Network Theory: A New(ish) Theory

Social Network Theory

We use Network Theory in our General Market Analysis. 


The 20 point circle above is used and applied to a Brand—ID and our Communiqué Stratégie. Network Theory allows us to look at different markets segments and how to capitalize on them. Some market systems we use describe 8 personality types, They outline this in very precise detail.  Other systems we use have 9 types, a few have 16 types and others have 48 types which all need to be considered. 


When these market systems are researched and used in conjunction with our Brand—ID, Design and Advertising techniques, Communiqué Stratégie and Network Theory, a clear surefire approach reveals itself. We will hit our target, squarely between the eyes 9 times out of 10.

The only time we, as a company, have faced any difficulty hitting only 9 times out of ten instead of ten out of ten, is because the proprietor or board of directors “wants to do it their way.” It’s their mistake but they then blame us, 😀


We also use ancient Esoteric Theory in our Specialized Market Analysis. 

For example….

Nature follows a very particular pattern
(Fibonacci Sequence).
fibonacci Golden Mean  fibonacci plant


The seasons follow a very particular pattern
(Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter).
four seasons


Human development follows a very particular pattern as well
(Child, Teenager, Adult, Senior).


How these patterns are used to create a great, long-lasting company and brand goes through a very particular pattern. It’s not random nor creative and some pieces of the puzzle are solely based on mathematics and science. It does require discipline on behalf of the proprietor(s) to carry the Brand.

This isn’t something marketers learn in school. This isn’t something designers, branders and advertisers are taught either. You won’t read about it on your blogs, in INC magazine, WIRED or in the NYTimes. And you won’t find the keys to our system on bookshelves at Barnes and Nobles or in your checkout on Amazon.

Many haven’t a clue and wouldn’t think to look in the directions we have finding highly relevant and subconscious markable information.

It’s all Neurochemical and it is as natural as the world in which we live. Just as we all have to abide by the laws of gravity, speed and velocity, aging and entropy, the laws of the Neurochemical are very much the same.

If you and your team could do it, you wouldn’t need to hire us. 🙂

BinkNyc Culture, Neurochemical

The people who have paid for the Neuroletter subscription will see, use and apply these patterns in nature and how it reflects with measurable increases in wealth with companies and brands you want to grow to a greater, more extensive audience. Using Network Theory requires users to understand and approach the HUBs in any network for faster and a more certain engagement. This is something any company that is selling people, places or thing wants access to and have in their possession.

We do suggest that if you want to learn this Neurochemical system piece by piece for yourself or a company you work for, click and read the link below.


Neurochemical, BinkNyc, Breuk IversenClick the image to see what else you get.



BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.

Neurochemical BinkNyc

“We did more to promote
Williamsburg | Brooklyn
than anyone else alive.”

Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc, 11211, Astoria, Williamsburg, NYC, Neurochemical





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