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Bad ads, good ads, BinkNyc, Breuk Iversen

Bad advertising, good advertising.


Breuk Iversen

Aflac Webinar Ad



• 970 LPL SiLive Gif Ad



Ads are NOT supposed to cost you money. Ads are supposed to MAKE you money.

Queens Meat (flags)

Astoria in Queens.

Queens Meat front

Business card for Queens Meat$87,800-in-6-weeks/


If an Advertisement doesn’t make you money, it’s NOT a good ad.


A Client’s ad


Triboro PT Old ad

This was their ad BEFORE


Our Client’s ad



Triboro PT Astoria, Queens


DIGITAL (Bus Shelter)



The above campaign has generated a 36% increase in business. That’s not too shabby.













Your business’s bottom line is to increase its profit. This is what advertising your company is supposed to do. 

Risqué Ads


Sweet Janes FudgeStickle Ad

Sweet Janes ad.

Design: Breuk Iversen

Sweet Janes (Miley ads)

Sweet Janes (ad by BinkNyc)

Sweet Janes (Katy ad)


See the ad below.

Each session sells for $150. per hour. Does the ad below help or hinder this?

The ad resulted in well over a 1500% increase in business. The client’s testimonial said so: (see Tyr Throne).

Tyr Throne's Somalogy


Below is another type of ad.  It’s a Business to Business (B2B) ‘copy driven, direct mail piece’.  This particular campaign is a series of six postcards.  Each are boldly numbered 1-6 and the idea was based on psychological research into the mindset and MBTI personality types of ‘doctors who are allergists’.

Again, since the research studies we’ve come across showed that it takes, 12 points of contact to close a sale, this is why we chose this postcard series.

The 1st postcard:

(reverse side)

The 2nd postcard:

(reverse side)

We predicted a 40% increase to be on the safe side. We were wrong. This client’s increase in business was 63%. When the client is happy, we are happy too.




If you have an ad you are interested in running or are not 100% sure it will work, call us, we are all ears. If you don’t know what to expect as a return, you run the risk of ‘UNADVERTISING’ your business. There is such a thing.

Even worse than that, you could be subconsciously sending your clients directly to your competition by mistake. There is such a thing as this also.

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BinkNyc uses scientifically conducted surveys over the last 50-75 years of Advertising by “think tanks”, some of America’s leading educational institutions and prominent psychological research labs.

We hope you enjoyed this presentation.

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