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2014 was an AMAZING year.

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The Best of Bink 2014

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Neurochemical: Kill the baby.

You have to love life. We think we have a good handle on a few things and then…
) ) > WHAMMO < ( (

… someone else comes along and knocks you off your feet. They hand you some humble pie with their in-depth insight.

I recently met a person who also refers to themselves as a mercenary. In 20 years, I have only met one other who refers to themselves as that. That person is me.

We do do the dirty work.

BinkNyc CultureFor the last two days, I’ve spoken for hours with a beautiful young woman who had just last week come back from the Middle East. She is an American and happy to be home again. We sat for a many hours in Astoria, Queens eateries, beer halls and shared stories. That was the first day.

The second day, we walked and talked for several hours resulting in much deeper conversation. It was about the mercenary lifestyle and the challenges and rewards that come with it. I can’t share her identity, her position, her photo or most of her stories, but, can say that I was left jaw dropped and dumbfounded.

We were talking about business and companies and after telling her a joke called: “The actor who was out of work,” she reciprocated with an idea called: “Kill the baby.”
It immediately reminded me of the biblical story.



BinkNyc Culture

Kill the baby” may have been originated in the bible. It’s an Old Testament story of God telling Abraham to kill his son, Isaac, to prove his unmoving faith and devotion. He was told to do this from a voice in the sky.

Then, at the last minute just before Abraham is about to sacrifice his son, on an alter, knife in hand, an “Angel of the Lord” calls off the murder, blesses all of Abraham’s descendants and they live happily ever after.

He didn’t “Kill the baby“.



BinkNyc Culture

Most architects learn how to design a building or home that is something of innovation and beauty. They are less concerned with the actual engineering and physical compliance needed to erect that building. Architects bring the original plans to engineers for editing and certification. The engineers are more concerned with the material matters used and that the structure will work with the undeniable laws of physics and nature.
They are not interested in signing off on a fantasy.
This is the dirty work. The engineers “Kill the baby” of the architects.


BinkNyc Culture

Kill the baby“, as she had explained, refers to a director’s original vision of a movie. It is like a baby. The director had a vision and are in the business of executing it.

The director hands over the footage to an editor and producer and they create the final movie we see. The producer then tells the director they must “Kill the baby” so the editor and producer can create a HIT.

When we see a director’s cut, it is often very different from the “final cut” of music videos, commercials or movies. The director’s cut is often subpar to the blockbuster version created by the producer and editor.

A producer tells the director to “Kill the baby.”

The director is concerned with an aesthetic and their artistic vision. The producer and editor are primarily concerned with creating a Hit! Here is where the conflict begins.


A Company

BinkNyc Culture
Your business idea is a dream and it is your baby. Your vision is the baby Isaac. Your dream home is one with no columns, no plumbing, no unsightly electric wires or wifi cables which block the beautiful view. Your company’s dream and vision is like an original “directors’ cut,” pure and good.
We come with sickle in hand.
Once we follow the natural laws of market science and nature’s laws of physics, we can turn your company or business into blockbuster hit. We make it so it sells itself.


First, you have to “Kill the baby“.

BinkNyc Culture is that angel messenger, the engineers and editors that take most of the pieces of your vision and fashions it so works optimally with the available markets, touches your client emotionally and subconsciously sells better.

We do do the dirty work.

In human development, when we find out that there is no Easter Bunny, no Santa Claus and that you CAN’T click your heels three times to magically transform you home, we “Kill the baby“.

Some businesses need more Romance in their story. Some need more Drama. Most need less logic and more emotion and address the audiences subconscious. What we do is tweak your dream/vision graphically and literally so it sells better. So it sells itself.

BinkNyc Culture
People don’t like to “Kill the baby“. They hire a mercenary to do it for them.
We do this so businesses get more of what they want rather than what they dreamt it to be like.
Are you ready to “Kill the baby?”
We can help.


We do do advertising and branding on steroids and crack.

Thank you for understanding.

(718) 578-6613

• Here are some “Greatest Hits“.
• The King or Queen or Rich dilemma.
You can’t be both.
All business is therapy.


BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.

Neurochemical BinkNyc

Neurochemical: Sweet Janes logo

Try to take a lemon and make an apple.

lemon fruit

There’s been an interesting development since this past summer and something we’d like to refer to as a strategic partnership.

