Posted on Facebook way back in 2011…

The Donald


“If it moves, they watch it.” – Andy Warhol

TRUMP/PALIN – < I think I like this idea and below are the reasons why.

Dedicated and inspired by Spyro Poulos

Firstly, I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Anarchist, Zionist, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, and wear Luggs, Nike, Keds or Vans, etc.  Irrespective of the sociological artificial labels you may decide to attach to your person, we are all human beings. We can remove the outer layer of skin and we are still human beings made of blood, muscle and bone.

Now that's American.
Now that’s American.


So bummed that Trump is not running. I feel ruined. That could have been soooo much fun. This man knows how to bulldoze the talking heads in the media. I just love that! He’s the Howard Stern of the business world. If I had to pick someone to be president, Trump is the man! I would actually be tempted to vote; a snickering fool laughing all the way to the booths… that would be me.

If Governor Bush proved that we could swindle an idiot into the White House (twice), President Trump would show the circus “we the people” actually have going on here in the US. The Donald epitomises the ego driven culture, “we the people” call the US and with a very unique hairdo.

He and Palin would be a true American classic. And it would make me proud. They met and had pizza today a couple of days ago in NYC:

Palin and Trump 2012. I could see the gossip going back and forth to keep the people intrigued. The media could spend hours upon hours dissecting the subtleties of their body language.

She says: “I think he’s flirting with Vice-President Palin.”

He says:… “I disagree. As we can see in this 1998 footage, it’s a common gesture that President Trump does when confronted by attractive, confident women.”

They could be the new John and Jacqueline or Eva and Perón.

I can dream, can’t I?

So America continues to pretend and believe like it still has a place in the international economy but, the rest of the planet knew it was over in 2001. That was a year to remember. You only need to lift every item in your house up once to read the “Made in China” to see that one coming.  The Green Tea Party.

It is sad but, true. Only The Donald could save us now and he’s not running. : ( Or is he? : )


Let’s do the math. The US currently owes $14,000,000,000,000 (14 trillion dollars in 2011).  What’s the plan to get out of this debt?

Multiple choice:

A- Print more?

B- Go into more debt?

C- War?

D- Let’s just see what happens?

E- All of the above?

Fear is the preferred means to keep people engaged in the news media. If they believe what’s going on there, we got them. Americans are so into the news media that they can’t see what’s coming. So, so many are inside the box.  In the box and guided by fear.

I’ve recently met some affluent Chinese businessmen. They showed me a video of some American businessmen over in China advising and telling them that their manufacturers are ineffective because they can have robots and machines do the work instead of humans. The Chinese businessmen just laughed and smiled. They are not interested in the American model of business which is to maximize Profit v. Loss. They actually place value in their tremendous asset: People.

Instead the Chinese Businessman knows that the way to prosperity is the workforce. It’s a simple idea and is working well.

Take care of your people and they’ll take care of you. So simple.

The Chinese can see how well the “American Business Philosophy” has done for the US so far.


Not smart.

How do we know what “we” owe?

Ok. So here’s the question:

So, if You were China, what would You do to get the 1.1 trillion in debt that the US owes you?

The beautiful State of California (West Coast) or the historical business package deal: New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey (East Coast)?

If China partnered up with Japan’s debt (800 Billion) “we the people” could throw in Washington and Oregon out West or back here out East: ME, NH, CT, MA, RI, MD, DE, NC, SC but, not DC; it’s our capital for Christ’s sake! Georgia has great peaches and definitely not FL., Disney alone brings is millions a day. We can’t lose Mickey. He’s our f•cking icon!

“Ok America. Give me an ‘O’,


Give me a ‘V’,


Give me a ‘E’


Give me an ‘R’


What does that spell?”



Where there is No Donald, there is no hope. : (

The Donald might say: “Hey, we’ve spend billions on weapons of mass destruction. Let’s start using them”.


The Donald’s superpowers include:

Innate ability to be forthright in his simple convictions, great TV presence and good showmanship, to swindle the unsuspecting in business dealings, perhaps a no nonsense approach to world affairs, he is a ruthless businessman and would deliver a pretty “hot” first lady, or madam or girl or something something.

