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A business’s bottom line is to increase profit.
There are ways in which this happens. It’s a combination of knowing the science behind the human being in a culture and then executing the plan.

BinkNyc Culture

“You can’t just ask customers what they want
and then try to give that to them.
By the time you get it built,
they’ll want something new.”

— Steve Jobs

BinkNyc uses scientifically conducted surveys over the last 50-75 years of Advertising by “think tanks”, some of America’s leading educational institutions and prominent psychological research labs. We read a lot of journal reports.

One of these studies revealed that it takes, on average, 5-7 points of contact to close a sale.


Triboro PT Astoria, Queens

Queens PT

This particular ad (below) hangs in an exclusive resort in Thailand. The concierge is instructed to direct the customer to the Somalogist’s office. Ads are a combination of an image and text that brings in new or more business.

Each session sells for $150. per hour. Does this ad do this?

Our results showed it had. The client’s testimonial showed that it had too.

Tyr Throne's Somalogy

The story behind it (B2C):
The resort has a “Meet The Spa Practitioners” once a week.  When the client first approached us he was only able to get 2-3 people out of 30 per weekly introductions at the spa.  After rebranding, doing all the research, adjusting the language and presentation, he was getting 28 of the 30 people and became the RockStar among his fellow practitioners.

The client has been since so overwhelmed with the response, he now has a permanent room in the hotel to save the 40 minutes of traveling to and from his home each day.




Below is another type of ad.  It’s a Business to Business (B2B) ‘copy driven, direct mail piece’.  This particular campaign is a series of six postcards.  Each are boldly numbered 1-6 and the idea was based on psychological research into the mindset and MBTI personality types of ‘doctors who are allergists’.

Again, since the research studies we’ve come across showed that it takes,
5-7 points of contact to close a sale, this is why we chose this postcards.

The 1st:

(reverse side)

The 2nd:

(reverse side)

We predicted a 40% increase to be on the safe side. This client’s increase in business is still 63%. When the client is happy, we are happy too.




The 3rd:

This is a new ad we created for a current client. It uses a conversational tone and a couple of other subversive techniques we’ll discuss at a later time. Stay tuned…

If you have an ad you are interested in running or are not 100% sure it will work, call us, we are all ears. If you don’t know what to expect as a return, you run the risk of ‘UNADVERTISING’ your business. There is such a thing.

Even worse than that, you could be subconsciously sending your clients directly to your competition by mistake. There is such a thing as this also.

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