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Ask a Fine Art major: “What does the word ‘fine‘ mean in Fine Art?” You will likely get a puzzled expression. They probably won’t know.

Naturally, they went for an education or raduated and likey have never been taught the answer this question. Now, this has no bearing on intelligence nor their ability to be a great painter. This is more of a cultural problem with the educational system. 

I’ve asked more than a dozen painters this “fine art” question and after a few moments, they realize that they are not quite sure how to answer. Again this has nothing to do with intelligence.

Maybe this is what Einstein meant when he said:  Einstein, BinkNyc Culture

The answer to this question is: the ‘Fining‘ process has to do with taking the impurities out and ‘cleansing’ things. In another definition of the word, ‘fining’ has to do with cleansing valuable metals, like pieces of gold or silver from the dirt and chaff.

It also has to do with the process of leaving something in a higher grade than you found it.

We did this “fining” in Williamsburg. We fined Williamsburg.


My father deterred me from going to college directly after high school. He thought I should go out and test what I had learned giving me an education. “Learning,” he said, “is reading books, doing homework and practicing. An education is something you get through living a life and applying what you learned toward real experiences.” He was adamant about taking what I learned in high school and getting a real life education before spending money in any college. I think he was right. I’m glad I took his advice.

He also said:

“Make sure you know what you want to do first, before you go to college.
Schooling is just LEARNING.
Life is where you begin a real EDUCATION.” 

I entered college at age 28 and started my first design firm later that year. I was eager and determined to Fine all the bad graphics and logos I’ve see and I thought I could do a better job—do my little part to help clean up NYC.

Life is a Fining process and we seek improvements which we apply to ourselves everyday. Today we @BinkNyc help fine businesses and make them much more profitable and secure. We are the ‘behind the scenes alchemists‘ reinvigorating and securing a more optimal approach and strategy for our business clients. We love what we do and our clients do too.


Perhaps you can say that we fine businesses. Get it? Fine Business. 

Hmmm. Maybe it’s like this: “How is business?

Everything is fine” they might say.



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