MMXX Editions

MMXX Editions

These Editions seeks to create a deeper understanding of Ad & Brand Markets and how they are created, developed and maintained.

Here’s what she said:

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing such insightful learning materials.  I had plenty of “ah-ha” moments from the mere exposure effect (where ads are effective regardless of how you tune in / out of them), to neuroscientists now having the ability to actually “see” how our brains react to stimuli. It all makes perfect sense. 
How 90 percent of our decision-making stems from our emotions and why it is such an effective marketing tool used over time, and now by way of artificial intelligence.”

Maria Chevere
Blue Roman, LLC

The Neurochemical MMXX ($85.00)
To purchase, search “Breuk Iversen” in Venmo.

These are complimentary, right now. There will be a charge for these editions in coming the coming weeks.

Click on images to download the editions:

Branding vs Commodity MMXX ($4.99)
To purchase, search “Breuk Iversen” in Venmo.

BRANDING vs COMMODITY is for readers who think that their logo, email signature, or package design is a BRAND. It isn’t.

These are considered Design items. They are tangibles like: logos, package design and the name of the company are just a small part of Branding. When you meet a person for the first time, do you know everything they are thinking? No. You can make snap judgements based on how they dress and what they appear to be but you can’t say you know them. The same is true with companies.

A logo or package is just the face or outfit of a company but you don’t know who they are inside. Branding is getting to know who a person or company is INSIDE.

This Branding vs. Commodity MMXX edition should drop the ‘coin into the slot‘ for many readers. Enjoy. — Breuk


I’m one of the reasons they still come to Williamsburg | Brooklyn. The effort started in 2000-2006.

Today, I show people how to generate more income for their businesses—in many cases up and over 300% more business. Naturally, this is percentage increase is conditional upon the founder’s comfort zone and if this is something they truly want.

Anyway, again…

MMXX was going to be the return of the
Staten Island Film Festival, once this city opens up again for fun, freedom and drinks. So will we see if MMXXI is going to be better or worse than MMXX.

[ Perhaps you remember MMXIX being a “bad year” with so many notable celebrities dying. ]

Many people have a difficult time describing marketing terms. The definitions are specific and not interchangeable. The complimentary edition entitled “Big Apple Tree” should be a breeze to get a solid grip on the marketing terms and their meanings. It’s accurate and on-point.

This Neurochemical edition is some highlights from a seven-year study into creating epic Ads & Brands.
a 30 year marketing guru said: “OMG. This is like advertising and branding on steroids and crack,” when we presented our Brand—ID™ to his Manhattan merchant services team.

See what all the fuss is about.

To purchase the hyperlinked PDF editions, search “Breuk Iversen” in Venmo.
The Neurochemical by Breuk Iversen

Many veteran marketers, designers and advertising people hail
Branding vs Commodity MMXX” as the best and clearest edition
they’ve ever read on the subject of branding.

To purchase the hyperlinked PDF editions, search “Breuk Iversen” in Venmo.
Branding vs Commodity MMXX by Breuk Iversen

Now, let’s plant a…

Big Apple Tree by Breuk Iversen

The Four-Cornerstone Formula by Breuk Iversen

What many Clients (and even some excellent marketers
have neglected to more fully understand:

NeuroAdvertising MMXX for NAWBO
Neurochemical for NAWBO NYC by Lara Kisielewska,
Julien McRoberts, and Breuk Iversen

or you can sit your ass through a grueling, hour-long recorded presentation on YouTube.


This pandemic and protest can’t be ignored. 

[ Post COVID, post PROTEST ]

Breuk Iversen: All graphic and web design, copywriting, presentation development, and Advisory Expert.

When things go back to “Normal.”

We don’t think things will ever go back to Normal.

* Sensitivity, fear-ridden (loss of life)
* Photos without gloves/masks are outdated
* Social distancing consequences: lack of touch is debilitating to growth
* Government Control (lack of personal power)
* WEBINARS: allow to peer into people’s private lives and homes
* Feeling your Mortality (Existential Death Anxiety)
* Dressing Down (work from home)
* Financial concern and fears (unemployment, eviction)
* Greater mistrust of strangers
* Time to re-access Life‘s choices and decisions
* Blurred lines of personal and professional life
* Improved Connection to the Natural World (sight and sound).
* Incorrect implications and throwing it onto others (misdirection
* Mistrustful of Mainstream Media information (fake news?)
* Neuroscience practitioners finding that people are deeply GRIEVING

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