Triboro PT(Physical Therapy) has been in operation since 2007. 
Triboro is now in business for 12 years but that isn’t that odd? Is it? Nope.

Phillip Serras, P.T. and Rodney Ramirez, P.T. both worked for a PT office in Forest Hills from 2000-2007. Is this odd? Nope.


What’s so odd?


Is it the fact that Phil is Greek and Rodney is Haitian and Dominican? Nope.

How about the fact that both of them are born in Queens? Nope.
Nothing so ODD about all that so far. So, where’s the ODD part?
Coincidentally, as the universe would have it, they both trained in the Netherlands from 1997-1999 (same years) and never met until they both came back to the US, in Queens, in Forest Hills where they worked for 7 years. What are the odds of that happening?
Moreover, what are the odds that they would go into business together?


Well, this isn’t what makes the couple odd.

The odd thing that Phil and Rodney have a very particular way they practice Physical Therapy. They love learning and getting to know each and every one of their patients.
Anytime you go into you either get treatments from Phil, or from Rodney. That’s it. The other places have a farm of practitioners as part of their business model so you never know who is going to treat you this week. Phil and Rodney don’t work that way. They believe in a much better way to care for patients.
They are like the old school, family-style restaurants you find in places like Astoria. Old school Greek restaurants like Stamatis where nearly every night of the week Mr. Stamatis is there. He’s there to meet and greet and may even come over to your table, with a warm smile, to make sure everything is okay. If he’s not there, his wife will be. is the family-style place to go for Physical Therapy. You get to choose from either Phil or Rodney. You will always work with the same 2 people until you are moving as good as new. That’s their brand and that’s their promise. You can call it odd but, it’s just good business.
29-23 24th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11102
T: (718) 606-9513
F: (718) 606-9516



🤒 : Breuk IVersen
🤖 : (718) 578-6613
😍 :

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