Neurochemical: The Math (of Success)

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Wise Choice!

There’s a huge difference between someone who wants to be a King or Queen and someone who wants to be Rich.

You can’t be both.

If you chose the $ sign, then you chose to be Rich. Know that most millionaires are millionaires because they went with a business that people wanted.

Being Rich is the better of the two options. The King and Queen have to pay everybody to do their bidding.

The Rich person makes sure the money keeps coming into the bank. The Rich person understands that their job is to NOT talk, but listen. The Rich person takes action by producing services or products that serve their audience’s needs, wants and desires. They act in service to the King or Queen and have less of an ego and want to learn.

Finally, the true King or Queen knows that they are there to act in service of their kingdom.

If you want to be Rich, watch this illuminating 10 minute video to see the real motivations behind people’s decisions and maybe this uncovers your personal; hidden agenda. Then, read the article below at your discretion.



Neurochemical: The Math of Success

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He is rather tall, bald, wears thick black framed glasses and is menacing.

A Madison Avenue Media Planner recently said: “We are scrambling around like chickens without heads.  No one know what to do.

I offered, point blank; “It’s because the ad agencies aren’t listening. They are in the ignore business.

He said, “I know. No one knows where to put the money. And now in recent years, the ad dollar that used to work has begun to fail.

[ Psssst, social media. ]

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She was cute, frantic and scattered with beautiful red hair.  

A prospective client recently said: “If only I could get on NPR and say what I have to.  People would be knocking down my door.”

“Why, because You listen to NPR?” I asked.

“Yes.  Everybody does,” she said.

“Well, according to the statistics I can get for you through the Mass Media community, this isn’t true“.

Her eyes glazed over.

I continued: “NPR charges money for those spots you hear and how many episodes are aired ($3-4k). Instead of calling them advertisers, they call them Underwriters“.

Her eyes glazed even deeper. She previously had no idea that this was the case.

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His is well-built, stocky, but, in shape and walks gracefully like a dancer. 

A former client in the physical service business recently said:
“We have a new website, what do you think?

I said: “None of the language from Brand—ID we did is on the site.

“Yes, we let the web designer do what he wanted to. We think it’s great.

“Ok.  So, how is that going?

“It’s not really doing that much.” he said.

“I see.”

——————– : ) ———————-

I made the point. They missed it.  It’s all about Listening. 😀

Is this my fault?  The answer is a resounding, Yes.  It means there was a gap between the scientific facts I’ve presented and their ability to retain, grasp it and use it. This is my fault but, not entirely.  

The BLOCK is in their belief system and way they understand branding and marketing. This novice education has gotten in the way. They only 1/2 believe me and 1/2 half don’t.

Larger companies DON”T have the same problem. Why? They are NOT emotionally attached to their brand. They are there to make money. They brand their product or service to their customer, not themselves.   

A Brand is and should NOT be an extension of you. It could be but, then you become the brand. It’s cool if you want to dress like Mr T everyday of your life.



A Brand is a service or product that
serves an audience, not your audience,
per se, AN AUDIENCE.

A Brand is an Experience.

It is NOT a logo, website, business card or brochure. It is a feeling that your customer or client is left with—a memory.

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I’m happy to give you some comp’ed suggestions. If you’re smart, and I think you are, you’ll try it. If you are smarter than I, and you very well might be, you already know this and are doing it.

It’s a math problem.   It is also a media problem.


Because many business owners grew up in the day when TV, radio, and newspapers mattered. They are now looking on these mediums for answers. The mass media doesn’t have it.

These aggressive and pastime mediums:

  • are no longer valid.
  • are in the SALES business and the business of selling stuff.
  • are serving the 45+ crowd.


Here’s the problem.

For the last 150 years, everything was fine. It went something like this:
Put an ad in the newspaper, radio or on TV, get ready by the telephone. 

Those days are long gone. Today, Social Media, the Computer and Internet have taken over.

  • National TV viewership: 20M users (monthly)
  • YouTube, Facebook and Twitter: 300M users (daily)

The internet a “HOT” medium. In fact, it is the only medium to use. And it’s 30Xs more frequented than the TV. Radio is still cheap. TV spots are now relatively cheap.  Newspapers are getting much cheaper. That’s because they are ineffective mediums compared to Social Media and the Internet. Why? Because the TV, Radio and Newspapers have collapsed.


It is a ONE—WAY medium. You can try to talk back to it, but, no one will listen.

Madison Avenue is slowly catching up and now making the adjustments needed. They are trying to streamline something that can’t be streamlined, or can it?

Years ago, you could toss $72,000 and place a full page ad in the NY Times and make your money back, plus profit. Today you are lucky to break even. It’s all in Social Media because that’s where everyone is today. They’re not on TV, listening to the radio or in the newspapers.

*8 Considerations to “ADVERTISING” your business:
  1. Don’t bullshit people.  They resent it and know you are talking down to them.  They’re not morons.
  2. Tell client/customers: “What’s in it for them.”  No one really cares about you and what you sell or think unless there is something in it for them.
  3. Buying decisions are emotional, first.  Don’t try to sell someone and assume they should buy it through logic.
  4. They buy when they want to AND Not when you’re ready to sell it.  Be there and be remembered when they are ready to buy.
  5. Social Media is giving you the answers to “What’s in it for them“.  TV, Radio and Newspapers are not.
  6. Ad, Brand and Marketing books, schools, classes won’t help.  They are interested in selling you their stuff and books.
  7. Major corporations use Branding Systems.  These systems are not available to the public whom they are selling to.
  8. Interact with people.  Care about their concerns and ask them questions.  They will give you the answers you seek.



Here’s are the basic Math and your complimetary gift:

90-95% of your ALL conscious decisions are both emotional and subconscious first.
56% of people are Visually disposed.
28% understand and experience the world through Kinesthetic senses.
16% do the same through their ears and considered Audio.   

If your product is visually appealing, it will sell 56% more.  If you have a service and this it isn’t ‘visual’, try applying more visual imagery through the use of words to make it so. This increases your outreach by 56%. Check it and try it.

This is only a tiny tad of what we do in a Neurochemical process.

What is subconscious and emotional is Neurochemical.

  • This is 90% of all sales that are made.  
  • Rational decision making is self-justified emotions disguised as thought.  
  • Human decision making is much, much more complex.      

Have a great day. Hope this was helpful… 🙂


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