See the initial article here:
< link to: I Scream >

Usually we are always talking about a project’s development after the job is done. In this Neurochemical entry we are including you in the step-by-step process of this new business in Astoria, NY (Queens). The name is Sweet Jane’s Frozen Desserts.

1) She had to choose a new name because of a potential trademark infringement. The firm found Sweet Janes, without the apostrophe, is free and clear. This is now the new name.

We won’t go into all the fuss and bother with the all the research we did because most people consider research boring and useless. To those people that undermine the usefulness of painstakingly gathering hard data, we say: Go to take the Law Society Bar exam or a Board Certified Medical exams WITHOUT RESEARCH and let us know how that works for you.” 😊

2) as of the date of this entry we still haven’t completed all the Branding (Brand-ID) on her campaign yet but have placed a few elements down that work.

3) We are jumping ahead of ourselves on the Brand aspects and looking at the logo Re-design. It’s not a huge mistake skipping this step because we know what we are doing. So, for this Neurochemical excerpt, we’d like to go over the process of redesigning the Sweet Janes logo.

Here’s what the logo looked like two weeks ago. I still say that it is fine.


Let’s look at this more critically.

The initial designer who did this for Jane wanted to impress the idea of duality:

  • The horns and the halo.
    The orange and the purple.
    The two different fonts of the “S & J”.

Well, this is fine, not great design but for a single shop business, it’s okay.  Now if you want this little business to grow into a larger brand (thinking 5-7 years down the road) this is a dismal failure. Let’s make the switch NOW before Sweet Janes gets too far into the public eye.

First, (1) All logos have to work in black and white.

I played with the propositions so when it is either shrunk to a quarter of an inch or blown up into a 30 foot building mural it will still look good and be readable. Now it will read better and be recognizable.

Second (2) I used the measurement in the golden ratio from Pythagoras and moved the halo up higher to achieve this proportion.

BinkNyc, Neurochemical

Ah, it does look better and feels much lighter. This took me a couple of days. It’s difficult to make something look simple and effortless.

Third (3), I fixed the proportion to make it 100Xs more readable even at a small size:

BinkNyc, Neurochemical

^ The middle one ^ reads really well. The SJ is proving to be distracting and confuses the reader.
We’ll use the second one.

Next, we’ll play around with the font and place a banner on it. I wanted to make the banner look like a halter top, underwear, some thing sexy, something fun and something, ‘old brand,’ ice creamy.

BinkNyc, NeurochemicalIt’s not looking done yet… How does the logo play out in applying it to a Brand Architecture and can the colors could be used to represent different aspects of the brand?

BinkNyc, Neurochemical

Meh… I’m not in love with you yet. So I did a few dozen other versions.

Colors that are light like a pastel could work for a high-end ice cream.

BinkNyc, Neurochemical

It’s still not there. It still needs some….. 🤡 UMPH💥.

BinkNyc, Neurochemical

Okay… it’ still not there yet so, let’s go back to this earlier rendition, to the solid black and white. Um, maybe, maybe… maybe it has too much boldness for an ice cream brand.

BinkNyc, Neurochemical

Let’s try for something that might be considered a little more elegant and a little more adult.

BinkNyc, Neurochemical

Maybe too MANY COLORS now… although removing the banner seemed to add something very cool.

I think this is it.

I don’t usually talk about sales too much but, I’m pretty good at it.

I recently went and showed my face everyday for the last 2 weeks to get Jane and me in front of the GM at the famous Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria, Queens. They’re only 2 blocks away from Sweet Janes and are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year. On any given weekend this beer garden hosts and serves over 2,000 people.

It will be the biggest and best form of advertising while selling 2-3 times the amount of product. Bohemian Hall will have something new that none of the other beer gardens have featured yet and we all are excited and intrigued.

Something like the logo above will work for this historic venue! We met with the GM today and have come to an agreement for Oktoberfest and their big wine weekend. If you are in the area this weekend, stop by. We’ll be serving wine sorbet and beer pops.


We’ll be redoing the interior of the store with the logo and have created the textile below for the walls.
This pattern will be applied with a rubber stamp and ink pad. It’s a low cost solution and there’s something amazing that happens when you look at an entire wall cover with a pattern, not manufactured, but done by hand.

BinkNyc, Neurochemical

With the right lighting we’ll eventually have a great looking place with this logo as the centerpiece.

BinkNyc, Neurochemical

If you have any questions about what we are building and how we accomplish this or would like to see how we handle certain aspects in helping clients build an empire, just write us.

