[ The Trump House is part 3 of a 4 part series – May, 17, 2016. ]

[ Part 2 – The Trumpeter  – posted February 8, 2016 ]
[ Part 1 – The Trump Card  – posted August 1, 2015 ]

Campaign trail


There’s just a few more months of the politico primary.
Ummm, scary, right? You’re darn tootin’ it is.
The big win in New York and Indiana prompted Cruz to drop out and assured the Don secures the Grand Old Party’s (GOP) nominee. Friends, family and acquaintances balked at me since last June about my many musings regarding Trump. Well, it turns out that I was correct and they had been mistaken. And it’s only going to get better (or worse depending on your perspective).
“It is better to be feared
than loved,
if you cannot be both.”

— Niccolò Machiavelli

Don’t let me get all Grand with you.

I could share all the scientific data I’ve perused over the last 8 years which made this “Trump Phenomenon” easy to predict but, many people are generally bored by facts and scientific data. Their eyes glaze over 5-10 minutes into a conversation. I may as well be having a bowel movement while they sit listening and sniffing in the stall next to me. The fact is that I’m a master brand strategist. We masters’ recognize a great branding campaign before everyone else knows how hard it will hit.


Let me NOT bore you either.

Let’s just say it’s magic. I have magical powers. I’m a magician and I can see into the future. I’m a futurist. A futurist magician. Instead of a crystal ball. I make some Lung Ching green tea, strain and drop the leaves between my girlfriend’s breasts and the configuration that is left tells me what will happen in the future!



I may have previously mentioned that I don’t care who wins the POTUS and openly admit, I still stand by this position. There is much much more going on behind the public scenes of the American Media. I also think that if Donald Trump does win (and he will), then it could get very interesting politically in the US. It will become downright bizarre.
Trumps Clintons Classic
“The first method for estimating
the intelligence of a ruler is to
look at the men he has around him.”

— Niccolò Machiavelli

Last year many media pundits bemoaned that Donnie was running for some free PR. I knew this was never the case. This meme spread and lasted in the media for a long time. Then it changed. The media loves a conflict and conflicts get viewers so they continued to show The Don day in and day out. Advertising was sold against the political clownery.
It is my stern belief that his motivations with this free PR campaign was never the case. If I had to guess, I’d say It’s for money, his namesake and ambition.
< You can quote me on this. >
20th Anniversary Gala for Vietnam Veterans
Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump during 20th Anniversary Gala for Vietnam Veterans at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Djamilla Rosa Cochran/WireImage)


Reality: a clearer perspective

If we look back on Michael Bloomberg back in 2002, his net worth was $4B. Three terms and 12 years later it was $48B. You may also recall that he received $1.00 per year as a salary from NYC as the mayor.
^ Let’s recap this last paragraph. It’s worth impressing this idea a second time.
Bloomberg enters office in 2002 net worth: $4B. He exits office in 2013 with a net worth of $48B which means he’s built his net worth at $4B per year on a $1.00 per year salary. That’s pretty damn good!
Donald Trump’s net worth ten years ago was $2B. In ten years he’s only increased his net worth to $4B. That’s pretty bad if you compare it to Bloomberg’s net growth.


What does this say?

This says that politics is a damn good business. When The Don talks about deals, I’m sure he’ll build his Mexican wall and at the end of the day his net worth portfolio will far exceed Bloomberg’s.
Two other world leaders with serious net worths:
Mubarak’s (Egypt) Net Worth: $70B
Hosni Mubarak
حسني مبارك
Hosni Mubarak ritratto.jpg
4th President of Egypt
In office
14 October 1981 – 11 February 2011


Putin’s (Russia) Net Worth: $80B

Vladimir Putin
Владимир Путин
Putin with flag of Russia.jpg

Putin in March 2015
2nd and 4th President of Russia
Assumed office
7 May 2012


“Politics have no relation to morals.”

— Niccolò Machiavelli
The name of the game with Donnie is money and plastering his name everywhere. It always was and always is what motivates Mr. Trump. Now he’s shooting for The Trump House and he’s within a stones throw of getting there.
The potential for wealth as a US president doing business the way The Don has been doing business for years will be something to behold. He’ll probably pull off being one of the wealthiest men in the world if he gets into office and plays this game on the world stage. This will work out according to his plan if he doesn’t get caught, shot or arrested. I’m just sayin.’
You may be asking yourself why I’m harping on this Donald Trump thing. It’s a good question.

