Neurochemical Data

The following data has been compiled by universities, medical, science and research foundations over the last ten years might very well mean A New Age of Marketing.

The primary indicators for launching this Neurochemical idea were:

  • 56% of the population are visually disposed.
  • 28% are kinestheic (their experiences are ‘feeling-based’)
  • 16% experience the world through sound.

The secondary set of indicators are scientific facts:

  • 95% of our decision making processes are Subconscious first.
  • 90% of those decision are also Emotional.

So why do we see people advertising their businesses in terms of all the practical applications and features instead of their subconscious and emotional aspects?

One reason is: They may not understand how to use or apply it because they have fallen subject to its influence and grasp.

A second reason is: The emotion that they are applying looks something like this:

Breuk Iversen


The truth of the

To connect direct.

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