Neurochemical: Once upon a Time …

Forest Animals

… in a forest lived a fair and beautiful young maiden. She loved all the animals just as much as they all loved her. She would meet with them and together they would dance the days away.

At night, when the sun went to its hiding place, she would lock herself indoors to protect herself from the dark light of the night. As the sun rose again the very next day, she would awaken and join the animals for more dancing, more playing and talking among the trees in the forest.

One day….




Let’s stop it right there.

This type of editorial as a “lead-in” for a corporate brochure is still considered WAY TOO BOLD and daring. Had I written this text, the client might’ve resisted. She might’ve flipped her lid. Factually, the Neurochemical findings show that this type of text would work 90-95% of the time.

I did something remotely similar for a recent client who was a model, an actress and in 2005 graduated the Institute for Integrated Nutrition.
Institute for Integrated Nurition

She then proceeded to work at Organic Avenue and started something called the Wellness Concierge with founder, Denise Mari >

Organic Avenue

Ellie Scully has sustained her disbelief temporarily so we’ll have to see how she does with her campaign first before making any adjustments.

I’ve known Ellie for 14 years. She’s witnessed first-hand the insanity I’m capable of producing for clients. I take greater risks and veer ‘on the edge‘ rather than ever going with the safe and sorry, boring and banal.

We met on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. She was introduced to me by a restaurant proprietor (Rabbithole Bistro) who was the very first advertiser in 11211 Magazine.

Here are some of the images we had to work with:

Usha-Menard-Photographer-NYC-Commercial-Advertising-Portrait-Headshots-Actor-Ellie-Scully-Models-11Usha-Menard-Photographer-NYC-Commercial-Advertising-Portrait-Headshots-Actor-Ellie-Scully-Models213-ellie-menard-1Lukas and I photo shootlukas and mama loveEllie-Scully-Usha-Menard-Portrait-Photography-photographer-NYC-headshots-commercial-studio-advertising-beauty-actor-model

We reconnected on LinkedIn. Ellie wanted to merge her previous experience into something palatable combining her illuminating nutritional expertise, modeling and acting career. Her general idea was to do a series of videos and launch an online channel dedicated to her fan base of all the amazing people she has met on her life path.
They are HEROES who are doing good for the entire society and humanity.
Let’s celebrate them.

We set her up with a Brand Lexicon and Brand Metaphor. And then we designed an intro/capabilities brochure which would compliment her already existing website:
Ellie Scully

What she received as deliverables were:
• A new name for the platform.
• A new logo for the platform’s name.
• Instructions on the HOW, WHERE, WHAT, WHEN and WHY to Use a Brand Lexicon.
• HOW, WHERE, WHAT, WHEN and WHY to Use a Brand Metaphor.
• A 5-page Intro-Capabilities Brochure (PDF).
• Ongoing assistance with her new potential clients and our communications expertise giving her the HOW, WHERE, WHAT, WHEN and WHY to do or say with them.
• 10-12 Hours of consultation and Brand implementation which means we get to yell at her so that she stays “On Brand”. 😀

Ellie Scully
 PDFEllie Scully

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