Bali: beach balls in a suit and tie.

Breuk’s work helped me triple my income
in two months. He is brilliant and
a lot of fun to work with.



I don’t know about you but, whenever I hear the words “Fun to work with”, images of suits and ties with beach balls flood my mind:


The man who said the opening quote is pictured above. His name is Tyr Throne. He is 10 years my elder but looks much younger—younger than me.

If you are asking yourself: “How is that age thing even possible?” The answer may lie in his life-long curiosity with the human body and partially, staying young.

•      •      •

One of the things Tyr does in his system is called Youthing™.
You can Read about it here:

•      •      •


Tyr is what we call: an Achiever. He has a formidable career and reputation reflected through his life in a long series of achievements. He’s certified and trained as a 3rd level Reiki master, an 8th-degree black belt in Karaté, two styles of Kung Fu, a Yoga instructor, Feldenkrais™, and physical therapy, to name a few.

He knows more about the human body than most humans. He spends his life traveling around the world specializing in the body and its movement.


“I used to pick up girls for a living,” he said jokingly, referring to his career as a professional ballerino at Lincoln Center. He meant that literally, not figuratively. Years later, after starting his own ballet company, he performed for both the President of the US and the Queen of England on separate occasions.


So, what the hell does he need with BinkNyc Culture?


Tyr has been plugging away at Body Evolution practice for over 30 years. When we started the campaign, he had recently moved to Thailand and was working at a health resort there. After a few conversations, he realized that he really needed help with his brand.

His technique and application is there but, conveying its usefulness and benefits through a Brand wasn’t. Body Evolution was NOT translating to his potential clients.

Week after week, he presented his practice to 30 new guests, most of whom flew in from the US.  Week after week, he was unhappy with his results. He was only getting one, two or three people.

What Happened?
Each week’s new arrivals were received at the resort. Opening night was when you would meet all the practitioners: the massage therapist, the aromatherapist, an acupuncturist, a yoga instructor, Tyr Throne’s: Body Evolution, etc…

Tyr would stand among them and talk about his practice: Body Evolution. His continued attempts each week only generated 1-3 new clients out of 30.

He was surviving but, not thriving at all.

We did long Skype calls at 3-4am (EST) and I learned everything I could about his cutting-edge modality. We started working on his brand.

It quickly became obvious that many problems that were going on started with his dialogue and lexicon. Even his company/method’s name: “Body Evolution” was problematic. It doesn’t put an image in the mind.

His verbal and visual, in-person presentations were generating unsuccessful results.

I did extensive research for 2 months and thoroughly studied his competition, website (text and images), online reputation (Google), his market types and their lifestyles, his sales offering (pitch), the language (lexicon) he was using (verbs and nouns).

His sales process was like a leaky cup.

He wasn’t projecting his brand (company) as a personality or aesthetically and conveying a clear and tangible; emotional or logical benefit, to his potential clients. He didn’t even know that these things were needed for his business or that such things existed.

After two months HE FOLLOWED OUR ADJUSTMENTS.  I gave him a print out which was a page and a half of text to read to the audience.





Great News!!!  This was a huge hit!

Wow, what a mind blower.

I got 28 of the 30 people to sign up. It’s amazing, scary and also empowering. I now feel I can both protect myself, and know more about how to market my valuable work than I ever dreamt. Deep gratitude for turning me onto this.”

He was referring to the Neurochemical: Brand—ID. < see link )

Somalogy, BinkNyc, Brand—ID

Tyr Throne’s

the name from


What Did We Do?
He did a Brand—ID. The Brand—ID is a 30-page instruction manual that identifies you, your company and more importantly, a segmented, target market. The target market is a market that already exists. You want your company to align itself with those values.  It has nothing to do with age, race, gender, sex or demographic data like many are led to believe. It’s all about lifestyle these days.

Our strategy is measurable and primarily based on scientific and mathematical data. The results are the only thing that is magical.

“If you can influence the leaders, either with
without their conscious cooperation,
you automatically 
influence the group
which they sway.”
                           — Edward Bernays

(nephew of Sigmund Freud and father of Public Relations)


Tyr said that I tripled his income in 2 months. This may have been true: “in two months”.

The real fact of the matter is that shortly after that first two months, we multiplied his income by 10Xs.  When you go from 2-3 clients to 28 consistently, week in and week out, that’s 10Xs what he was making before. It’s okay. We’ll just take the credit for the 300% increase.   