We certainly wouldn’t have to worry about any sex scandals.  He’s the fucking Donald!  He could be caught in the very act, with two women, on TV, in a stadium, during the Superbowl.  When questioned by the media afterward at an emergency press conference in the White House, he might just say: “You know, on a scale of 1-10, the one on the right was about an 8 but, the one on the left, she was definitely a 9….  You know I can’t disclose all the reasons why, here, today.  But, read my upcoming interview in Penthouse next month.  I share a couple of details.  You’ll get the idea.”.

Hahaha!!!! That’s good to know.  Let’s face it: This guy knows how to entertain!  I would have to say, and I’m sure you’ll agree, he’s way smarter than G.W. Bush.

He could start taking a real stand on the global economy by alleviating debts immediately by telling countries we owe: “Hey, we need to have that debt removed and then you may want to start paying us to NOT empty shells on you.”

He could put the blame on “we the people”:

“I’m sorry but, that’s what my voters want.

You gotta give the people what they want,

that’s why they have elected me”.

The Donald:

“Hey America, in 12 days I’ve saved you 1.1 trillion we owed China. Your other presidents had NO idea what they were doing. My commission on this deal is only 27%. That’s not too bad considering we didn’t lose our coastlines and picked up a few new properties in the meanwhile. Hey, that’s what I do”.


I propose changing the name of the country. Are you ready for this one?  The United World.  It’s got a nice ring to it.  I thought you would like it.  I think you should approve it.  We don’t want to lose you anyone in your family or any body for that matter.  Let’s keep it together.

I’m standing here before you today just trying to give you your country back.  No need to thank me, I want to thank you.”

(cheers again)


As a country, we might be thinking it but, not doing anything about it.  We could be more open and assertive in our scamming oversees; bullying in Afganistan and Iraq (with both Osama and Hussein dead).  “We The People” have already we’ve been running a mob style killing spree for the last 100 years under the guise of Terrorism, Communism, International safety but, there’s today there’s enough information available to see what’s really going on.  At some point, these ideas are just being a little more direct and right in your face about it.  Perhaps, It IS the only way out at this point.

Currently, the media is positioned to say that Donald Trump is a failure as a businessman but, they are setting up their audiences with an old form of media.  Since when was a businessman and kind, settled, stable, fair and functional member of society?

The Donald is a ruthless businessman.  One of the worst of his kind.  At one point, he had borrowed so much money from the banks in New York that if they tried to foreclose on him, THE BANKS themselves would have gone bankrupt.  He put them in such a predicament that the Banks had to loan him even more money.  And he did it.  That’s a pretty big deal right there.

Growing up, my dad always said: “Being a good businessman is not a compliment”.

Doing business deals like this on a global scale with all the clout we have on the weapons of mass destruction racket, it’s an easy shift to make.  But, ‘we the people’ need a major superdick celebrity who can walk the talk, bully the bullying media and reign fear over the world population and do so, with any luck, without having to lift a finger.

America could be on top again. Just like that.

What? You can’t do that!

I’ll bet The Donald would say:

“Why not, who the hell are You? No really!   Who.   The Hell.   Are.   YOU?”

Ha ha ha, he wins again!

The Donald on Sarah Palin:

“A woman is a woman but, a good cigar is a smoke”. – Edgar Grana

He might have “killed it” (maybe he still will).  On the bright side, we could have had a new holiday every year on July 5 (Donald Day) and a Donald Day Parade.

Thank you for reading.  Have a great day!



The Don (05)

Here were the actual facebook comments:

Pamela Brunsvold Rummel

Pamela Brunsvold Rummel Now that’s entertainment. Breuk Iversen, you not only educate, but entertain as well. When when your book be finished?

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen Spoon. : ) It will take me a month to complete. I’m looking for an “angel” to support me with $1-2K so I can sleep, eat, and drink “book” for one month. Once I get in that high focus zone, I can stay there.

