically.

You may be biased, naturally. You live in your company every day.

We don’t live there. We at BinkNyc are only visitors. We are outside of the box doers.

And the results is well put in an old legal maxim: “The lawyer who acts for himself has a fool for a client.”

For forty odd years Unilever had an internal agency called Lintas.

I know of only one country – India – where they were successful.

Elsewhere they were just a giant, dull bureaucracy and eventually they closed the business down and hired an agency.

If you want people who can see your business the way your customers do, send me an email with a subject line of ‘Show Me The Money‘.

We get consistent results all over NYC for all kinds of products and services.

BinkNyc Culture

I was having a Greenly Square, lunch, outdoors with a beautiful, blond woman web designer. She has a good firm.

I tried my best to explain the dilemma of clients approving poor work and meddling with the creative; generating lower, poorer results.

She said: “Tell them: ‘You have to decide if you want to be a King or be Rich. You can’t be both.’

BONGO! That’s it. I was so excited that I wanted to tear my clothes off and run around the square yelling: “YES!”

Can you guess what I did?

Here’s Lara’s Website (click image below). She’ll make you a King or Queen.



BinkNyc Culture

You have to decide if you
want to be a king or be rich.
You can’t be both.


I want to put this line on the homepage of our website.

One reason is our depth of knowledge.

For example, over 20 years ago Kate Spade was selling her bags on the beaches in the Hampton’s. Her husband Andy and I planned the plan that launched her in NYC. The rest of the story you may know.

Maybe we can help you too. Just send an email, or be your own king. 😀



This is the undisputed King of Rock and Roll.


This is The King’s Manager:
Colonel Tom Parker

Bink Culture

The neurochemical smile may say it all.

“In 1973 when RCA bought out Elvis’ royalties on his back catalogue, The Colonel ended up making more money from the deal than Elvis. The Colonel is known to have pocketed $6 Million from the deal, $1.5 million MORE than Elvis his client!


Fame or Wealth? The choice is yours.

Breuk Iversen



A smile tell a lot. .

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