The good news is:
Tyr and his wife have since bought a mansion in Thailand.

The bad news is:
Well, there is no bad news anymore.

I suppose it is a little embarrassing and scary when you think you know what your brand is for 30+ years and then realize you actually had only a fraction of an idea.


Poolhouse Tyr's resort in Costa RicaTyr Throne


I played the guru.
It is Tyr who is the real hero
and the one out there
improving peoples’ lives.

We are the majestic hidden force behind many new brands. We don’t need to be out in the forefront and are quite comfortable with being behind the scenes and watching, developing and making your company grow. It’s an alchemical process deeply based in math and science.

Results of Somalogy for Tyr Throne.png


We are here to assist.


Bink Yellow hi-rez

I even threw in an Advertisement for him to display at the resort. It was a started gift to launch the campaign. It was a little bonus gift:

Tyr Throne's Somalogy, Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc, 11211, Astoria, Williamsburg, NYC, Neurochemical

BinkNyc Culture transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.

Alexandra KievsKy comes to BinkNyc



A chance @ Network Theory

Last summer, BinkNyc had an opportunity to do an amazing project. We sat down and met a Greek Weapon Manufacturer looking to sell drones to the Pentagon.

If I had said: Greek Defense Weapons Manufacturer instead, would it have made a difference?


Could we use this Neurochemical system to get a contract with the pentagon?

Me: Yes.

Would it work?

Me: Yes.

How do you know?

Me: Because we are selling to another human being and not to a machine or robot. There are specific scientific principles and mathematical statistics that are used to achieve this goal.

I had prepared answers to these questions in my head before the meeting. We met in a restaurant called Igloo in Astoria, Queens. The meeting went well. My business partner translated the language.

I found out that day that he average weapons contract to the US Pentagon is $300-400 million, upwards of $700 million. Our Sales commission is often 30-15% depending on the deal. 15% is the lowest we go.

From my perspective, it’s a pretty clear cut sales assignment and at the absolute most, it would’ve taken up to a year. In the worst case scenario, two.


I began to think about the assignment and getting the check in the bank and what to do with the money. A small island in the South Pacific was one idea.

I put together a little panel of trusted friends and family to advise me. I wanted to see what we come up with in terms of a moral and social responsibility. The results of this conversation were not as I expected.*

I presented the situation to the select group of intellectuals and unanimously the women were all in direct opposition to it. The men said to take the assignment and then use the money to benefit our fellow man. “If you don’t do it, someone else will.” was another applauded response from the men.

An equal number of men and women were chosen. In the invitation sent to them said that something didn’t feel right in taking the assignment. One of the men pointed this out. He said: “You have your answer in the invite, Breuk. You yourself said that it ‘didn’t feel right.'”

He was correct. This tilted the vote in favor of not taking potential “blood money.” I soon opted out of this assignment.

[ You:  So what!  Who cares!

Me:  Wait! I’m getting to the good part! ]


In the discussion, one ex-employee said: “You don’t know anyone in the White House.” At that particular moment, I thought, he was correct. 

The point is that that “knowing someone” is not relevant. I can use Network Theory to get connections to people to help make the sale happen. Well, it turned out I did know someone in the White House or close enough.

Her name is Kimberly Hewitt. She is a sprite and very determined Southern Belle from Texas. She’s also an excellent photographer.

Back in Williamsburg, she wanted me to do an article of her photographs in 11211. The photos were artistic and okay. The bad part was that her artist statement had nothing to do with the work. The concepts you normally read in an artist statement weren’t there.

She was very, very determined and by the morning, she convinced me to do the feature article. I did.

2 years later she was Mayor Bloomberg‘s personal photographer. Shortly thereafter, she worked as G.W. Bush‘s staff. Later she did the same for Sen. John McCain and after that, M. Romney and after that, Ben Carson. You get the picture.

“We keep on losing!” she said.

I saw her at an event last night @ Brooklyn Fashion Week. She already knows my political views on what I call the “The Elephant and Pony Show.”

Views, I have a few.

MoMA, BinkNyc, Breuk Iversen, Bink NYC, Advertising, Branding, Communications, Design
We laughed and hugged and I met her husband and son.

So I did have someone I knew at the White House that could facilitate some direction. A name or two, here and there, little by little, I would get closer to the goal. This process of utilizing people or resources located at a Hub. The system we use is taken from science. It is called Network Theory.