I got to do this it for a week straight and got 45 pages done, complete, fini. I can’t post it on facebook because these pages are finished. Do you want to see it? Message me your e-mail addy. : ))

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos Dude – you need to get out more.

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen I get out several times a day. By “get out more”, do you mean, to rub uglies with women I hardly know, network, go drinking, ballet, theaters, museums, or all the above? With an iPhone, I do everything I can do at home, outside; including this post.

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos No – you need to squash this man crush you have developed with the Donald.

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos You ever notice physically he looks like Punxsutawney Phil after an adrenaline shot to the heart?

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen Pop Rocks!, you are my go to guy for “All Things Pop”. Yes. I couldn’t quite place which beaver but, you meant – CaddyShack, not Groundhogs Day.

Now, I’ll allow this one slip up because 9.5 times out of 10, you nail it; Dead On. That’s 95%. We need to start a think tank agency called: Pop Rocks and the Hippie.

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos No I actually meant the real Ground Hog Phil – CaddyShack was a gopher – but that works to – the Donald looks like a “vermint”

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t die with an adrenaline shot.

Dude, we’ll specialize in Booming > Gen. X. I need a front man.

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen Varmints! We haven’t had real politicians in office since the 70s,..?… no, wait, the 60s, ur, gah… I mean, the 50s…pssf. Actually the 40s………… Maybe.

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos Yeah all we get now is WEINER!!!!!

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen The Party Weiners! You would make such a great girlfriend.

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos Easy there Casanova – you need to take me to dinner before I let you blow me.

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen You wish! Your idea of ‘dinner’ is White Castle. A legit Grade F meat which means that there is not, as much worm content as Grade G.

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos Sorry not that cheap a date – if you upgrade to at least Chilli’s I might even give you a reach around while I make you my prison punk.

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen You know, that is so graphic: prison! You’re watching too much TV. It’s brain rotting and kinky, like reminiscing. So is this the kind of stuff that haunts you at night?

I’ve been thinking about your “Weakness for the Greekness” campaigning. Here’s what I thought:
We grew up in NY during a time that many frowned upon gayness as being “feminine”. I think this was a gross misinterpretation.

In fact, I think you’d have to really like men in order to want to have sex with them. What could be more masculine than that? Real men like other real men.

Did you do wrestling is school? I can’t remember. I was busy sharing trees with girls at the shore for a score.


Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos Dude the only girl you dealt with in school was the school nurse. I’m just pointing out the fact that you want to gargle my balls – the sooner you accept the sooner you’ll be at peace with yourself.

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen has been at peace with himself.

You see, the trick is to get out of the MIND SPACE. That is what is always changing. One minute, YOU ARE SO SURE you WILL stop smoking, forever and ever, and then, an hour later, the deal is totally off. You’ve somehow tricked yourself again. All in the mind.

How did that happen?

When you live through your heart (60% of the HEART’s cells are neurotransmitters), the truth is always right there, without fluctuation, infiltration, and exasperation. Now, tell me you love me.

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos Dude – WTF are you talking about????? Your hippie soap box is starting to creel and groan – eventually it will drop you on your face – I say to you this – hippie heal thyself. Your new age bullshit has never proved to help anyone. Yoga? Bullshit – it iSee More

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen Acupuncture is not a pop spirit form of medicine (not 1000 but 7000 years old). You’ve never even tried it. Yet, you KNOW?

Let’s go to W38th St. to settle this once and for all (about 8pm) You’ll watch a Tai Chi master >pop< 6’2″ men 30-40 feet. Once you see this, you’ll never be the same. Come on, just for fun. Maybe you could prove me wrong, once and for all. : ))

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos Why the hell would I ley some quack stick needles in me unless they had a shot of antibiotics in them. All that shit – Reyki – auras – yoga – con jobs for stupid disillusioned Westerners that want to feel deep. You want to be a sucker – be my guest. I’ll stick with real Dr’.s.

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos Now suck my shakra.

