QNS achieved more than
5.4 million pageviews in
2016 and set an all-time
monthly pageview record
in March
 of this year, with
more than 700,000 pageviews.


Business owners usually want to know how many “Unique Visitors” a publication  or website has. This is usually measured in a CPM (cost per thousand).

A media outlet wouldn’t play children’s cereal and toys commercials during a prime time TV program that contained adult language and violence. This is what the broadcasting industry means by “programming” when they say it. This programming term has carried over and through to radio and newspapers/magazines. 
BORO Magazine is a “feel good,” geocentric publication that now exists on QNS.com. The programming is skewed by an attempt to create a media hub.
QNS.com features on its homepage mob busts to massive credit card fraud rings as well as openings of new restaurants, young authors, immigration issuestrain shutdowns and rising utility bills. This isn’t programming to a specific target market. I don’t know what it is. It certainly isn’t programming in the traditional sense.
Half of the viewers may care to read about violent content while looking for a feel good piece about a new restaurant opening and the other half do not care. I offered a proposal to address these AIMS:


• revitalize BORO Magazine (online)
• double traffic to 1,400,000 for QNS.com (social platform) by proper programming.
• design a plan for the QNS media empire
(perfectly poised now News media hub)
   – adding greater engagement through social media network (strategy).


Although Schneps Media is growing in leaps and bounds some things are left behind are falling through the cracks. I propose to fix the holes and cracks.
I would recommend doing a small scale research report which can start The Process.
BinkNyc Culture
Charles Costa: digital marketing specialist who has worked with BinkNyc previously and with companies of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to Silicon Valley startups in stealth mode. He recently left working with AirBnb as their content strategist.
QNS.com is generating and has generated a tremendous amount of content. All of this should be adding ample equity to the Brand. The Plan is to:
  •  Increase traffic
  •  Assure articles are properly tagged.


QNS’s future isn’t completely clear
     • Develop an expansion plan.
Audiences (once segmented) are now mixed into one site.
     • Devise plan making info accessible via SEO
Eliminate click throughs
     • Solve: Brand Categories on homepage.
Audience (viewers) could be better served
     • Programming content for specific viewers
Sales could be better and easier
     • Design new media kits (cross platform).
Innovation (moving into the Mobile Era)
     • Social Media planning & content strategy
Scaling boro-wide media platforms
      • once one is done, others become easier.
Systematize plan: viewership daily conversion.
      • developing Word-of-Mouth campaign.
 Phase 1.


1. A 10 page Research Report
(Silicon Valley, AirBnb, high tech PR researcher, Charles Costa) revealing: high traffic areas, trafficked content (types), market ‘white space’ for media ad spends, mobile v. desktop, print v. digital media, Social Media areas of focus, demographics, psychographics, Value, Attitude and Lifestyle. More importantly is how the viewership has defined you. Your advertisers are very telling to clients who you are and whom you serve.
There are media developments we don’t know that we need to know.
2. A QNS Survey to Readers and Advertisers.
A smart and cost effective way to understand what we can do to improve QNS.com is NOT to ask the readers and advertisers but to find out who they are through a series of Surveys*.
        This is NOTHING like holding focus groups* but delves far deeper into the core values of the QNS readership and advertisers. We suggest surveying all the QNS.com staff, then, 30 male and female advertisers and 50 m/f readers. This data will tell us exactly who have been naturally attracted to QNS and how they want to be addressed. We’ll know their cultural ecology. The keywords here are: Cultural Ecology.
[ *Focus Groups gathered for marketing once had been considered a valuable marketing tool for a time. The fact is that it has never worked very well.  This has repeatedly been proven psychologically-scientifically and we can pull hard data from annual reports and ad agencies today. We need only to reference the focus groups hired by Coca-Cola about the millions they lost on New Coke, a fiasco which resulted in losing serious market share and which took years to repair. ] :
2. A 10 page Brand Application Report: 
Applying the Findings through a Protocol 
(Neurochemical Branding, Breuk Iversen) Applying the well-sourced research is imperative to success. This requires a plan of execution; action and steps. A four hour training session for alerting the staff to implement the findings and procedure into the QNS.com format is included in this step. Also the next steps will be to follow up to assure the new protocol is made.
3. E-commerce Solution on QNS.com
The New Big Thing is Here: Social Commerce
With the continuing growth of the QNS.com media platform and a few of the research questions we will ask will reveal (why Big Box stores retail stores are closing in record numbers in the last two years) and where shoppers are now shopping. A billion dollar e-commerce industry is giving rise to a new marketing phenomenon—SHOPPING ONLINE. Now is the time to offer LIC flea and all your advertisers a virtual shopping hub for QNS visitors. QNS.com gets a few cents of every single sale.
• Clients pay a nominal set-up cost.
• Amazon becomes a partner.
A big part of any task execution is employee retention. We will provide a laminated one-page quick resource guide to all the points discussed in the Brand Application Report as an easy reference reminder and reinforcement.
5. QNS.COM Definition
Defining the QNS Brand is of imminent importance. It currently has a loosely held description and this changes from person to person. What is QNS in the industry? Is QNS  the experienced and most reliable one? You can’t be all things to all people. When companies try to do this they often fail. Who you are should be based to some extent on who your target customers want and need you to be. The advertisers follow the best crowd.
Defining the QNS.com brand is like a journey of self-discovery. It can be difficult, time-consuming and uncomfortable. It requires, at the very least, that you answer the question begging to be answered.
  • What is your company’s mission?
  • What are the benefits and features of your products or services?
  • What do your customers and prospects already think of your company?
  • What qualities do you want them to associate with your company?
4. VIdeography
Many of the NEW clients we have want to see their video get 100,000 views as promised. The potential to begin to convert video views into sales is a matter of the effectiveness of the video as a Native Ad tool and Branded Content.

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