Design 101

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Everyone knows a good design when they see it. Most think that since the advent of graphic layout computer programs, that they too can do graphic design—no training required.

I was the very first student at SVA to request opting OUT of all computer classes by the chairman Richard Wilde. The reason for his accepting my request was because I already had a design firm on 5th Avenue, 70+ clients and was using a MAC computer daily in my business: Quark, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Two other things I did at SVA which were small but, notable contributions to the SVA design and advertising world were:


a. Always Use Photography for Products.
b. Always Use Illustration for Service Based Businesses.

This technique became a mandatory addition to the SVA Design curriculum while I was still a student there.


I submitted a request along with a book of printed pieces….


This piece isn’t finished yet.

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