In America, BRANDS are trusted items whereas designs, communications and advertising are NOT. This is why the branding always comes first.

Clients that work with my business partners and I now understand that there are four components to promoting any business. There is also a very particular order in which it should be presented and addressed publicly:
• Branding
• Design
• Communications
• Advertising

And in that order…



In short, Branding any business (person, place or thing) is developing a protocol for the shared beliefs you have with your primary customer. It’s also when you personify a business into a specific personality type which aligns with a particular VALs & MBTI lifestyle market. Design(s) are logos, menus, website, interior aesthetics and visual presentation. Communications is critical in conveying a Brand (persona) and Design (aesthetic). Advertising (aka social media) are when the first three components are perfectly aligned and you are ready for business sales.

If you have 100 or 1,000 plates to prepare for parties or catering from the Kitchen (in-house or delivery), your staff should be prepared, trained and ready.


Case Study

I executed this operational system for Sweet Janes Ice Cream tripling her business the first year but only doubling it the second year. I explained to Dino and Athena why it was only double and not triple in 2016. It was her decision-making.

Sweet Janes was only opened two years and still maintains a 4.9 Facebook rating (35 reviews) and 4.5 Yelp rating (158 reviews) and 4.7 on Google (33 reviews). Please read the reviews about her products. The ice cream reviews are excellent as I was responsible hiring two chefs to do the ice creams in-house (a French woman and a Greek gent from The Bonnie). But do take notice of the employee (service) reviews and this is one reason why the reviews came out pretty excellent.

Employees were all trained in light NLP techniques and they learned how to disarm upset customers from both a psychological and Neurochemical stand point. They learned to “Do the right thing.” You’ll find the manual a pretty impressive employee tool. There’s no other manuals like it anywhere in the US to my knowledge. It not only requires that all employees are on-point all the time but it makes them actually want to do it. It gives them the drive.

The motivation for the employees to learn the techniques in the manual is that it is also applicable and infinitely helpful to them in their lives— personally and professionally.


The Fix

What if we get the 50% percentile below 10% or even less? That means more good reviews, more business, more parties, and more money. When a restaurant has a good or great reputation (and system in place), people gravitate like flies to fly paper.

When employees are trained and confident their whole lives improve and as a customer, you feel it. It takes the dining out experience to a whole new level.


The Public

I can bring a thousand people to your restaurant in a week. HOWEVER, if you can’t handle the business flow, mess up orders, make people wait too long or unable to fulfill each and every customer’s want, desire and need, what good does that do for the business? None. I like to think of priming each new customer as a walking, living, breathing, thinking and feeling advertisement for your business.

You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression.

The absolute worst thing you can do is either lie to the media (and people) or not be able “To do what you say you are going to do.”

Not only that but it lacks Philotimo.


People not only dislike accidental deception tremendously, they will actually and purposely go out of the way to warn others about you.

Never allow you customers to become passionate about telling negative stories about your business while you ACTUALLY gave them a GOOD excuse to feel like they are helping others at the same time.

This is what the manual and one-on-one training fixes. Each employee session is one hour long. The best part is that it is designed to go directly into their subconscious so it becomes a part of their lives as a person as well as an employee. It becomes a part of them and their awareness particularly at the restaurant.


Success or Failure*

A Restaurant’s Public Reputation is critical to its success. I offer the best possible control over your reputation. The only way I WILL FAIL is if the partners don’t support the changes that are BOTH strongly suggested and highly advised. That, or the old staff doesn’t want to do the extra work needed to secure future success. I’ll need your help so I don’t fail. My success is only measured in my clients success.

The money you pay me is a representation of the trust you’ve placed in my hands. I won’t let you down. Please don’t let me down.