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5 reasons you want a Publicist

1: You Want Exposure. 
In order to sell anything, your audience will have to know about it.

Most companies fall into only two categories; Products or Services. The methods for publicizing the two categories are very different worlds and use very different techniques. The audience differs and so does the way people respond to the message(s). Also, services generally do far better with illustration whereas products require photography. 

You are pretty certain that you know what you are doing so what’s the problem? 


Here’s an infographic, with facts, to consider:

Social Media v. Traditional Media

[ *CPM is cost per thousand ]

Social V. Tradtional Media

A publicist exposes you through all kinds of media. With a good one, you will get the chance to tell the world whatever it is they should know about you. Without one, you are just like everyone else. 


2: Traditional Advertising Is Expensive
Advertisements are influential, important and somewhat necessary. The question is: Where do you put an Advertisement today, newspapers, magazines, TV or radio? 

Advertising is an excellent way to inform the public about why they want your product or service. Advertising comes at a substantial price. Ads in even local magazines can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Printing is still expensive.    

The bad side is that the public already knows that: If it looks and smells like an ad, IT‘S AN AD. The public also knows that the ad is coming straight from the business, so they lose reliability and considerable trust, right from the onset. 

Through the use of quality publicist you can reach the audience for a fraction of the cost. People read editorials and not necessarily ads.  Once you consider the cost and credibility factors, you’ll see that it is a way more cost-effective, efficient and longer lasting from of messaging.

Consider writing a longer article about your business instead. We do this for you, contact the media, pitch the story, wine and dine writers and get you more exposure than you may ever do yourself. 


3: Do it Yourself?  When you have the time.
There are a thousand things to do before one achieves any notable success. If you are marketing then you are not working on your business.

Publicity is very time consuming. There are many words to speak, people to meet, sentences to write and ideas to create. Very few people have the time to handle this effectively. Effective Advertising, Branding, Communications and Design are specialized fields taking years before mastery. A publicist takes your mind off of the promotional aspect of your business so that you can do what it is that you do best: YOUR WORK.


4: Executing a Media Campaign?
Very few people know what they need to do to successfully launch a powerful and expansive Media Campaign. The time spent learning the procedure, tactics and secrets could take years. In addition to the probability of failing, to get what you need out of the media, is not worth the money you save trying to be your own publicist. No one respects this.

Publicists see things from a different point of view—and not just from the company’s perspective. It is vital to see everything from your client/customer’s standpoint. When you address this properly they come to you instead of you begging and asking for them.


5: Adds Credibility.
“Have your people contact my people.”

Believe it or not, having a publicist boosts your credibility. This are basically two reasons for this.

First, it shows that you are serious about your product or service. If you did not believe you could be a success, you would not hire someone and pay for them to tell the world about it.  This is obvious.
Second, it also makes you look and feel important, which in turn gives you the confidence you need to thrive. It also gives you the time to provide the best service and product improvements needed to keep your client/customer’s in the loop.

I know we said 5 Reasons but we are feeling generous today.

Bonus Reason

6: We Qualify You.  

Alex (06)

You never want to qualify yourself.  You Want A Publicist to do this for you.

It seems polite enough for a man to offer to buy a woman a drink at a bar. What he is really telling her is that he is willing to pay or buy the time she spends with him. This unwittingly communicates: “I will buy you a drink if you stay here and talk to me, please.”  This approach is a less drastic form of begging.  

You’ll want us to qualify you for you. Call, text or e-mail to find out what this is. We are here to help.




Call when ready.
Have some questions ready for us.
We have answers and can propose a plan.


Thank you.


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