AntiMarketing: One Meeting Strategy

We use 86 TENETS
for a business to be
assured success. It
is called:
The Neurochemical.


It may sound unbelievable to say something like “business” and “assured success” in the same sentence but, if you glance at our case studies, you can see the results.

Consequently, not only do the companies we work with succeed, but they survive challenges presented by competitors while doubling or tripling their business.


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You may be asking yourself “How is this possible?
Well, the short answer is Humans are much more
malleable, predictable and subject to influence
then most of us think

Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc, Brooklyn

We start this journey with Research.
Here are some samples we’ve previously
used for the case study below:

DemoGraphic LifestylesInstitutions Used

My business partner and I attended a few meetings with a potential new client. They are a credit card processing company. The client was having a hard time grasping some of the concepts we presented called the Neurochemical. Nevertheless, they were intrigued by the ideas we presented.

Since that hadn’t hired anyone else yet, we were still in the running. The problem was we were charging twice the amount of the competing companies.

They were fascinated with a few tests and surveys we gave them. The surveys are there to give us insight into a brief psychological analysis. We tested the President and Vice-President of the company first. What we found from the results was if these “decision makers” were built and prepared for success. One was and other wasn’t. This could present a problem since both of them would have a final say on the decisions we would take.

We then discussed their budget, a payment schedule, and who was who on their current staff. We would later request, if hired, that employees and clients take similar survey.

We are Process based. These are always the first steps we take toward approaching any new project. We find taking these steps are both critical and necessary.

Once we are hired, we have Charles Costa handle the deeper, more thorough research.

Then when we have the research together, we apply:

Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc, 11211, Astoria, Williamsburg, NYC, Neurochemical

At long last, the client was ready and asked us to come to a final meeting with the proposal and contract. They were ready to sign.

PLEASE NOTE: Our bid was twice the amount of all the other design, advertising or marketing firms. Apparently, the cases and methodical approach we presented was convincing enough, we thought. Besides that, we all got along splendidly. That also counts.

Once we arrived, the President informed us said that there was some bad news. They weren’t going to sign up with us unless we dropped the price by half.

They even presented and shared all of the other bids from our competing suitors. I mentioned again that this price drop would be impossible for us to do since we set a price based on hours, days and weeks of work. I also said: “In the end, we generate measurable results. The price we set is the price.”

Have NO Fear

I stood up and started to fold the cover to my laptop and packed up my pen and paper and said: No problem. In all the research we’ve done so far, we’ve found 30 other competitors at the same level as and in a similar situation as your business, I’m certain one of them will be more than happy to work with us.

Stunned, the President stood up and said: Please sit down. We’ll sign this right now. pointing down at the contract. He told his assistant: Get me the checkbook.

We didn’t fall for their bluff. The room was all warm and fuzzy again. Smiles abounded. My partner was still stunned.

We charged this client a conservative five-digit number only to have them sell both the brand and a business plan for seven figures within six months to a major processing company. It was their right to do so, so there’s no argument there. We know and have learned that the work we do can add tremendous value in the right hands.

Much later on when the Vice-President (a 30 year marketing guru) first read their new Branding campaign, he smiled and said: Good God! This is like branding and marketing on steroids and crack. [ March 8, 2013 ]

We couldn’t have agreed more.

This was a great compliment.

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