Something called ‘Somalogy’


The Science of the Living Body.

This client was a ballet star, a ACHIEVER and has gone from performing worldwide (the White House for the POTUS to the Queen of England). Over the last 30 years he’s gone on to focus on the health and wellness of performance artists of injuries using the human body as a muscle and skeletal systems as a medium.

His in-depth studies and certifications of achievement include: yoga instruction, structural integration/rolfing, Feldenkrais method, bones for life, an eighth degree black belt in Karate, Kung Fu, modern dance, craniosacral, Thai yoga/massage, posture treatments, etc.  In other words, he’s a classic technician.

He also considers himself savvy at marketing, branding and promotion.  Like other technicians—masters in the field— the figure that since they are brilliant in their perspective modalities that marketing should be second nature and just as intuitive.  After all, who knows their work better than they do?

We did a three month branding campaign based on a specialized technique called “Neurochemical”.  I’ve added the word “Testing” because we constantly adjust marketing until we find what works best.

Here’s what he said after Phase 1:

Wow, what a mind blower.  Scary and also empowering.  I now feel I can both protect myself, and know more about how to market our valuable work than I ever dreamed.

Deep gratitude for turning me on to this (Neurochemical).

What we did:

Phase 1

Research includes:

 Finding a market position for you to fit in and also provide a psychological profile from the data found.  This is done to hit a specific target market and segment.
• Segmenting your audience.
This is done to include one group and thoughtfully alienate another (or others). It is crucial that you ‘speak’ to a specific market while alienating another.
Consider this:

a. They have to be accepted to join in.
b. Not everyone can be a apart of it.  You have to be special to become a practitioner.
c. Speaking to some of your clients about their experience with you. This is to aid myself in psychological target profiling.
d. Most people purchase brands to be accepted.  It’s entirely emotional.  I’ll prove it.

Not – REPEATing the problem:
Right now, the brand will take anyone with $600. What’s so special about that? Nothing.

After this is done, we will want to test a few applications through e-mails or Facebook posts and see what type of response we get and compare it to other e-mails or Facebook posts with well-thought out and intentionally planned testing.


Phase 2

(Month 2):
• Key concepts in Branding Customized [based on Phase 1 research]
• Implementation and Application:
Words and phrases that open the innermost desires of the people you are marketing to.
• Pricing and Pricing Structure:
A menu and specific way to handle this in order to “direct” the reader into a predictable price point.
• An Edit to the Website (text only)
a. Make it Neurochemically charged (emotional).
b. Make it “sales” ready (a well-thought out method for their benefit).
• List distribution outlets of BE material to
c. Potential Retail Brands in NYC (an e-mail PDF).
d. Membership Programs for Students and Clients.
e. Structuring Secret or Special Discounts (for students and clients)
f. Make connections for off-site Events.
• Promotional Event Content:
Set up structure of “how to set up Events that lead to clients”. Planning an offering ahead of time and what particular offerings are attractive to whom (and why).

Phase 3

(The Third Month):
• Advertising:
How to fashion your writing to address the subconscious
wants and desires of students and clients. [Again, based on Phase 1 research]
• Design:
What type of imagery will best address the values, lifestyle, and disposition of your Brand (kinesthetic, audio, or visual).
• How to Design Strategic Partnerships:
with like-minded businesses.
• Word-of-Mouth Generation:
a. Getting your audience what they want.
b. Getting your instructors to ‘make money’ and speak about it.
ODDLY, this gets done by NOT offering financial incentives!
• Visual Merchandising:
Addressing the HOW this should be accomplished while maintaining and staying ‘on brand’ graphically and verbally (+written) in ALL communication.

Great news. This was a huge hit… After I read what we are co-creating to the group all they said was, ‘Wow’.  All the other healers said ‘That was so beautiful and right From the heart.’

They especially loved the images of the old bent over man; an leaky raft, and the younger more graceful and beautiful yacht.”
— TT


For 30 years he’s been using “Body Evolution” and this name, unfortunately, has NO visual imagery attached to it.  He’s viewed his specific skill set as only an ‘add-on’ to massage and yoga instructors but, he has developed his modality into a science. He deserves full credit for his accomplishments. Today we are calling this science: “SOMALOGY: The Science of the Living Body“.

So far he’s made about 4xs the amount he’s paid for “Neurochemical Testing” applied to his branding in just three months.  I guess we just got lucky.  : ))

Naw. We know what we are doing with certainty. It’s called the Neurochemical. There are some basic rules to follow like 1+1=2 and 1×1=1. The Neurochemical is NOT luck.  It’s math. It’s also science.




Thank you for reading. Call Breuk. Have a nice day. (718) 578-6613

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