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen I’ll tell you what, I’ll do you one better: If I’m wrong, we’ll go to the Rabbithole Bistro in Williamsburg and ask the chef to cook your shoe and, if I’m wrong, I’ll eat it. : ))

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen NOWWWWWWW. If you’re wrong….. thinking….. thinking…. Whenever you refer to me in any post from now on on Facebook, The post will always begin with “But Messiah,… “.

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos You have no way on earth to PROVE if your right or wrong – because you believe in freaking magic.

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen W38th Street, my man. Be there or be square. It’s not magic. It’s the same force ‘they’ use to keep you adhered to the planet. And why magnets work. It’s why we can’t fly. : )) Your or my belief in it has nothing to do with it.

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos

Spyridon P. Panousoupoulos It’s voodoo hocus pocus new age filthy beatnik hippie gobbldeygook. You still believe you can sharpen razors with pyramids when it has been dis-proven over and over again. So while your screwing up your face with dull razors and trying to cure what ails you with needles and pins – I’ll be at the real Dr, freshly shaved getting a flu vaccination.

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen It’s 8 months now with the razors: Resonance Frequency! See the TV is so rottin’ yo bain, rottin’ yo bain, rot. tin’. Yo. Bain. So, it is only things that come from “inside the box” that are real. RottinYoBain. Let’s see what Yiayia thinks:

Pamela Brunsvold Rummel

Pamela Brunsvold Rummel Well, as God is my witness, you two boys just need it have a fisticuff match in front of a saloon somewhere in Brooklyn.

Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen Be there and done that. Now it’s phazer time!

Kathy Bowden

Kathy Bowden “Research published in the May 30, 2010 online edition of Nature Neuroscience demonstrated that the effects of needling include influencing the activity of adenosine, an amino acid which becomes active in the skin after an injury to ease pain. This may explain in part why pain relief is often experienced with the therapy. In fact, much research in the West has focused on this pain-relieving effect, rather than acupuncture’s traditional role of balancing energy to address a wide range of disorders, and the more subtle mechanisms that may be responsible for its overall benefits to health.” –

Breuk Iversen

Breuk IversenKathy, we have to get Spyro to at least try acupuncture at least once. This poor guy thinks it’s mere bolderdash; a Placebo effect, mysticisim and only works because people believe it does.

In 1977 a Korean doctor found the fabled “meridian” network in the body (that acupuncture is based on) actually exists. These tiny strands (1/3 the thickness of a human hair) are between the
fascia and muscles.

The acupucture needles are 1/12 the thickness of a sewing needle and so thin that they actually fit in tiny holes in the skin. An acupunturists goes to school for 6 years in trimesters, so they have just as much education as our western medical doctors.

Pop Rocks is a-scared of needles although what you are feeling in the treatment is not a poke in the skin but where an emotion or trauma has actually blocked this subtle yet, essential energetic flow. He is sure that everything that comes off that cathode laser box in his house is true!!!


Donald Trump




This article is purely for entertainment purposes.

Do I really think that the US bullying the rest of the world is a good idea?  My answer is “No”.  Either way, I would be content to watch it go down just the way it is going.  I’m just sayin’.  Maybe there’s another way.

I use a platform called Tetrad Management which allows an ability and foresight into the disclosure of future events.  It is the same model used by Futurists and Think Tanks since Canadian, Marshall Mcluhan developed it.  When applied to the economic/political condition the THE UNITED STATES, this is what I arrived at.  It doesn’t mean that it should or could go that way but, to a greater degree it is a very viable possibility in the next 10-20 years.

I found using the Tetrad to be highly effective in predictive extrapolation when applied even loosely to artifacts.  To understand the effectiveness of this technique, Kay Divant (Former Rand Corporation Employment), W. Timothy Ryan (SVA), Dmitry Gubin (SVA) and myself predicted the World Trade Center collapse in 2000 while working on The Offal Project.  However, we predicted it to happen five years later.

We were off by 4 years.  It came much earlier.  It’s impossible to predict both the Direction and Speed of a person, place or thing accurately, whereas, by splitting and isolating the two, Direction or Speed, the possibilities are more focused, revealed and collapses the Wave Function of potentials.

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