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Partial Client List

BinkNYC clients, Disciplined Beauty,
Disciplined Beauty and BinkNyc clients


Here’s a client’s case study for a butcher in Astoria in Queens.$87,800-in-6-weeks/

Here’s some previous clients:

Here’s a Greatest Hits (portfolio): 

Greatest Hits:

Website (copy, content & art direction)

Websites built 

(copy, content & art direction)

(website, logo, art direction, copy)

The Staten Island Film Festival 

PANDEMIC Poem Video:

Some Video Work: (2019-2020)


Wealth & Legacy Group

SI-nyc Agency (defined)



Something New (for Staten Island): 

(2020 (in conjunction with Schneps Communications (Queens))  

Intro to Pizza Contest @ Flagship Brewery

Café Via Espresso (Astoria) 

Previous Clients (case studies): $87,800 in 6 weeks (Queens Meat – Astoria) a 200 300% Increase (Sweet Janes – Astoria) 90k in 90 days ( (on Staten Island) 

NYC Architecture Media History

Other Stuff


This is a list of press, in case you cared to know.

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