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Breuk Iversen,

Creative Director & Writer

Some people love watching sports. Others love playing sports. As a designer, writer, brander, and AdMan, I love helping clients make more money. It’s as simple as that. It’s just a simple fact.

I love what I do, just like the people who are passionate about playing or watching sports.

Some people are beyond perplexed at what you can and can not do with promoting their business. There is an arsenal of weapons I possess steeped in neuroscience which is used to get measurable results. These weapons are applied to client projects.

Sometimes when a business has their “t”s crossed and “i”s dotted, all they need are a couple of time tested techniques used in advanced copywriting, art directing images and deep psychological branding. The more advanced techniques came to me over a ten year period of test • trial • test • trial • etc… For a decade, I mostly stayed home, studied, and read neuro-scientific and detailed, academic research papers having to do with the human mind and how it actually works.

The neuroscience basis for this well-researched examinations were derived at by using EEG and fMRI machines. So for the first time in human history we are actually witnessing startling new insight with solid, conclusive evidence and it’s something that can be recorded and seen on a screen. I actually did this for myself to be a better designer, writer and AdMan to serve my clients better than ever before. By applying the psychological findings in neuroscience directly to advertising and branding design has produced some incredible results. My clients know this and continue to receive the benefits of increased revenue even many years later. Moreover, the findings offered by neuroscience are counter to many antiquated marketing techniques which most would logically consider “good and sound marketing.”  In applying these new neuro-scientific methods to businesses via advertising and branding are strange methods that would never seem to “logically” work in a hundred years, by previously set standards. Yet the client(s) have generated increased revenue previously thought impossible.

One of the possible explanations I say for this is that many Americans have often fallen subject to the brilliance of deep American branding in ways they can’t even see. So when they hear something like “95% of the day we use a habitual subconscious brain to function in our day to day activity” it freaks people out. Then when I tell them: “Moreover, 90% of our day we are making emotional decisions and NOT rational ones,” they are in utter disbelief!  They can’t seem to get this reality. So we can forget about applying advanced methods. The automatically resort to their comfort zones and what is most familiar.

This whole Neurochemical thing is a scary notion for most people. My clients have reported shaking fingers when they send out an e-mail I’ve written for them. They initially had their doubts as I pressed to convince them and the successful ones have taken a dive into a whole new way of marketing their services or products. I invited them to jump and they dove off the cliff. In fact, it’s a little horrifying in those initial moments for them. The strangest part is that these applied techniques actually work exceptionally well. See these: cases.

The application of these Neuro-Psychological techniques regarding the mind are far more reliable in neuroscience (fMRIs and EEGs), research papers than reading psychology books and similar acedemic case studies. In fact, there will soon come a day when the Freudian will read like the mythology of Ancient Greece. Back then, Zeus was real to the Greeks.

As a result of this obsessive study of mine, the work I do today generally triples the money someone pays me with ease. Now, this can’t happen in EVERY SINGLE CASE, because people acting out of their subconscious minds 95% of the time will derail the Neurochemical techniques without them even consciously realizing it. Yeah, it’s a bitch, but it works with most of the ones I can call clients.  The other times it doesn’t work is when a client can’t wear the bigger shoes I invite them to wear. That, or the approach and application I offer is just too far outside their comfort zones.

I can’t call it Neurochemical anymore. People have a problem with remembering the term or what it means. I can see the client’s eyes glaze over when I say Neurochemical. They’ve never heard of a  Neurochemical and some even suspect that I’m trying to trick them. Today I simply call this newly acquired skill set Publicity.

Ask me and I’ll tell you that I’m just a publicist. It’s easier for people to hear this one word rather than what I actually do: Guide the Neurochemical responses via neuropeptides in the human mind by creating a different behavior and response  to my clients’ products or services. Then, the clients that do employ the visual stimuli and audio messaging techniques begin to make themselves much more money. 