He’s a brand and an effective brand at that.

  • Brands are consistent.
  • Brands have values.
  • Brands have attitudes.
  • Brands develop loyal followers.
  • Trump is a brand.
Trump is happening. He’s a brand and his brand is Neurochemical. This means he’ll win if he doesn’t mess it up with some of his racier or more outrageous comments.
He won’t. He’s started to behave and make that inevitable shift he needed to happen to be successful. His veering toward semi-conformity and meeting the status quo.
Whosoever desires constant success
must change his conduct with the times. 

— Niccolò Machiavelli

Trump has calmed down substantially compared to previous months. This is predictably what had to happen. The election is for Donald to lose. He’s on the top of the heap for the GOP.

A media that bandwagons.

Now that the media and bloggers are all bandwagoning their ops of the Trump Brand, these hysterical pundits are missing a dozen or so more poignant principles. The are still grasping at straws in a sorry attempt to explain what has transpired in 2016.

He has build his brand and his brand alone is just not enough. A BRAND is likened to the basement of any structure. What happens in the basement, is not visible, is not tangible and contains a belief that is required to make a person, place or thing known, accepted or sold. The concrete in the basement of the Trump Tower. The basement decides how tall a building can be. The Trump brand DOES NOT allow him to apologize. He can’t. It’s not HIS BRAND.

In addition to a brand, there needs to be some Design, a Communications Strategy and finally, Advertising after the brand is set up. Below is a graphic chart loosely showing the percentage of time and effort that needs to be allocated in order to make a company (person, place or thing) successful.

Bink Departments
Last night I met and drank with a reporter from The Washington Post. We talked about Trump over a couple of hours and had shots of Jamison. Her views are exactly what you might expect from any well-informed political, American journalist. She is well-read and has memorized what the media wants you to believe. You can turn on a TV or pick up a newspaper and see and read these perspectives:
  • Trump wants to sex his daughter.
  • Trump hates women.
  • Trump said that Megyn was cranky and on her period as her words were like blood spraying from her eyes and vagina.
  • Trump hates all Mexicans.
  • Trump hates all Muslims.
  • Trump is a real life Neo-Nazi.
  • Trump is just like Hitler.
  • Trump endorses the KKK.
  • Trump incites violence.
  • Trump is angry.
Well, the media has done a wonderful job convincing TV viewers and newspaper readers to adopt these exaggerations as truths. The public is easily swayed this way. The fact of the matter is that they take these strange truths and pound them into their viewers and readers skulls through repetition. The conclusions are leaps and jumps away from the actual truth.

See for more here >


Okay. Enough funny business.
Let’s get down to the brass tacks.


What’s next on the campaign trail?

The next Neurochemical excerpt will go through a thorough analysis on his campaign, start to finish, and see how these tactics amounted into a brilliant strategy which can be applied to your business. We will also review the deep emotional and subversive components of why and how his BRANDDesignCommunications and  Advertising
were constructed.
I wrote about the superficial components of the Don’s persona back in August 2015.
See The Trump Card  (Part 1))
May 2016, there were some subversive components seemingly natural to Don’s persona:
SeeThe Trumpeter  (Part 2))
But there is so much more to extrapolate from Trump’s campaign and from what seems to be like a chaos and bedlam rue.
Hillary has been a very bad girl.
The media hasn’t really touched upon the seriousness of her crimes while she was Secretary of State and in her decision to use a personal computer to do her online work.
I predict that she’ll be under oath and in the hearings with two, similar and, separate FBI investigations by September. There are 147 agents assigned to the 2 cases currently underway. [ See the Washington Post ]
What Trump has in his mental ammunition to lay her out will happen like ease with what will seem like child’s play. This isn’t about a Right or Left (Dem.  or Rep.) thing but a purely legal matter. She decided to act above or outside the law. This will show to be a fatal mistake for her campaign closer to November. You’ll see for yourself. Don’t take my word for it.
This means Trump heads into The Trump House next January however, if Bernie Sanders becomes the Dem. nominee by default or because Clinton becomes ineligible, I think Sanders wins.
It’s still early but the clock is running out in Oz.

Breuk Iversen
Creative Director (CEO)

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