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  1. Café redesign in Astoria.



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I wouldn’t mind owning a cafe but working in it, for me, is not worth whatever money it may pay back. I’ve assisted a number of cafés and restaurants and it is very hard work. You need to have or find good people to work the long hours or the day in and day out. It takes a certain type of person to own a restaurant; they learn to cook, purchase items and food stuff, take out garbage, serve, clean, design and then deal with a wide variety of customers, etc… and not in that order. 🙂

I saw this high visibility location as a cafe of delicacies, a launch pad for branding a new line of fresh and scrumptious cakes(1), heavy-duty, delicious, high butter-fat ice cream(2) and 3rd Wave coffee(3) products with custom roasts.

The cafe was named after the majority shareholder’s favorite story growing up: The Odyssey. Yes, he and most of the neighborhood here in Astoria are Greek. They would know the name and story well. Also many Americans would likely have read The Odyssey since it is one of the required book to read in many high schools. The replacing of the “O” in the name was also intentional spelled: Qdyssey. 


a. So, it would not be specifically stereotyped as a Greek cafe.

b. We would own the brand name, website, Instagram and Snapchat accounts and #hashtags.

c. The “Q” logo would also second as an identifiable icon for Queens.

That’s all. The story of what happened will be here…

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