Mayoral Race

So, many of you already know
that I attempted to help some
of the Mayoral Candidates
who were running for
Mayor of NYC.


I wanted to make money.
It didn’t matter to me if I crossed the Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Independent party lines—not at all.  I unsubscribe to these pre-defined categories because none of them appear to encompass me and who I am. Call me, selfish.


Two reasons:

Reason #

  1. Because our last NYC mayor took a $1 a year salary, stayed in office for 12 years and took his personal net worth from $4 billion to $48 billion in that time.
    Now, a mayor that takes a $1 a year salary (12 years = $12) and somehow amasses an average increase in net worth to the tune of $4 billion a year, is…um… special.

    Reason #
  2. Some days I wake up a pacifist and ten minutes later after the very first cup of coffee, I’m a Democrat. After the second cup, I’m a Conservative.  If I have three cups, I become a staunch Republican.  Later, after lunch and a power nap, I’m Liberal-minded.
    As the afternoon wears on, I drift into the evening as an Independent. Before bed, a Pacifist again but, should company come over, who happens to be a female, I’m capable of other things. 😀
    I could easily be committed for not taking a party STAND and have been criticized by family and friends for not choosing one or another.  Honestly, I’d hate to wake up and be the same exact thing, everyday, all day.  I have a bowl of moral fiber each morning and read a verse from the Tao Te Ching (amongst the most translated works in world literature).[1]


Mayor of NYC
I met only Joe Lhota and John Catsimatidis, once each, on two separate occasions en route to their campaigning last year. Months before Christine Quinn was far out in the lead.  At one point, so was Anthony Weiner.

I’d like to only address the loser and why he lost. His name: Joseph Lhota.

Joe’s campaign managers were a ‘somewhat’ talented team.  I can spare you the name dropping as it won’t serve any purpose here.

The way they ran the campaign was like a 1970s, old school political race.  They completely ignored all the new forms of Social Media: Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.  Note: If you are projecting a company or politician out into the public, you are going to need a Publicist that uses new media.  That is, if you want to survive and/or grow quickly.

A politician becomes a Brand—ID campaign attached to a human being.  At the very least, they should be. They should see themselves as a brand that caters to a certain audience first because that’s what people buy.  Brands are neither a logo or website, brochure or business card.  It’s the image and impression that people are left with as an eXperience or through an interaction. 


Joe’s Campaign failed to:

  • engage people through Social Media (SM).
  • use SM and thought that being on TV was more powerful than being on Facebook or Twitter (contrary to popular belief, SM has 15Xs more users).
  • grasp the idea that ‘what he thinks’, is NOT what 73% of NYers wanted.
  • revive the past ideologies because “Time, Space, Technology & Planet Earth” are moving forward in time, not backward.
  • realize that TV, Newspapers, and Radio are not where people are in 2013-14 and a new campaign approach was definitely in order.

So what could they have done instead:

  1. Research the NYC psycho-markets and NYC mindset better
    (know and be what they, NYers want).
  2. Direct the campaign toward people’s ideals irrespective of the campaigner’s true political intentions or aims.
  3. Determine who you ‘have’ as voters and ‘whom’ you need to hook.
  4. Get your brain out of your own brain and into their brains.
  5. Understand ALL the Sociological and Psychological components.
  6. Develop a political person as a Brand; “The Lhota”.
  7. Study and Test the findings (1, 3, 5) first and develop a fulfillment process.
  8. Try three creative ideas to test market and see which one hooks better.
  9. Launch the campaign.

• Know that you did the research, math and homework.
• Know that you understand what people are looking for.
• Train each and every staff member as to what “The Lhota” Brand is and does.


This gets done by noting People’s: Lifestyles, Values, Disposition, and you then create an easily replicated campaign.  Locating people’s hidden wants and desires is the absolute first order of business.  This Hidden Agenda accounts for 90-95% of their decision making process.  Neglecting it only means disaster.

Having someone manage it assures the message is consistent. Conveying a message should be based on the science and mathematical findings, not on guesswork and intuition or ego.  A Brand Manager assures that every person, telephone conversation, letter, and e-mail that leaves his office has the Brand—ID message and one which addresses the subconscious, emotional aspects of audience targeted is ideal.

Then there are about 70 other things to do after that.


 *   *   *   *   *   *   *


As Joe wanted to instill “his personal preferences and ideas” on the public, NYC political forums, etc…, we at BinkNyc only wanted to know one thing:
“How is that workin’ out for ya.” 

A politician, like a company or corporate Brand, will want to know and meet their market where THAT MARKET IS first.

We knew Joe would be a surefire loser once he publicly stated: “Walmart would be great for NYC, it would bring 300 new jobs to the city.  This city needs more jobs.” This disconnect of the local mindset is cavernous.  His numbers in the polls dropped the very next day.

Our team at BinkNyc Culture might have still be able to fix this! The bandwidth and memory of the typical NYC voter is like that of a goldfish. 🙂


A friend quipped: “Ugly you can fix, stupid is forever.” (Suzy Kline)


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In Closing

In all honesty, NO one likes a Con Man who doesn’t at least know what we think we want.  Once you get elected and in office, then a politician can do what they want to.  You first have to win to do this.

What Joe missed was that NO ONE cares about what Joe is, thinks or does.  What they do care about is: “What can Joe do for ME?”  He missed this ‘idea’ by a long shot and created one of the largest landslide victories for his opponent in NYC Mayoral history.  .

 *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I generally pay little attention to “The Elephant and Pony Show” except when drawn toward some real sporting entertainment.  They say: “It’s the Greatest Show on Earth.”



This entry has
a special
Design Bonus:

Below are 4 actual screenshots I took July 1, 2013 at 7:50AM.
They were taken right off The New York Times website:
(Quinn, Lhota, de Blasio, Catsimatidis)


Who looks like the bigger man? You think the New York Times might be a little biased?  Lol…

You gotta ♥ this town.

De Blasio looks larger than life. He’s so BIG that the camera couldn’t fit all of him in there.

The images weren’t stacked like they are above.  It was originally presented on the NYTimes website as a slideshow.

Graphically: Cropping an image like this makes HUGE difference in perception.

This would also leave a biased impression in a viewer’s subconscious mind (where 90-95% of our conscious decisions are made).  Any good photographer knows this drill. We learned about cropping in art school.

At the end of the day, Mayor de Blasio gave NYC a well-versed, well-calculated Brand to his public gaining 73% of the NYC Mayoral vote.  It doesn’t hurt to have a little subconscious, media bias from the NYTimes on your side either.

Personally, I’d cast my vote for Lao Tzu author of the Tao Te Ching.  He’s been dead for over 2,500 years.  Maybe he’ll return someday.  😀  I’m not going to wait.


Thank you for reading!


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