E-Expert Positioning

Positioning in local markets can be challenging sometimes. Years can go by and 💥 BAM💥 a competing business opens up too close for comfort and has you a little worried. Worse, a big brand franchise with a cheaper offering opens within the immediate area.
What will happen to your legacy and legendary status? Everyone tries the new business just because it is a new business. Your customers are GOING TO WALK IN and try it. Even if they say they love you.
You’ve never done advertising before or ever needed to for that matter. Now you are compelled to do it to take an advantage.
It’s scary when this happens. Your livelihood is at stake. You could lose some or lose it all.
You may as well forget about TV, Radio and Newspapers. These mediums were never affordable to small business owners. Maybe you need a write up. So you send your local media Press Releases and they don’t call you back. You’ve been rejected or worse, ignored.
The truth is, today these old advertising mediums are dying in the face and shadow of the internet and social media. That’s the bad news but it is also the good news.

(See here: Social Media v. Traditional Media).


You can call us but you have a family member in the Social Media or Digital business. Maybe they can help. You can SAVE a few hundred bucks a month because they’ll do it for you for free. 

One excellent way to publicize your business digitally on the internet and Social Media is through infographics.

The reason for an infographic’s effectiveness is because it is sharable, useful and informative content. Most important is that it stays up on the internet forever. It gains equity in time and ages like a fine wine.
Maybe you have: 
  • Real-live (and sourced) information which is valuable.
  • Information that your clients should know, but don’t.
  • Things truly compelling and interesting about your industry.
  • Helpful tips your clients don’t know that they should.
  • Why your business protects or improves a customers life.
Let’s see, meet or speak and see what can be done. The truth is we GUARANTEE our results and can blow away the competition. This is what we do and after 25 years, we’ve only gotten better at it and more effective.
We did an infographic for US Acupuncture because no one had thought to do so at the time. It’s a lot of work but well worth the time and effort.
Acupucture Infographic
We may be able to do a ‘partnership’.  It’s a great way to spread the word about you, your services, products and/or company. We would get a ‘designed by…’ credit line at the bottom of the graphic.
Here’s an example:
About a year ago I did an infographic for Williamsburg | Brooklyn. Today it still shows up on the first page in Google. We’ve had hits on our site everyday, ever since.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, InfoGraphic, 11211 ZIP Code, 11211 Magazine, Breuk Iversen, Nikos Katsanevakis, BinkNyc.com, 11211.com

Williamsburg | Brooklyn

As long as you keep your website active, the infographic stays there in Google. It’s just that easy.

Well, not all that easy really…  We happen to know a great deal about SEO but, that’s another story for another day.

.BinkNyc UX
Neurochemical Infographic, BinkNyc Brand—ID
Drop us an e-line, give us an e-call, let’s talk e-business.
Thank you,


To connect direct.
A S T O R I A   •   N E W   Y O R K   •   W I L L I A M S B U R G           (718) 5786613        BinkNyc@gmail.com

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