Graphic Designers DON’T Do Branding

[ This piece should read like a mezze plate. We love mezze plates. ]

Oven Builders AREN’T Chefs.

Furniture Makers AREN’T Gardeners.

Brain Surgeons AREN’T Dentists.

Branders AREN’T Designers.

These disciplines require 10,000+ hours needed to be considered an EXPERT. They are NOT variable or interchangeable with substitutions.

Branding is very different than communications, as advertising is very different than graphic design.

1. Branding is much like the basement of a house or building. It’s the foundation which determines how high and wide a company can be built.

2. Design is a framework of a house or building; where the windows and doors go. These are the eyes, ears and mouth of the structure.

3. Communications is how the house listens or speaks with the outside world. It is likened to plumbing, electricity, ventilation, gas lines, and tele/cable/wifi, etc…

4. Advertising is selling and works optimally when 1, 2 and 3 are completed. Then you are ready to call a realtor to sell or rent your property.

The people who pour the concrete for a basement aren’t the same people who sell or rent a property. You wouldn’t have your plumber or electrician negotiate a rental agreement or do a title search, would you?

Anyway, that’s the way successful businesses are and have been built. It’s a consistent pattern.

Today, we now have Social Media which has and will continue to replace traditional Advertising.



Web Design is more useful today than Graphic Design and the homepage replaces the tri-fold brochure of yesteryear. Mobile apps may replace Desktop apps and Google Glass may replace the mobile phones.

My original Apple computer, back in 1994, had a hard drive processor of 8MB (megabytes) of RAM and 250 MBs for storage. Today I have 64GB (gigabytes) and a TB (terabyte) of storage on a portable Laptop.

Not only do we have to adjust to these rapidly changing times, we now seek to spring ahead some time, some how, in some way. For me, this whole Neurochemical thing started as the by-product of a multi-million dollar Graphic Design industry rapidly aging through time. According to the principles used at the Rand Corporation’s, futurist; ‘think tanks’, Tetrad Management calls this step: Obsolesce.

We are living in exponential times.

Despite this and according to both personal observations and through over 450 ‘white papers’ I’ve read in the last 6 years, it turns out, homo-sapiens haven’t changed all that much since prehistoric times.

For instance, the Neuropeptides in our brain still can’t distinguish the difference between ‘fear’ and ‘danger’. The peptides released are almost identical. Quite naturally and biologically our perceptions and responses to these chemical releases are the same.

Can these peptides be induced?

Not only can they be induced but the responses are predictable.

Can these peptides be used in ads, brands, communications strategies, and design or through words and images?

Funny you should ask. Yes.
They don’t even have to be moving images.

Watch American TV for 5-7 minutes and you’ll go through a full range of ‘experiences’, many of which are nearly perceived or received as real, at least chemically. This is why I prefer to read scientific reports, factual evidence and findings. The truth is there, scientifically not intuitively.

The reading of this scientific material has made me a better Adhead, Brander, Designer geek and Communications dork. I’m also fun at parties.

This year marks my 20th year without a TV nor reading any newspapers (since 1994) and calls for a celebration, maybe this summer.

These “Public Relations”, MSM outlets are designed to induce certain responses and instill belief systems (Memes) in the culture. The US still stands head over heels above every other country in terms of the advancements made in propagating and disseminating “information.” That, and weapons of mass destruction are two things America does best.

We can see this because you have McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Marlboro cigarettes in every corner of the globe. Secondly, when countries don’t have McDonald’s, Coca-Cola or Marlboro cigarettes, “We The People” go in there with weapons of mass destruction to open up new markets and assure the shareholders of a healthy Return On Investment.

Of course, this gets stuffed under the ol’, “GOD BLESS AMERICA” meme, whatever that means.

The Game Changer:  In 2013, Russia and China teamed up and threatened the US over entering Syria. This single step put an official end to the US expanding their market in smaller, defenseless countries. The US won’t fare well against other world powers, even in war.  I can assure you McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Marlboro cigarettes are NOT happy about this change in world events. They need a new plan.

One famous meme used on “We The People” is:

You can’t get away with two things in life; “death and taxes”.