You might be saying to yourself “But, this sounds difficult and dangerous.” The truth is, sometimes it is. Did you brain melt yet? Some find it too much to take in. 😊


Breuk Iversen (2002)

Breuk Iversen (2002)

I have a lengthy list of credentials but that isn’t what excites me. I am much more excited to work for clients, new and old and create avenues for healthy revenue streams. I do this only for businesses that I believe in. My clients will never be businesses that hurt or harm other people. I will NOT work for really large companies where CMOs and other marketing strategists would have access to this Neurochemical technology. I don’t know who else will use it and for what purposes. I keep all the information of data I have on servers with NO ACCESS to the internet.

I really love helping small business owners increase their profit margin. I do this for a living. I truly appreciate my life every single day.

Thank you,


Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen (2016)

[ Here’s some Neurochemical writing ]

Hey. Who cares.
When “Breuk” writes a list of all his accomplishments, he sounds egotistical. Really egotistical. No one likes an egotistical ass. Sure, he impresses a handful of people once in a blue moon but most people end up feeling either intimidated or annoyed.

To minimize the egoism that comes with all this self-talk and grandstanding the question is “Can he list all his wizardry and accomplishments without sounding like a braggart?

No. Well, maybe yes but he hasn’t figured that out yet. All he wants to say is: “I work magic for my clients. I can only make them the money they will allow themselves to make.” Their limitation becomes a company limitation.

Here are his greatest hits: The Rest is History.

He wonders if maybe that this approach is more approachable. You can tell him what you think by e-mailing him directly:

Or call (718) 578-6613

Breuk Iversen, Branding Brooklyn

Starting from Scratch

In 1995, Breuk garnered an award-winning boutique design firm, Disciplined Beauty his second semester at School of Visual Arts, (SVA). In 2000, he founded 11211 Magazine promoting over 3,500 businesses in Williamsburg | Brooklyn (11211) and printed over 548,000 copies in six years.  Also published and/or produced under 11211 was The Box Map (2002)Appetite, The North Brooklyn Business Association, 10003 Magazine and Fortnight; the “pocket-sized”, bi-weekly event listing guide which influenced the L Magazine. Blah, blah, blabittiy, blahhh.

[11211 Magazine]

From 2000-2006 he produced and circulated, 548,000 copies, weighing 130 tons, and enough paper to cover 3/4s of Central Park. Ask him about this. He did the math and measured an 8.5” sheet and multiplied it over acreage. That’s how he knows. He also agrees with you if you find this a strange thing for someone to do. He never said he WASN’T STRANGE.

This 11211 publication was done to (exclusively) promote the Williamsburg 11211 Zip Code. In this time, literally 1000s of successful and cutting-edge print ad campaigns, magazine editorials, events and internet campaigns were conceived for small to mid-sized companies that were branded under his direction. He’s good like that. 

Today Williamsburg is the premier hub for “Hip Culture and Cool Stuff” drawing 14 million tourists internationally (2012) and the fastest growing real estate boom in Brooklyn’s history.

[ A small example of what Is meant by, “boom”:  In 2000, properties on Bedford Ave. were selling for $300-400K in 2000. Today these same buildings are selling for upwards of $7-10M. ]


Williamsburg | Brooklyn InfoGraphic, 11211, Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc
Williamsburg, Brooklyn: 11211 Infographic (Williamsburg Culture)

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Williamsburg Brooklyn InfoGraphic



Since 2008, his focus has been on adding enormous value to data-driven marketing using advertising, branding and communications design. The basis for this neurochemical technique was uncovered through rigorous research and testing its applications on actual, real-time client businesses with startling success (see here).

This ‘Neurochemical’ idea was recently accepted by the American Association of Advertising Agencies  (4A’s iLab) sharing his system with advertising agencies; OgilvyBBDOHorizon Media and RG/A.  The full scope of all BinkNyc projects is focused on the sole purpose of increasing the clients’ profit margin.

Over the last 24 years, Mr. Iversen has taken a very innovative approach to Digital, Social Media, Branding and Advertising. He’s currently a founding partner at BinkNycand lives in (or on) Staten Island and works there, in Manhattan, Williamsburg | Brooklyn and Astoria, Queens.



Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc,
11211 Magazine founder and publisher, Breuk Iversen is listed among one of the 120+ most prolific designers of all time.


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