A book called: Breuk Iversen

Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc Culture


Someone wrote a book about me without my consent. I found it for sale on www.Amazon.com for over $48.00.


Breuk Iversen, BinkNyc Culture


Could you imagine the shock? 



Now, I’m all for the First Amendment Rights and freedom of speech and I must say that I read a copy of this book. Some stuff I’d rather not have out there in the public. I don’t get any royalties from the sales and I didn’t even get a pen like that beauty on the cover. There’s nothing like a good pen.

Breuk Iversen, want that pen

Life is tough and just when you think you’ve seen it all, it gets a little worse. The cover price was $46.00, and is now $48.00, and some sellers are selling it for as much as $52.00 and $65.00 and one place has it for sale at $78.

Breuk Iversen book

60% of this book is my unpublished scientific musings on advertising, branding and design. The rest of the articles are written by others about some prominent cohorts and I at the Offal Art movement, Williamsburg’s development and rezoning and arbitrary articles published about artists and musicians in both Williamsburg and the East Village. The most incriminating of these excerpts was the transcript of a panel I sat on with Michael Moore back in 2001 on US First Amendment Rights. I used the opportunity that day to rip into McDonald’s. This was at a time when it wasn’t popular to talk about such great business giants as McDonald’s.

This event happened a few weeks before September 11, 2001 and the rant I did was inspired by a former President of NBC, writer and reporter for The Atlantic Monthly, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The NationEric Schlosser.


Fast Food Nation

People were shocked at the event.

BinkNyc, Neurochemical, Breuk Iversen


Breuk Iversen (book)

I thought the book was just a strange joke and then found it out it wasn’t a joke at all. One may find this flattering at first, bizarre in a way, but the cover price is such a waste of good money. It’s $48 for a soft cover paperback?

I don’t think you should pay.

I would prefer people NOT purchase it. There are 8-10 pages which are well worth the price but it won’t matter much to most people. It might confuse them.

Some of my early Neurochemical work is in this book. This is relatively sensitive material.

Since this was published I’ve removed most of the online sources, links and references. Aside from 8-10 pages in this book, the rest of it is basically useless. Basically.

Seeing that the value has gone up means that some people are finding those 8-10 pages of considerable valuable, which they are, but someone would have to be pretty damn advanced in Tetrad Management, socio-psychology, neuro-marketing, physics and applied algorithmic formulas to get any use out of the text.

A call from them would have been nice. All of my work up until then hadn’t been copyrighted. I apparently learn the hard way. Get It Copyrighted!

To get something copyrighted, go here: http://www.copyright.govBinkNyc Culture, Neurochemical



Hopefully, you are smarter than I and something like this doesn’t happen to you. Either way, the wild west of the Internet days are coming to an end.
WSJ, Breuk Iversen
www.WSJ.com… internet-to-obamanet       <  it’s a link. ^


Neuroletter, Breuk Iversen, Neurochemical, BinkNyc


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Neurochemical BinkNyc

BinkNyc transforms a company into a culture,
grows businesses into movements,
improving peoples’ lives.



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