Yet, 47% of all American HAVE NOT pay taxes since 2008. 47% are usurping this meme, inevitably and originally planted by the FED and enforced by the IRS. This was done via a PR ‘meme’ years before most of us were born.

I prefer living outside of the MainStream Media’s (MSM) influence. It keeps me clear and able to enjoy the folly of the STORM WATCH, celebrity life dramas, the political circus and the neverending, constantly shifting duality of American culture:

It’s happy, it’s sad.

It’s good, it’s bad. 

It’s black, it’s white.

It’s wrong, it’s right.

If you want to know what the weather is: stick your head out the window and look up at the sky. I know, this technique doesn’t always work. Well, neither do the ones we hear from the weathermen on the boob tube. 😀

Here’s a colonial historic meme:

“Nothing can now be believed
is seen in a newspaper.
Truth itself becomes suspicious by
being put into that polluted vehicle.”

— Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, June 11, 1807

BinkNyc BinkNyc Memes work with astounding efficiency (emotionally and subconsciously).

“IN GOD WE TRUST” < I love this meme. It’s brilliant and a classic. Your company “Brand” should start with a meme.


What makes the work we do at BinkNyc Culture Neurochemical?

We have taken a completely different, strategic approach to advertising, sales, branding, communications, marketing, design and moved them into wild new directions and incorporate repeating patterns that happen in the natural sciences. These are scientific patterns and they work mathematically.

I didn’t make them up. They were here before I got here. 😀

The results show in client projects. We measure them and test everything (a number of times) to see what works and what doesn’t.


Below is one example of What goes into a BinkNyc Lexicon. The vowel “a” is more effective than “e” but, not nearly as effective as “u” pertaining to influencing the mind. Why? Because the science shows a consistent pattern in its “like-ability” and what peptides are released upon its vibrational frequency.


We started adding this ‘vowel frequency’ technique 4 years ago. You’d think that someone else would have factored in what the letter ‘I’ sounds like when you read it.

They hadn’t.

No one has.

It’s just too weird and seems irrelevant.

If using the word “Cost” sounds better than “Fees”, there’s a reason why. It has less to do with the actual definition and more to do with the vowels: “o” and “e”. They are also measured on the Hertz scale.

Why it works:
1. That little voice in your head as you read this to yourself IS WHAT WE MEAN. 😀

2. The definition changes whereas the pronunciation doesn’t change nearly as often.
(polyglot; has a definition and respective of what it means, you probably pronounced it correctly (in your head)).

Here’s one simplified science paper we love to share with clients that have started to see results: Cymatics (Nolten).pdf


They don’t teach you these techniques in ad books, blogs and magazines online. You won’t find it at Barnes and Noble or Amazon in ad, branding or in marketing/sales books. They don’t cover this in communication, marketing or design school either.

This is advertising and branding on steroids and crack. Our clients are given the tools they need to capitalize in their industry and respective markets.

I’m amazed when some client forget to apply the principles. I guess they are so used to jumping on the next bandwagon with the latest and greatest NYTimes article, LinkedIn feature and Twitter or Facebook “Tricks and Tips” that they forget. These usually shows up in the form of “News”.

This “News” doesn’t promise or guarantee anything will happen when you try the latest tips and tricks. They ask you to test it and try it. This is like gambling and playing with your business for shits and giggles. Be my guest and go for it. You have all the time in the world.

Remember when you were a kid and some summer days seemed to last a lifetime? Today I have a sandwich, a cup of coffee, write a note, use the bathroom and it’s already nightfall.

They hire US because what we do is make clients money and save them time. This means more time to vacation, shop, people watch and whatever kinds of things you do for freedom and piece of mind.  🙂

I’ll bet when you first opened: “Graphic Designers DON’T Do Branding”, you never expected to wind up reading what you had here. It’s okay. If I could share a new idea that’s useful in your personal or business life to make you more prosperous, it is my pleasure.

You can’t save time but, you can spend it wisely.


Thank you for reading…


We cost more.
We do better work.
We have more effective results.
We do advertising and branding on steroids and crack.

BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.

Neurochemical BinkNyc