•      •      •

She’s having an art show of all her GOP work in Chelsea. She’s showing mostly photos that have never been shown before and had to get permission from the men she worked for. I would imagine that her show it’s going to be a heavily curated show before it even goes up. 🙂

I don’t know what I would do there but, with absolute certainty this evening at the gallery would be considered a Hub.

Breuk Iversen, Kimberly Hewitt, Rick Davy

Here’s the photo of myself, Kimberly and Rick Davy, the founder of Fashion Week Brooklyn just last night (3/13/14).

I asked someone to photograph us because I wondered if we put our heads together: Is there anyone in the world we can’t get in touch with in three steps or less?

Network Theory is used for publicity by our company. It’s one of the reasons you would be smart to hire us.



Anyway, the point is that I realized that
there are things I won’t or can’t do for a
dollar. One of them is supporting a Drone
Manufacturer and another is publicizing
companies that are harming peoples’
lives: processed foods, tobacco,
pharmaceuticals among a few others.

Money isn’t everything.


This is why it is written:

BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.

Neurochemical BinkNyc

Thank you for reading,

Have a great day!




*Always do research. The science and math is usually surprising every time you find something new.  We are on a planet that is moving through space a 1,000 mile per minute.  Some of it is predictable and some of it isn’t.

10 Bitchin Copy Tips


This type of ad is called a “Teaser.”
This is Ken Varga. He’s a good man.
The 2 questions that may come to your mind are:

“Who is this?”
“Why should I know him?”

This answer is there is no answer and this knowledge gap creates curiosity. You’ll just have to wait and see. This is why this ad is called a Teaser.



Here are just 10 of a rich list of 52 Bitchin’ Copy Tips:


1) Always use a conversational tone.

When people read, they read to themselves. You risk losing attention when they stumble over verbiage. Read it out loud, first, to see that it sounds good.


2) Avoid speaking about you and what you do.

No one who hasn’t met you cares. Talk about them and what is in it for them. They will read it for hours with glee and pleasure.


3) Make is easy enough for an idiot to understand.

This is an old standard in Advertising but, read the next tip.


4) No one likes being talked down to.

Tips #3 and #4 run a very fine line. Speak to them like you might a loved one. The keywords here are “care” and “simple”. Communication is completed when the listener understands what is said no matter how many times you say it. Then ask, “Do you understand?” to make sure the communication transfer is complete.


5) Longer copy is better on paper, not in an e-mail.

Here are some Research findings and their results when copy is on a printed page:

Length       Response
1,064         17.08%
1,999         19.09%
2,763         24.24%


6) Sincerity always wins over mere factual evidence.

Hopefully, your readers aren’t in a county court in front of  judge. No need to speak to them like they are.


7) Explain how or why your product or service is different.

“Price point, Service, Better Quality, Longer Lasting,” and what it will make them “Feel.”


8) Overcome all objections.

Nowadays money is tight and people object to spending it. Copy that is geared toward what one “saves” works hundreds of times better than why they should buy it. Scarcity is the a motivating factor in selling anything.


9) Buying something is an emotional decision 90% of the time.

Appeal to human emotions. We are not machines.


10) If your service is expensive, be patient.

Ask yourself: Who are the decision makers and what do THEY want? Then wait. These decisions take a while.


Bonus Tip (11):

Do a video.

They generate a tremendous response and connect you to clients in the comforts of their PC or smart phones. People feel like they know or have met a person they see on a video. Often people will make “first impression” judgements and 60% of this initial communication happens visually.

The next step is addressing their subconscious wants and desires which appeals to everyone 90% of the time. We specialize in this particular feature and apply it to Advertising, Branding, Communications and Design.

Navigating the Advertising waters alone can be a tricky business. In the right hands, it can be a deadly weapon in your arsenal.  In the novices hands, it can be their unconscious barricade and worst nightmare.

There IS such a thing as un-advertising your business. If your competition has a handle on what you are doing and knows how to use a marketing strategy, they can easily slay you.  I do do this to my clients’ competition on their behalf quite often.

Try this:
Reread some of your old E-mail marketing messages to see what worked and what did not work and compare it to this list.  Then, try it again.

Feel free to share this. You never know when someone will find it useful.

Okay.  This concludes your 11, 12, or 13 Bitchin’ Copy Tips.

If you didn’t get them all, please reread this again when you have time.

See if you “qualify.
BinkNyc Qualification process

Thank you.

Have a great day!

Thank you, I will. 😀


Breuk Iversen