You’ve Just 8 Seconds to Suck Me In.

Nick Zedd, Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc

I’d be willing to bet you will fare better than the average.



BinkNyc Culture

This chart above takes longer than 8 seconds to read. If one didn’t bother to finish reading it all, no worries, they’re probably basic. This is the type of hard data we love at BinkNyc to make solid, measurable and great creative business decisions for our clients.

Because it works.

Here’s the website.
We stole it from these guys.
Hey, we only steal from the best. >

BinkNyc Research

Does this information seem useful? It should.

Look at the internet browsing statistics on the chart above. It reads that it’s best to have 111 words or less on each web page (49%). 

Question is: What is the first sentence of your website?
8 seconds is all people have time for nowadays. Did you get them or lose them?

Here’s what this guy has to say on the matter:

BinkNyc Culture, neurochemical


Do you have a great illustration or image? You must have great copy that compels someone to pull the reader in and read the next sentence. Does it work on a mobile phone?

We have the questions. You have the answers. Then, we provide a solution. It’s that simple. Give a call. We can yell and scream if you want. 😀

Have a great day. ❤

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What We Do Do.
(Neurochemically-Charged messaging)



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