(Ah, you may be thinking: “What the hell is up with this picture?”  The reason for this is that both men and women prefer looking at a female.  This is why 85% of all magazine covers feature a female on the cover: Check It.)


What Neurochemical Branding is…

Branding is an experience your customer has. It happens with every interaction they have with your brand or business. It is not a logo or website but, the experience the the customer has with it. Branding is also the contact point based on their beliefs and not on the brand or business owner’s beliefs. Branding is about getting your client/customers to see and perceive you as a solution to a problem or concern they have.


Once your company is perceived as  a viable solution to their problem, then you become the place they go to.  Naturally, your customers will pay a higher price for your product, space or service.  That is, once you are perceived as the best solution in their minds.  It is usually because they LIKE YOU.

If your business is perceived as the only or best solution, the next issue is something called retention and conversion and this is getting customers/clients to come back again and again.   After their first, second and third experience (contact with your brand) is embedded in a firm foundation; “grounded”.

A common mistake we see entrepreneurs and companies make is that they falsely believe that someone will automatically return to their business.  That is, until a competitor comes.  Sometimes business owners ‘get lucky’ and without even knowing it, have created a successful brand.  Since 50% of all companies that open fail within the first 5 years, the ones that last 10 years are only 29% according to U.S. government surveys and statistical evidence.

Apparently, all business people are smart, bold, daring and courageous.  However, when 71% of all new businesses fail as 71% do, it is probably because they didn’t have their Branding where it needed to be.  In some cases, technology has reared it’s ugly face as we see with Amazon vs. Barnes and Nobles.


Neurochemical Branding doesn’t happen with guesswork and speculation.  It happens mathematically using psychological science.  There are prominent educational institutions and research labs throughout the Unites States.  These institutions have spent millions over the last few decades on this research and their findings are what we use to create a Brand.  We also use materials and techniques from some of the best British and NYC advertising agencies in the world.   We at BinkNyc utilize these heavily and time tested research findings to benefit our clients.  The methods works using mathematics and scientifically proven formulas that work.


What Branding is NOT

Your Brand is Not a logo, Not a website, Not your name, your brochure, your sales pitch, etc… It’s what people remember you by and How you communicate to them.

Many people incorrectly think successful branding is only about awareness.  It’s not just awareness.  Everyone has an awareness of what AIDS is but how many people actually want it?

Branding is not Advertising.  Branding is not marketing.  It’s not even Public Relations.  Branding should set the stage and happen before all of these other things come into play.

Branding is Your Company’s Personality.  Branding answers your client or customer’s question: “What’s in it for me?”. 


What BinkNyc Branding is and does.

Branding is mathematical.  Brand predictably mathematically and connects your company to individuals or groups.  It does so through promises of a benefit but, more so at inspiring a visual experience.  We know scientifically that 56% of all people are visual-based and experience the world around them through what they see.  A Brand should be a visual discussion, a fantasy, a seduction and means by which we understand ourselves better.  Brands have become a way that defines us, the way were are, where we are at, and where we want to be.

When a person or people identify with a company’s Brand in this way; their services, their products or their space, we call this branding.  This happens through romance, seduction, emotion, nostalgia and fantasy.  A company achieves this status in their customers minds when they provide something that the customer wants, needs, or desires.  This is planned, a planted idea and suggestion.


The Poker Player and The Gambler
It’s the difference between a poker player and a gambler.  The poker player uses mathematically proven methods while the gambler tries his luck and has a couple of drinks.  More than likely the gambler will loose but, they had some fun and wasted some time.  The fantasy that they would will a million was a lot of fun—this is often a fantasy.  This is why 50% of businesses go out of business in the first five years.  If they make it to the fifth year, they have a 20% chance of survival to the 10th year.

Neurochemical Branding takes those odds and increases them by 50%.  We deliver our 50% and the client delivers the other 50%.

When Problems Occur
So we see the same situation over and over again.  A new business owner often believes that they can open a business who serves everybody.  This is not Target Marketing.  They open their doors and the people come in.  Over the first year everything is more or less fine.  Over the second year, they experience some even better successes, sometimes it is worse.  By the 5th year, 50% of them will be gone.  One of the things we find over and over again is “They stumble over Who they (their business) are and What they do.”  This is only 50% of the problem.

The other 50% of the problem is, A business should say and understand first and foremost: “Who they serve and What they do for them.”  This is the only way a business is useful.  When a business is useful and they understand who they serve, we find that they will survive and adapt for years and years, even decades or more.

Let’s say a business fully understands: “Who you are, whom you serve, what you do for them”, what then becomes the next problem?  The simple answer to this is “your audience”.

Do you know:

  • Who they are? 
  • What they do?
  • What their Values, Attitudes and Lifestyles are?   

This is where Neurochemical Brand—ID comes in.


Neurochemical Brand—ID assists in determining your audience and then how to message, engage and sell them.  We (BinkNyc) take a scientific and critical look at the statistics, demographics, regional distribution in assuring you are addressing your audience and their needs.   We then design and construct the language and imagery so that it is structured in conveying crucial points: “what you do for them”, what they need, want and desire. You are now armed with the knowledge that 85% of their decisions are based on their subconscious wants, desires and needs.

This is both scientifically proven and mathematically solved.  This is the very groundwork of how successful companies, franchises and huge corporations are built.

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